BlogHer talks to Maxine Waters about Clinton…

OK not just about why she endorsed Clinton but about all sorts of things. You should also check out part two of the BlogHer/Waters interview.

Kate Clinton and Hillary vlog

I love Kate Clinton and love her even more because she’s a Hillary girl. Watch the Video – she’s awesome.

Blog For Choice

Blog for Choice DayIt’s that time of year again. The time of year that I blog about choice. Pro-choice, that is. This year’s theme is WHY I vote “pro-choice”. I think I’ll just quote Hillary’s views on “choice”:

“Women’s right to make choices about their reproductive health has been systematically challenged and family planning and contraception are under attack. All women must be able to make their own choices about their reproductive health.”

I don’t want you making reproductive choices for me. I don’t want you making reproductive choices for my daughters. I don’t want to make reproductive choices for you or for your daughters. I certainly don’t want the state or federal government making reproductive choices for any of us.

I am pro-choice and I don’t just vote – I vote pro-choice.

Hillary 08

Nah. Gender isn’t an issue in this country, is it?

Hillary 08

Liz is clapping and if she could vote, I do believe she’d vote Hill and RJ said “Nice speech”.

Homeschooler for Hillary



Vote for Catherine’s video, and her daughter’s too. And make one of your own, while you’re thinking about it.

Virginia is a goddess

And I’ve met her in person. You’re jealous, aren’t you? Vote for her question. Just click the little green thumbs up, ok? And do your own video for 10 Questions. It’s important.

The real Hillary Girls

I love these women. I want to be them when I grow up.

Blog Day For The Mothers Act

BlogHers Act: Blog Day for the Mothers Act Have you heard about The Mothers Act? It’s legislation that would increase federal efforts to combat postpartum depression by:

• Requiring medical professionals to educate new mothers and their families about postpartum depression before they leave the hospital,

• Offering the opportunity for new mothers to be screened for postpartum depression symptoms during the first year of postnatal check-up visits,

• Providing social services to new mothers suffering from postpartum depression and their families,

• Increasing funding for research on postpartum conditions at the National Institutes of Health.

From the Postpartum Support International

Up to 800,000 women in the U.S. will develop a diagnosable perinatal mood disorder this year! (This does not include women whose babies are stillborn, who miscarry or suffer pregnancy termination). Yet only 15% of these women will receive any treatment.

Women like Dooce, Kat Stone, Erin Kotecki Vest and, Kari have blogged about their experience with PPD. Please join us today and share your own stories or encourage others to blog for awareness of PPD and in support of The Mothers Act.