Ah, That Brings Back Memories

On Saturday, I was scrolling through Instagram, like I do, when I saw a photo of a Cherry Dip cone from Dairy Queen.

Oh! Cherry Dip! I haven’t had Cherry Dip in a zillion years. I want Cherry Dip!

I pushed that last thought away and went about my day. But Cherry Dip kept popping into my head.

Finally, a little after 4pm, I couldn’t take it any longer and I told TW we should just put on pants (pants!) and go to Dairy Queen and get Cherry Dip.

Oddly enough, TW’s response was, “It’s almost 4:30.”

Umm, not her normal response for such things. I figured she didn’t like Cherry Dip or something? So after telling her that they do serve Cherry Dip at 4:30 pm on Saturday, in the summer, and getting not positive response from her, I tried to push Cherry Dip from my mind.

Next thing I know, TW’s making dinner. A very nice dinner. The tater tot waffles were good. Good enough that I didn’t even complain about the mess from the waffle iron. And by the time I’d eaten all my dinner, I pretty much had forgotten about Cherry Dip.

Until a couple of hours later when TW said, “So, are we going to get Cherry Dip or what?”

I tried to ignore her. I had wanted the Cherry Dip hours ago. Not at 8pm, damn it. Didn’t work. I still wanted Cherry Dip.

So we got dressed (it took more than just pants by this time) and drove to the DQ/OJ combo a couple of miles away. The line was long. Very long. The workers were not quick. We ordered our Cherry Dips (and small OJs) and sat at a small table by the door.

A boy behind us in line also ordered Cherry Dip, though he got a large one and we had small ones.

Every time someone came into the DQ, they said, “Oh Cherry Dip! I haven’t had Cherry Dip in years!” or “Oh, I haven’t thought about Cherry Dip since I was a kid!”

Nobody ordered Cherry Dip but it was amusing to hear everyone do that initial gasp of memory when they saw the Cherry Dip. It was also kind of fun to listen to everyone talking about their memories of Dairy Queens from long ago — because that’s what everyone sitting around us did, while they were there.

I don’t know if it was the Cherry Dip that brought on the nostalgia or the old photos on the walls or if it’s just a thing that happens in Dairy Queen. Whatever it was, it was fun and I really enjoyed the Cherry Dip.

Filofax, Art Journaling and Other Goals In July

I can barely remember July, it’s a blur of madness and even looking back over my Filofax and daily journals doesn’t help much.

I know that I pretty much completely ignored my Filofax at the end of the month, because of BlogHer. And, I was smart enough to not add any serious goals for the month — the only things I added to the to do list were those I knew I had to do in order to actually do my job and/or go to BlogHer. So, yay! Success!

I didn’t do a damn bit of art journaling but I did make an awesome clipboard and that was totally, completely, fun.

July was a success. I survived and there were some damn good moments tucked in there with the madness.

I’m hoping to have a ton of art fun making a water bottle for Melisa and playing with JMP, in August.

Sleeping In Hotels

I’ve come to sort of hate sleeping in hotels. We always seem to sleep on the wrong sides of the bed (because TW wants the side with the bedside table and I don’t care about that, and the bedside table always seems to be on “my” side.

Sure enough, last night — TW was on my side but we continued to sleep in our normal positions, which means we ended up facing each other for most of the night. And TW coughed constantly in her sleep. Which means she was coughing in my face.

And then there’s the problem that the dogs are not with us. You’d think it would be MORE comfortable to have a larger bed with no dogs than a smaller bed with three dogs but no. Not comfortable.

I ended up putting a big pillow in between us which helped it feel like a dog was laying in between us (which is what normally happens) and also prevented TW from coughing on me. This worked ok except that TW decided that pillow was her pillow and kept trying to LAY on it and I kept having to push her back over.

Did I mention I’ve got the hot flash thing to deal with, too? So I need my damn personal space or I’ll die of heat stroke or something, lol.

We’ve got two darn beds, I think tonight we’ll switch to the other one. Maybe that will help. A little?

Tired. Very tired.

Filofax, Art Journaling and Other Goals In June

Hahaha. I hate June.

I didn’t touch my art journal. I lost momentum with the daily doodling journal. I did sort out a design for something I’m hoping to work on next weekend, so that’s a win.

I carried a to do list over from May because I didn’t get much done and… I only got one more thing crossed off. Granted, that one thing was a big money management thing, so I’m very happy about that.

I don’t expect July to be much better because there’s this little conference happening and all of my hours belong to all of the work. So, I’m carrying the list over again and only adding MUST DO THIS BEFORE BlogHer ’14 or DIE stuff because at least I know I’ll get all of that done.

