Weird Shit

I sleep dialed the landlord at 6:04am this morning. Total accident. I called RJ to make sure she was up, and to tell her to wake up her sister, like I do every morning. Then, I didn’t put my phone down while trying to get my hair into a fresh pony tail … the phone slipped, I grabbed it and didn’t pay any attention to it, finished my pony tail, looked down and I was dialing poor Jerry.

He didn’t answer and he hasn’t appeared at the door wondering what was wrong. Hopefully he’s on spring break somewhere (and I didn’t wake him up wherever he is.)


I just edited 2 years and 5 months of bad code.


While editing said code, Buster grabbed the cord to my coffee cup warmer and pulled — knocking a half cup of cold coffee all over my damn desk.


2014 has been weird as hell and it needs to stop. Right now. Not snowing right now would be a show of good step in the right direction.

Why’s It Got to Be So Complicated?

I just spent an hour trying to figure out how everyone can get to do what they want tomorrow (except me because all I really want to do is sleep, which I won’t be doing since we have to set the alarm for 5am, sigh.)

I do not know why we have to do all of the things in one day? Oh wait, yes I do. Gah.

Wish me luck. I’m going to need it.

And once again, I’m kind of looking forward to jury duty. It’s been that kind of life around here.

Spring Break

I should be working, lord knows there’s a lot of work to do (though I am seeing a light at the end of this particular tunnel) but while I was on the phone with a very nice woman about things that seem very complicated when you’re trying to explain them but aren’t all that complicated when you actually start to do them, the sun was shining on my face and Lola the showgirl was soaking up the sun right along with me — and sighing contentedly, though also shaking her head because her ear still hurts.

Along with the sun, there was a bee. A very large bee. Buzzing happily in my face and trying to slip up the sleeve of my jacket(s) — I am still wearing two jackets, though have moved to only one pair of pants.

A bee.

I remember when I found bees bothersome. Back when they were plentiful and weren’t in danger of becoming extinct. Back when I lived in the south or in very warm countries when bees were constant, not seasonal.

Now though, I love bees enough to feel just a wee bit of hope at the first bee of the season.

It might have been snowing this morning, on the first day of spring, but now… there is one bee buzzing in my backyard and just enough sunshine to make me feel a tiny bit of hope. Just a tiny bit.

Maybe spring really is here. Or almost here? I’ll take that, for now, and be happy.

Poor Tarrant, Poor Lola, Poor ME

The showgirl has an ear infection — bacterial and yeast. She was not happy about the vet looking at her VERY swollen and sore ear. Which tells you how bad it is — she is a pretty tough girl and even when skewered with a metal stake while pregnant, she was by all accounts calm and her normal facelicking self. She was not her happy facelicking self during the exam. (Before and after, absolutely.)

TW was not her happy facelicking self either. Oh. Wait. TW doesn’t do that facelicking thing. Sorry, my mistake. She was not happy today though, not at all. Bad oral surgeon. Bad infection. Bad all around.

I was not my happy self either. Rough long work day. Rough long driving everyone to all of the places day. SO darn TIRED. I’m almost looking forward to jury duty next week, that would give me a little break, right? lol.

All The Things

TW was hoping we were only going to go to the library and the Dollar Tree today. Hahahaha. She blanched when I listed all of the places we were going. In order:

- Post Office
- Bank
- Library
- PetSuppliesPlus
- Dollar Tree
- Staples
- Ace Hardware

She got a little excited about the Ace, until I told her we were NOT BUYING ALL THE THINGS and I didn’t even want to look at ALL THE THINGS. It was touch & go for a few minutes but I did actually get her out of the store in less than ten minutes with the two things that were on our list. (Related: Why is dirt so freaking expensive?)

The most annoying bits were the Post Office (duh, but also my fault because I filled out the customs form incorrectly the first time, sigh) and the Staples (where the people are very nice but they charged us more for the breakfast sandwich maker than the guy quoted TW — so we had to exchange it and let him ring it back up at the price he quoted her.) Good news from Staples is that our store is not scheduled to close. Thank god. I need my free paper and batteries, though it’s been awhile since I got free batteries, darn it.

Because we did all of the running around today and because there’s nothing on sale at CVS or Walgreens that I want tomorrow, we are HOME for the duration of the weekend. TW and RJ are happily making a mess in my kitchen and I’ve got a load of laundry in the washer.

I have big plans to get some more spring cleaning done — and also to maybe watch something that is not Dawson’s Creek… more on that later… maybe.


I just yelled really loudly, “STOP TURNING OFF THE DAMN LIGHT!” because once again I came back to the office to work for another couple of hours, after a quick bath in a very hot tub. Another two hours — it’s already 8pm.

I spent five hours driving today. That’s not an exaggeration. I might have actually spent six. I lost track there at the end. I spent an hour on conference calls. I tried to clean the kitchen, only to discover there are too many dirty dishes to fit into one dishwasher load. I didn’t get to eat any of the yummy food we bought, for lunch, because I was working from the dentist waiting room using my iPhone hotspot and didn’t have time to eat. I forgot to take a drink with me so I was dying of thirst.

Today was the day from hell — even if we did have pie. And a nice dinner. And I can have another piece of pie once I finish work.

It was the day from hell — even though TW’s missing check arrived and so did her mother’s meds.

What’s more annoying than the day from hell is that I’ve had the week from hell and it should not have been so.

