I ran into the library really quickly a couple of weeks ago, to return almost late books and pick up some holds that had been waiting for me for ages. TW had also complained that she was running out of books to read so I made a quick run through the new releases stacks. One of the books I grabbed was Libriomancer – books,  librarians and magic, first in a series, seemed like it could be a winner.


It’s definitely a winner. I can’t wait for the next book. (Also a great book to finish 2012.)

The Apps: From the Cybils Shortlist

I’m not going to commit to reviewing these next year. Not because they aren’t good, most are. But it doesn’t make sense to me to pay for apps that nobody in my house is going to use after I’ve played with them for a few hours. I’ll have to wait til JMP is stateside (and a little older) before I consider reviewing these again…

But, here’s what I thought about these:

Be Confident in Who You Are – This was my least favorite app. I’m not sure I’ve met a pre-teen or teen who would do much more than roll their eyes at this one.

BoBo Explores Light – This was fun and an app that some of the older kids might want to play with a little bit.

Harold and the Purple Crayon – I didn’t get to review this. I’m not a Harold & the Purple Crayon fan so I put it off til this month, only to find that the app is not available for download in the US. Oh well. 😉

Hildegard Sings – This was amusing but not THAT amusing. I found it a little hard to know which items you could manipulate within the pages so I was just touching everything.

Pat the Bunny – I loved this one. Could be that it’s because I love Pat the Bunny but I don’t think so. I was prepared to DISLIKE this app because in my head you need to be able to touch all of the different textures in the book. Which is true, but this app is so nicely done that it’s fun to interact with. I also love that you can record your own voice reading the book. If only I’d downloaded it on Jenn’s phone while I was in Hawaii… sigh.

The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore – This was a fun book for the iPhone. I won’t be uninstalling it.

The Monster at the End of This Book – I had this one installed before the shortlist came out, it was a free download from Starbucks and that’s the only reason I had the app. I am not a fan of this book so I didn’t expect to like it. I LOVE IT. The big kids all love it. GREAT fun app — better than the book ever was.

Lois Lenz, Lesbian Secretary

I  saw these on some  book blog, or maybe on some gay blog, or may be on some gay book blog and was thrilled to see our library system had Lois Lenz, Lesbian Secretary.  Lesbian pulp fiction – there’s NOTHING better. Really.

Our library doesn’t have Bobbie Blanchard, Lesbian Gym Teacher so I’m gonna have to buy it, lol.

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The Fresco

Lorena recommended The Fresco and when Joe Haldeman’s niece recommends SCIFI, you should really take that recommendation seriously. It took me weeks to get around to reading it but I’m glad I did.

The Fresco was … really interesting.

I can’t decide what my reaction might have been if I was in Benita’s place.

I also can’t decide whether the ETs plans to resolve some of our (all of our?) problems are good ideas or not so much, heh.

The ending – fabulous. Not so much the last chapter, but the way Benita convinced folks to resolve the problem – totally brilliant.

Ya gotta love strong female characters, particularly in SCIFI, and there were several in this book.

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The Little Bookstore of Big Stone Gap

I kept seeing The Little Bookstore of Big Stone Gap on the shelf at the library. First on a shelf when you walk in the door. Later on the “recommended” shelf. Then, on the Large Print shelves. It just kept appearing. Since I had an Adriana Trigiani book checked out the last time it jumped in front of me, I took it as a sign and checked it out. Large Print.  

TW’s mom read it and didn’t say anything about it.

TW read it and really liked it. Liked it so much that she bought a copy for Erica, Wild Iris Bookstore co-owner.

I read it and also really liked it. TW did freak me out by telling me that “the store burns down in the end”. I thought she was serious and was really upset about it. TW can be a pain in the butt sometimes. Bookstores should not burn down. People’s houses should not burn down, forcing them to have to replace their books, either.

I can’t decide if the book made me want to own a bookstore or convinced me that I don’t really want to own a bookstore, lol.

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A Fake Readathon Day

The kids are gone, all five of them, and it’s quiet now. I’m not quite ready to say it’s too quiet, that will happen sometime tomorrow. Except, we’re going to celebrate the quiet and regroup from the holiday mayhem with a fake readathon day.

