Prince Harry goes to war, and likes it?

I have so many questions about this whole Prince Harry thing. First, the basic media blackout. I’m impressed that the British media kept it quiet for so long. I think the incredible Harry footage was too much for them to turn down and I also think they probably believed he’d be home long before his six months was up, so it wasn’t a huge sacrifice.

Looks like they were right. The photos, the videos, the interviews with the Prince are excellent and well worth it for the British media to wait for. The questions I have about the media blackout are was it really a good idea to make this deal? Do you really want your MoD to be able to bribe your news media? Don’t you wonder what else the MoD is bribing them with? This wasn’t just a media blackout, this was bribery.

And what’s with all of the Brits who are upset that Australian and American news agencies reported the news? They weren’t involved in the media blackout deal. Their job is to report the news, which they did. The only reason the British media wasn’t reporting it was because the MoD cut them a sweet deal. Get over yourselves, people. The press breaks news, that’s their job. Their job isn’t to break news when some high level agency tells them it is ok to break it.

And one more question – why did Harry get the media blackout bribe but Prince Andrew didn’t get one? Not only didn’t he get one, his service in the Falklands was big news. Was his life not in as much danger as Andrew’s? Or is it the “Diana” factor playing out again? We have to protect those boys at all cost because of poor Diana?

Now, about Harry – bless his heart.

I feel for him. I really do. But, errr, someone should have talked to the boy about what he was going to say on camera.

“you’re miles away from everything, miles away from everybody – it’s nice.”

It’s one thing to hate the life you live, under constant watch of the tabloids and to rant about the tabloids, but it’s another thing to talk about just how great it is to be out there. In. A. War. Zone. Dude. It’s a war. You are responsible for people dying. Those air strikes you’re calling in are killing people. Your fellow soldiers are far from family and friends and a home they love. Could you be any more offensive?

I feel for Harry. I even like the kid. I think he should leave the military and leave England. He will never be able to serve like a “normal” soldier, his MoD has proven that by having to cut a deal before he could serve with his unit.

Go live in Africa and run your charity, Harry. You will be able to make a difference in the world. And, you won’t have nearly as much tabloid BS to deal with. In the mean time – stay out of the pubs and the night clubs.

BlogHer talks to Maxine Waters about Clinton…

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Kate Clinton and Hillary vlog

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Blog For Choice

Blog for Choice DayIt’s that time of year again. The time of year that I blog about choice. Pro-choice, that is. This year’s theme is WHY I vote “pro-choice”. I think I’ll just quote Hillary’s views on “choice”:

“Women’s right to make choices about their reproductive health has been systematically challenged and family planning and contraception are under attack. All women must be able to make their own choices about their reproductive health.”

I don’t want you making reproductive choices for me. I don’t want you making reproductive choices for my daughters. I don’t want to make reproductive choices for you or for your daughters. I certainly don’t want the state or federal government making reproductive choices for any of us.

I am pro-choice and I don’t just vote – I vote pro-choice.

Hillary 08

Nah. Gender isn’t an issue in this country, is it?

Hillary 08

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