Sassymonkey was my favorite person because she watched the spam for me most of the nights this week. This meant I turned off my computer very early (for me) and didn’t worry about work stuff all night long. I should have had plenty of time to do all of the fun things.

And we did go grocery shopping last night and eat real food that was not peanut butter. So that was good.

But, I missed two days of writing in my daily journal (something I do every morning between 8-9am.) I missed an entire day of writing in my 365 lists Filofax journal tab (and I’ve never missed a day, since January 1.) When I look at my work Filo, I see that I did do all the things originally scheduled and I see a whole lot more things added. That’s normal. That’s as it should be. I did all the work things and more. Yay me.

But my Malden. My personal Filofax. Aye yi yi. So many erased items. So many arrows indicating I moved something from one day to another to another to another. So many not crossed off things.

How could that be? I didn’t work all the nights, like I usually do. How could I have done so little? What in the hell happened to my week? I know what happened to my today — but my week? Wah?! I have no idea. I didn’t journal anything that explains it. I don’t have any additions that explain it. It’s like someone just came along and plucked a couple hours out of each day of the week.

Hell. I don’t even know where to start tomorrow — I’m tempted to just erase everything (thank you Frixion erasable pens!) and just go with the flow and call this week a BUST.

Next week will be better. Oh. No it won’t. Next week is going to be something else… Shudder. Let’s not think about it.

My Ass Is Cold and I’m Tired of It

One of the most annoying things about winter is the fact that my ASS is always cold. Always.

I stopped wearing two pairs of pants, a couple of days ago, when the temps hit the 40s and 50s. My ass was still cold. It’s in the 20s today (windchill much colder than that) and MY ASS IS SO COLD I can’t even think of something to compare it to. It’s that cold.

I’d get up and put a second pair of pants on (flannel leggings underneath my fleece sweats) but it won’t help and will just make me even more annoyed that it’s March and I’m wearing TWO PAIRS OF PANTS IN MY HOUSE and MY ASS IS STILL COLD. That’s why I happily moved to ONE pair of pants for a couple of days (though I forgot that Great Lakes Naval Station is the coldest effing place on earth and froze MY ASS off when I had to pump gas in only one pair of pants on Sunday — though there was some idiot in shorts at the same damn time.)

The best thing about moving to the south in 27 months EXACTLY is that MY ASS WILL NOT BE COLD.

Damn it.

So Tired and I Can’t Blame DST

We went to bed pretty early last night and I didn’t have to set the alarm to get up at any particular time. This should have been the best, easiest day after DST ever.

But it wasn’t because last night sucked.

First, I just could not fall asleep. The last time I looked at the clock it was 2:02am. Then, an hour later, the dogs went ballistic and the bedroom smelled like skunk. For the next hour, the dogs took turn begging to go out, while we took turns telling them to shut the hell up and go back to sleep.

At 3:30am, I couldn’t take it any more and let them out. Where they acted like assholes in the backyard and probably woke up the whole neighborhood. 5 minutes later, Skeeter and Lola were ready to go back to sleep but Buster butt wanted BACK outside and would NOT settle down.

He must have finally done so though because the last time I remember looking at the clock because again, I COULD NOT FALL ASLEEP, it was 4:20am.

Then, at 6:06am, I woke to Buster butt barfing. I tried to ignore him and go back to sleep but after he finished barfing, he cried at the door and then pounced me in that “I REALLY NEED TO GO OUT” sort of way. So, I took him out and the other two went along as well and if we hadn’t woken the neighborhood up at 3am, we absolutely did at 6am when Skeeter barked her stupid head off.

And then I did fall asleep pretty quickly — the last time I saw the clock it was 6:15am … until I heard TW’s mother get up at 7:30am. I tried to pretend she wasn’t there and just stay asleep but I couldn’t because by then I was starting to think about all of the work I hadn’t done over the weekend and just how long it was going to take me to get through the morning rounds and so… I got up and OMG I am SO TIRED.


I’m also grouchy because TW didn’t even hear the barfing incident or me taking the dogs out after the barfing. And because most of those hours when I couldn’t sleep, she was definitely sleeping. NOT FAIR. Totally annoying.


Thinking About the Weekend

It’s only mid-day on Friday and I’m already looking longingly at the weekend, in my Filofax. What to do, what to do?

Stay home and clean house?

Go out and do something fun with TW?

Stay home and clean the house?

Go out and do something fun with TW?

The house could use a really good cleaning and maybe I can pretend it’s spring while I’m doing it? Spring seems like an awfully nice thing to think about, though I suspect it’s just going to skip us this year.

Or, if we go out and do something fun — what might that fun thing be? A museum? A just drive until we get lost or find something interesting? A movie, (gasp!)? A new restaurant?

Decisions, decisions. What should we do? (Assuming the weather doesn’t jump in and make the decision for us…)

The Good

I am tired of grouchy people and snarky comments and while I don’t really want the world to be all rainbows and puppies all of the time, a little more “If you can’t say something nice then just move along to something else that interests you”. I don’t mean that folks should avoid debating and sharing alternate points of view on social or political topics or even when it comes to something like designer damn Rice Krispies treats. But sometimes it would be nice if people just quietly rolled their eyes and moved along. In fact, I’m gonna do more quietly rolling my eyes and moving along — because odds are high that I’ve been a part of the problem, from time to time…

Speaking of moving along, JMP is doing some serious moving along.

Here he was in these cute pajamas last September.

Here he is in these cute pajamas today.