Oh So Tired

Buster butt woke me up at 6am doing that “I really need to go outside” noise that he sometimes makes (usually while I’m sleeping.) I tried to ignore him, even when he got the bedroom door opened and wandered into the living room, I decided I didn’t care if he had an accident, I’d just clean it up when I woke up at a decent hour.

Except he didn’t GO. He came back and pounced me and made that “I REALLY NEED TO GO OUTSIDE NOISE” and then Lola decided maybe she needed to go too. Even when I tried to coax her up onto the bed next to me, she wasn’t interested.

So, I got up and all three dogs ran screaming and barking at the tops of their lungs to the back door. I wrenched the door open and Buster butt and Lola went outside, looked at me confusedly because it was COLD and RAINY. Skeeter went out onto the top step and refused to go any further. She just kept glowering at me because I would not let her back in until the other two finished their business (which they did.)

And then they all three ran straight back to the bedroom, climbed into bed, and went to sleep for another freaking three hours.

While I worked. And cursed. Because it was cold and dark and wet and I WAS TIRED.

12 hours later, I’m still here working and it’s still cold and dark and wet and I believe all the dogs are in MY bed again.

None of this seems very fair, does it?

Filofax, Art Journaling and Other Goals in March

Not. A. Good. Month. for much of anything.

I did almost nothing on my big monthly to do list, and some of the stuff I did has to be done again because that’s how it went for me in March. All messed up. So, I’ve carried my big list into April and am being very cautious about adding anything to that list so that I’m sure to get more things finished. Surely.

With four PTO days coming in April, I’m sure I can do some of these things… and still have fun and relax on my PTO days.

I have been having fun art journaling in my personal Filofax. That’s the one I use for work and I’m using the top space of my week on two pages to doodle the over-arching theme for the week. That’s been fun because it’s a good way to vent some frustration and turn that into something that makes me smile.

I did a fairly good job of working on JMP’s stocking, though I didn’t manage the ultimate goal for that project (which was to finish the entire top right corner) but I did get close. I think I’m going to see a huge difference in this one by the end of April (knock on wood.)

I also managed #17daysofgreen (my personal photo challenge for March) – that was mostly fun and not a chore. I considered extending it to a full month but decided not to press my luck. That was a smart choice since from 3/17 through the rest of the month turned out to be one trial after another (and I don’t really mean that whole jury duty thing.)

Oh, speaking of jury duty, I took my pennybridge (with the iPad case) with my to jury duty and that was cool. I learned a lot about using that Filofax just in the three hours I had to play with it and am looking forward to taking it along with me to BlogHer Food ’14 and BlogHer ’14. (Though I’ll miss my Cover Story and my Malden a LOT while I’m gone. I do love both of those Filofaxes.)

Fingers crossed for April. It’s going to be a good month, I’m sure of it.

A Good Day Is Painful

Ouch. My body hurts. TW’s body hurts more.

This is what happens when you’ve had a very full, very good day.

Cleaning house, ours and the prairie dogs. Taking three very hyper (though one was terrified) puppies to the dog park. The dog park that is covered in mud except along the edges where it is still covered in snow.

Bathing and drying three very hyper and tired (not to mention smelly) puppies.

All of the laundry that goes along with all of the cleaning, muddy walking, and bathing.

So tired.

But happy for the exercise, the somewhat clean house, and the sunny day.


We’re listening to Rose Under Fire, in the car, and it’s making me nuts.

Rose has a tendency to sing rounds.

Rose, Rose, Rose, Rose
Will I ever see thee wed…

Our paddles keen and bright
Flashing like silver…

Make new friends
But keep the old…


Jury Duty, Ho Hum

Remember when I said I was almost looking forward to jury duty? I think I said it a couple of times. Well yea. About that? Not so much once it came right down to it.

It’s not that I have any problem at all with providing that service to my community. Nope, that’s not it at all. It’s everything that goes with it.

I couldn’t get a venue change so I was stuck going all the way to the city, which means I had to leave at 7am to be sure I was there by 8:30am.

Then, the whole civil case thing kind of irks me. So many of these cases are a waste of everyone’s time. These things just shouldn’t get this far. Obviously, since three cases on the floor I was on settled before the jury selection process started. They called upstairs to two other floors looking for cases that were ready for jury selection to start. Nope. They all settled before jury selection could begin.

If you’re going to get to the point of actually being at the courtroom, less than an hour before jury selection begins then couldn’t you have settled yesterday? Day before? Really? You couldn’t come to some agreement until you got to the courthouse?

That’s the thing that’s so annoying.

So, I was released at 11am. I was paid $17.20 for my time. It’ cost me $34 to park my car.

