BlogHer Food – Day One

Great day at BlogHer Food.

I didn’t spill coffee on my shirt.

My 20 minute lightning talk on copyright violations and content theft went well.

I saw awesome people.

Amanda, I Am Baker hugged me.

The Wisconsin Cheese folks hosted an awesome event, BloggersByTheBay — I will never eat hummus without blue cheese again. OMG that was amazingly good.

I hugged Elise Bauer. Twice.

I facetimed with Jory’s kids.

Great day and we get to do it all over again tomorrow. After I get some sleep, please.


I’m loving the Downtown Hilton, (except omg the rooms are freezing when you’re cold & wet from the darn rain.) And the Publix across the street. Also the cute little Metromover train (we rode a train on JMP’s birthday!) Had a ton of fun at Bayside Marketplace. Browsing shops, eating Cuban food, listening to the band, drinking Cuban coffee.

Awesome day.

(I still miss my dogs, though.)

From Winter to Summer In Two Hours

At about 10am, the heat was running. At noon, the dogs were lying on the cold wood floors panting.

There is no middle ground in this hell we are living in.


I’m enjoying not having to wear two coats, two pairs of pants and two pairs of socks in the house.

Let’s hope winter doesn’t return again tomorrow.

Cool Pillows

TW bought me one of those cool pillows for Mother’s Day.

TW’s mom bought us a cool flamingo pillow from the 1930s.

Both are cool.

I kind of hope the cool pillow is the coolest because, have I mentioned HOT FLASHES lately?

It’s the Little Things…

I cannot tell you how happy these tiny little home button decals make me. Seriously. Cannot begin to tell you. Every time I have picked up my phone, I’ve smiled. Even just glancing down and seeing my phone with that cute little flamingo button makes me smile.

Sometimes, the littlest things are the best.

Filofax, Art Journaling and Other Goals In April

Well… it was a good month for the small monthly to dos. I carried most of them over from March and added some and I’ve got just a couple of things left from those lists — which also includes a separate, lighter, to do list for my two PTO breaks in April. So that’s a success.

I did manage to complete the #fflovephotoaday challenge, tough during #readathon I took the photo but forgot to post it. Oops. That’s what happens when you tell yourself that you are ONLY reading all day. Heck, I didn’t even play WWF during the #readathon.

When it comes to most of the other things I wanted to focus on… hah. No. Not so much success happening there. No art journaling except for doodling in my Filofaxes. MUST schedule art journaling time in May. And, maybe consider increasing the money going into our savings accounts in hopes of preventing $$$ from flying in a half dozen other directions.

Onward to May, which will be crazy with TW’s mom back home + BlogHer Food.


I enjoyed my PTO immensely but I’m torn between whether I should keep taking my PTO in this fashion, two days at a time, or start taking a full week at a time. It’s such a hard decision — I like those four day weeks and I’ve become fairly good at not doing very much work during those four day breaks — but maybe I could grow to like nine days off in a row, just as much?

Oh who am I kidding, I couldn’t go nine days without working. I can barely go four. Damn.

In other news, Bleak House is still very bleak but it has it’s amusing moments. Thankfully there have been more amusing moments than not amusing moments in recent chapters. I’ve also become very good at skimming through the tedious bits. Dickens could be ever so very tedious. Skimpole makes me crazy and causes me to curse out loud as soon as I see his name appear. Damn Skimpole and his idiotic childishness.

And in further news, I decided on the perfect birthday gift for Elly only to be thwarted in my search. I haven’t completely given up but it’s not looking good. Unless she suddenly decides she likes the color green or brown (though I doubt that will happen since she and I agree that brown is not a color. Why can’t she more Rebecca-like?) Damn.

Time: Too Much, Not Enough

I don’t spend a lot of time on Pinterest because I don’t have the time to spend on Pinterest. But, I do visit every day and scroll a few scrolls through the new stuff and occasionally search for timely topics or topics of interest and scroll a few scrolls through those results.

I might share a few things or re-pin a few things and then I leave and never think of Pinterest again, until the next day when I do it all over again.

Today, I’m staring sullenly at Pinterest wondering why so many people seem to have so much time on their hands to do weird and wondrous things. And also wondering why I do not have so much time on my hands that I, too, can do weird and wondrous things.

I think I might be having a personal crisis of some sort.

Not to worry, it will pass.

Holy Hell

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

I know, all the vague-blogging makes people crazy but that’s pretty much all I have tonight.

Except for the breaking news that I was standing on the back steps with the dogs in a short sleeved night shirt and NO COAT and I wasn’t even cold. So there’s that.

Goodbye 2048

It took just under a week but I beat that damn 2048 game… Yay!

But, it’s so annoying because NOBODY was awake to hear me scream.

Well, Lola was awake but she was less than impressed. She looked at me with disdain and went back to bed.