We stopped at Fresh Market this evening and spent too much on specialty junk food, (mmmm cheese straws), and we’ve got stacks of library books to read. We’re not getting dressed tomorrow and we’re going to lay in bed with books (and the darn dog) and just read — and nap — and take long, hot baths.

This seems like a really good way to end a fun, but very loud, holiday and keep the “gosh, it’s quiet… too quiet” thoughts away.

Perry’s Killer Playlist

Perry’s Killer Playlist is Killer… the actual playlist (which I think I’m going to have to create on my iPhone and on Spotify) and the book.  If you haven’t read Au Revoir, Crazy European Chick, read  that first – and then read Perry’s Killer Playlist. Read before the movie comes out.

The Santa Claus convention, nice touch. Lol

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Two Fun Children’s Books

We love the Ladies #1 Detective Agency (and we prefer it on audio) so I thought it would be  fun to grab  The Great Cake Mystery: Precious Ramotswe’s First Case on audio. And,  it was fun. The voices weren’t  “right” and it tries a little too hard to be a “teaching” book – re-pronouncing  “hard” names,  stuff like that. I’m guessing Alexander McCall Smith may not really know any 8-10 year olds? But it was fun.  A lot of fun for fans of Precious Ramotswe (and the great Obed Ramotswe).

Riordan’s The Mark of Athena was excellent. I’ve had some trouble really getting into the Greeks vs Romans or Greeks + Romans series but book three has helped a good bit with that. I’m falling into the flow of it and getting comfortable with the Romans. Poor Annabeth. Poor Leo. Poor everyone, pretty much. No happy ending quest in this book, which is a big change and now we have to wait how long for the next one? (Well maybe not that long since this book has been out for awhile and I’ve just now gotten around to reading it, lol. October 2013… I can wait that long and read it at this time next year!)

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Jane: The Woman Who Loved Tarzan

I kind of loved Jane: The Woman Who Loved Tarzan. I loved that it’s the first book about Tarzan written by a woman and authorized by the Edgar Rice Burroughs estate.

I’m not a huge Tarzan fan but this one – work of art.

Look at this quote:

““My Dad, John Coleman Burroughs, and my Grandad, Edgar Rice Burroughs, would often discuss Tarzan’s relation to Jane. `Now there is an idea for a good book….one that really brings Jane into focus,’ Grandad would say. Robin Maxwell’s book does this brilliantly. Not only do Tarzan and Jane transform into a living, breathing couple who bring the Tarzan saga to new life, but the thrills and adventure leap off the page in the grand tradition of Edgar Rice Burroughs himself.”  —John R. Burroughs, Grandson of Edgar Rice Burroughs”

That should be enough for you to decide to read this one.

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Black Heart (and the Problem with Audiobooks)

When we finished Leverage, on audio, TW asked for a new audio book but made me promise we would never listen to another book like “THAT” again. I laughed and told her not to worry because I knew the perfect book to listen to next. A book that had come in for us at exactly the same time Leverage came in. A book I had to take back to the library because it took us so long to listen to Leverage and because it couldn’t be renewed (others had it reserved, too.) 

Black Heart, the latest book in the Curse Worker series arrived last weekend. I picked it up on Wednesday. We started listening to it on Thursday afternoon. We finished listening to it today, just after noon. That’s not even three days! Which tells you two things – first, it’s not long. A bit more than six hours on audio, I think. But that also tells you that we spend an ass ton of time in the car. Worse yet because there are times when we don’t listen to the audiobook while we are in the car – when TW’s mom is riding with us, for instance. Or when we’re chatting up the girls.

That’s the only thing I don’t like about books on audio. They can remind me of just how much of my life is spent shuttling around, from here to there. No wonder I never have time to lay on the couch and watch Dawson’s Creek. Poop.

Anyway, back to Black Heart.

I loved the ending. Not just the Cassel/Lila part – but the part about Danica and Barron. The only problem is… Black writes trilogies. Gah. Are we really never going to know what happens next? Or is this the lead up to a new trilogy?

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