I have to say again that I am loving my Filofaxes. They do help me stay on track, with work — and to a smaller extent with every day life things. If I had more time for every day life, I’d be happier but the Filofax can’t work magic and come up with more hours in the day for me… lol.

I’m looking forward to August… oh, wait. Kids going to college. JMP and Jenn visiting. Oh well, I’ll have a fun to do list for that month so yay!

Fucking Fly

There is a fly in the office. It’s making me crazy.

I’m sitting here trying to work and it buzzes past my head, as close as it can come without actually hitting me. So I stop and grab a rolled up magazine and look for the damn fly. It’s nowhere. Can’t find it to save my life.

So, I go back to work.

30 seconds later, here comes the fly — it lands on my laptop screen. I reach for the magazine and as soon as I’m ready to pounce, it flies away. I sit quietly and wait for it to come back. It does not come back.

So, I go back to work.

30 seconds later, here comes the fly — it lands on my Filofax. I’d hate to have fly guts on my Malden but that would be better than living with this fly. I reach for the magazine and the damn thing flies away. I sit quietly waiting for it to come back. It does not come back.

So, I go back to work.

30 seconds later, here comes the fly. It lands ON THE MAGAZINE so I get up and get another magazine and just as I’m about to slam that fucker, he flies away. I stalk around the office looking for him and CANNOT FIND HIM.

So, I go back to work.

Repeat 857 times and you have some idea of how my morning has gone.

Oh look, there he is on the fish bowl…

Are You Sure the Blackhawks Didn’t Win?

One of the things I do all day is watch Google Trends to see what’s hot and happening.

All day long, the Blackhawks have been on the top 20 trends list, with multiple versions of their name.

The Kings… they make the list once. Way down the list. Hell, when I got up this morning, they weren’t on the list at all.

Does nobody care about the Kings? I know I don’t but I probably don’t really count as a BIG hockey fan, though I have strong preferences for the Bruins, the Capitals, the Rangers and the Flyers. (In that order, pretty much.)

Filofax, Art Journaling and Other Goals In May

Holy hell. What happened in May?

Looking back over the month, I can tell you pretty much nothing from any of my lists is scratched off.

Oh sure, I started strong and then we went to Miami and everything went to hell. OK not everything. But pretty much everything.

I didn’t blog every day in May. That’s the first time that’s happened in… longer than I can tell you.

I didn’t pick up my art journal at all. I had a lot of fun playing with the Some Lines a Day journal but then Miami happened and I got out of the routine of doodling in it and BAM, haven’t touched it since then.

JMP’s stocking is stagnating again. I was doing so well… shoot. I really need to pick up the pace there, so maybe they can take it home with them after they visit this summer… hahaha who am I kidding, the kid will be lucky to have it show up in his Christmas box.

Hell. There was a whole week when neither of my Filofaxes were even decorated, much less used properly. And then once I got back into them, I couldn’t actually get anything on the lists FINISHED because the world is crazy, work is crazy, life is crazy and I’d like a May do-over, please.

Except. May being over means we’re one month closer to our move south! 2 years and 2 weeks to go. Let’s just leave May and start June on that happy note.

Reading in May

Just 19 books. Another rough month for reading, (though this was a rough month for pretty much everything.) I really need to get back to my kindle books because I’m really falling behind. Almost half way through the year and I’m not close to half way to my goal. Oops.

Here’s what the month looked like:

- 3 were Audio books
- 2 were Children/Middle Grade
- 2 were YA
- 1 was from the Cybils shortlist
- 6 were Non-fiction
- 1 was a graphic novel

See, pretty pathetic. Maybe I should stop playing around online and hurry up and finish another book so I can get to 20 for May? Wish me luck, maybe I can come back and update the numbers before the night is over…

Zentangle Artist!

I made a contribution to Laurel’s GoFundMe project and she sent me this awesome bookmark!

It arrived right after we got back from #BlogHerFood and every morning I told myself I was going to take a photo and thank her properly and blog about it.

And every afternoon, I collapsed into my bed without having done so.

I love it. It’s beautiful. Thank you Laurel! I hope you make your goal and become a Certified Zentangle Teacher! Your work is fabulous and I’m proud to own a piece of it.

The Week After

Why do I always forget that the first week after a BlogHer conference is maddening, exhausting, and overwhelming? Probably because if I didn’t forget, I’d curl up in a ball the week before a conference and refuse to move until it was over?

It takes a good five days to adjust, to catch up, to get back to normal. Today is day five and I’m almost there. ALMOST.

I’ve got no less than five assignments due and they are all five have finished. This is not how I generally work and I need to get my shit together and go back to getting ONE thing DONE completely AT a TIME.

But first, I need more coffee. A lot more coffee.