People, if you’re considering taking a civil case to trial — don’t do it. FIGURE IT OUT BEFORE YOU GET TO THE DAMN COURTHOUSE for godsakes.

Weird Shit

I sleep dialed the landlord at 6:04am this morning. Total accident. I called RJ to make sure she was up, and to tell her to wake up her sister, like I do every morning. Then, I didn’t put my phone down while trying to get my hair into a fresh pony tail … the phone slipped, I grabbed it and didn’t pay any attention to it, finished my pony tail, looked down and I was dialing poor Jerry.

He didn’t answer and he hasn’t appeared at the door wondering what was wrong. Hopefully he’s on spring break somewhere (and I didn’t wake him up wherever he is.)


I just edited 2 years and 5 months of bad code.


While editing said code, Buster grabbed the cord to my coffee cup warmer and pulled — knocking a half cup of cold coffee all over my damn desk.


2014 has been weird as hell and it needs to stop. Right now. Not snowing right now would be a show of good step in the right direction.

Why’s It Got to Be So Complicated?

I just spent an hour trying to figure out how everyone can get to do what they want tomorrow (except me because all I really want to do is sleep, which I won’t be doing since we have to set the alarm for 5am, sigh.)

I do not know why we have to do all of the things in one day? Oh wait, yes I do. Gah.

Wish me luck. I’m going to need it.

And once again, I’m kind of looking forward to jury duty. It’s been that kind of life around here.

Spring Break

I should be working, lord knows there’s a lot of work to do (though I am seeing a light at the end of this particular tunnel) but while I was on the phone with a very nice woman about things that seem very complicated when you’re trying to explain them but aren’t all that complicated when you actually start to do them, the sun was shining on my face and Lola the showgirl was soaking up the sun right along with me — and sighing contentedly, though also shaking her head because her ear still hurts.

Along with the sun, there was a bee. A very large bee. Buzzing happily in my face and trying to slip up the sleeve of my jacket(s) — I am still wearing two jackets, though have moved to only one pair of pants.

A bee.

I remember when I found bees bothersome. Back when they were plentiful and weren’t in danger of becoming extinct. Back when I lived in the south or in very warm countries when bees were constant, not seasonal.

Now though, I love bees enough to feel just a wee bit of hope at the first bee of the season.

It might have been snowing this morning, on the first day of spring, but now… there is one bee buzzing in my backyard and just enough sunshine to make me feel a tiny bit of hope. Just a tiny bit.

Maybe spring really is here. Or almost here? I’ll take that, for now, and be happy.

Poor Tarrant, Poor Lola, Poor ME

The showgirl has an ear infection — bacterial and yeast. She was not happy about the vet looking at her VERY swollen and sore ear. Which tells you how bad it is — she is a pretty tough girl and even when skewered with a metal stake while pregnant, she was by all accounts calm and her normal facelicking self. She was not her happy facelicking self during the exam. (Before and after, absolutely.)

TW was not her happy facelicking self either. Oh. Wait. TW doesn’t do that facelicking thing. Sorry, my mistake. She was not happy today though, not at all. Bad oral surgeon. Bad infection. Bad all around.

I was not my happy self either. Rough long work day. Rough long driving everyone to all of the places day. SO darn TIRED. I’m almost looking forward to jury duty next week, that would give me a little break, right? lol.

All The Things

TW was hoping we were only going to go to the library and the Dollar Tree today. Hahahaha. She blanched when I listed all of the places we were going. In order:

- Post Office
- Bank
- Library
- PetSuppliesPlus
- Dollar Tree
- Staples
- Ace Hardware

She got a little excited about the Ace, until I told her we were NOT BUYING ALL THE THINGS and I didn’t even want to look at ALL THE THINGS. It was touch & go for a few minutes but I did actually get her out of the store in less than ten minutes with the two things that were on our list. (Related: Why is dirt so freaking expensive?)

The most annoying bits were the Post Office (duh, but also my fault because I filled out the customs form incorrectly the first time, sigh) and the Staples (where the people are very nice but they charged us more for the breakfast sandwich maker than the guy quoted TW — so we had to exchange it and let him ring it back up at the price he quoted her.) Good news from Staples is that our store is not scheduled to close. Thank god. I need my free paper and batteries, though it’s been awhile since I got free batteries, darn it.

Because we did all of the running around today and because there’s nothing on sale at CVS or Walgreens that I want tomorrow, we are HOME for the duration of the weekend. TW and RJ are happily making a mess in my kitchen and I’ve got a load of laundry in the washer.

I have big plans to get some more spring cleaning done — and also to maybe watch something that is not Dawson’s Creek… more on that later… maybe.