Filofax, Journaling, and Art Journaling and Other Goals in January

Well… mixed bag. That pretty much sums up what happened in January with my efforts to use my Filofaxes to get (stay) organized, to journal every day, and to get back to art journaling. That sounds worse than it is. It really just means the month didn’t go quite as I’d hoped, but months rarely do. I did a great job with some things and a horrid job with others.

I made it through the 365 List journaling thingy for January. I blogged every day on this blog. I blogged several times on BlogHer. And, at Blicks several months ago, I bought a little five year journal called “Every Day” and I did journal in it every day in January. I’m super proud of that.

I did use both of my Filofaxes every day in January and rather than 10 big things to do in a month, I ended up with 20 and I crossed out 16 of them. That’s pretty darn good for me. I’m not in love with some of the pages in my Filofaxes, but I expected that. It’s hard to know which layouts are going to work for you until you start using them — so some of these aren’t working but I’m not rushing out to order/print something new. I am going to make a few changes in February, using some of the papers that I have and see how that goes. Then in March, I might try printing another type of layout that I think might work better for me and give that a try. WIP, that’s what this is and I’m ok with that.

For the first time, ever (I THINK?), I completed a photo a day challenge. I’m pretty damn pleased with myself for doing it and not skipping the days that were rough (due to work or tough prompts) and I’m looking forward to trying another one this month.

I’m not doing much art journaling (in or out of my Filofax) at all. Yes I’m adding stickers or washi to my filofax but that’s about it. I am, however, doing a good job of working on JMP’s Christmas stocking so I’m calling that a good trade off — for now. I am hoping to give myself more creative time in February though as I type that I laughed out loud. Sassymonkey’s going on vacation so that means I’ll work more, not less, lol. See — this is why months rarely go as I plan them in my head. That’s ok — it’s all good. Really.

All in all — mixed bag, but I’m happy with the month. Onward to February!

Letter to My…

I was reading Adela’s post again, Advice to My Younger Self, and realized I’ve never written one of these types of letters. Or if I have, it was when I was a child and forced to write one in school (and then promptly forgot about it.)

I thought I might be the only person in the world who’s never written such a letter because they’re so common online but TW says she’s never written one either.


Are we the only ones?

And did you write these kinds of letters to yourself when you were a kid? Michelle Belle did that and then read them when she was… I don’t remember… 18 maybe? But she’s very much a time capsule, look back on my life, look ahead to my life sort of person.

I am not.

Maybe I should be?

I’m considering writing a letter to my 60 year old self. Or at least attempting it. Is that dumb? It feels kind of dumb. But if the rest of the world can write letters like this, why can’t I?

For the Love of Green

(and Jenna)

So. Tired.

I thought I was going to write a post for today’s #17DaysofGreen. That’s not happening. Well it is, since I’m typing this post right now but no, I thought I was going to write a real post. One that I thought about and put a lot of effort into. Or at least some effort. At just before 4pm, I found myself staring at my inbox. Just staring at it. Not reading it. Not thinking about answering anything in it. Just staring. Watching it load new email after new email. At that point, I realized I was not going to be writing that post after all. I don’t have any real words left in me.

So I took a break to fold laundry and clean the kitchen and eat dinner with the family and then I wandered around trying to think of something green to photograph. There’s lot of green stuff in the house but nothing grabbed me. I was all “meh” about everything. The only thing that remotely caught my interest was the dead green grinch toy Skeeter chewed up before Christmas. I feel like the Grinch, chewed up and spit out and crumpled on the damn floor.

Since words won’t work and photos won’t work but I committed to #17daysofgreen and I do love Jenna (I also own her, but that’s another story) I decided on something I could do. Something I’ve actually enjoyed this week. Something I hope you’ll click and enjoy.

Links of Green

* Look at this green tartan backdrop from Salty Pineapple. It’s beautiful. Really beautiful. And this simple idea for making your own backdrop is fabulous. Anybody could do this. I love that. And the green, isn’t it pretty?

* Isn’t the Pangolin beautiful?

* I’m a sucker for a beautiful door and this is one of the best I’ve seen recently, Brooklyn Green Door.

* This picture of KarenLynnn’s made me happy yesterday today. It actually made me happy again today, too. (See, today was so long, that I thought the flowers were yesterday. Sigh.) All of her pictures make me happy.

I hope you like these as much as I did.

Random tagging

So. Vered. I like that chick. Even if she DID tag me for a meme… the 3 random things meme when radomness is something I struggle with. I won’t hold that against her. She’s new. She hasn’t seen me question the very existence of random.

Here’s my shot at it…

1) I’m really angry right now with my former workplace. I’ve been annoyed about one particular issue since 2001 and I just read something that turned my annoyance to anger. Lately, I’ve been talking about blogging my personal branding rant – this thing I’m angry about is related to that post I haven’t written. Or maybe the post I haven’t written is related to what I’m angry about? Whatever. Chicken/egg – Egg/Chicken, it’s all the same thing. But, instead of blogging while I’m angry, I’m sitting on my hands – again. How long will I be able to sit? On my hands?

2) I just ordered vegetable fried rice and fried wontons for dinner. (Why does wordpress think wontons is is misspelled?) I had frozen eggrolls for lunch. It’s that kind of week around here. Frozen. Whatever’s handy. Spend $50 to have food delivered. I hate those kinds of weeks but they are better than not eating at all – which is my ultimate preference.

3) I’m looking forward to watching Survivor tonight. We watched it last week from the hotel but it feels like we didn’t watch it – because we weren’t in our space. That’s weird, isn’t it? I’m like that, I like my house – not the house, just you know, my personal living environment and my boring everyday life and routine.

Now, about that tagging five people thing… errr… who would I tag that hasn’t already been tagged? Since TW tagged Vered and then Vered tagged me – that six degrees of separation thingy is at work and I’m either going to have to re-tag someone who’s been tagged, tag someone who does NOT do memes, or tag some poor new to BlogHer person who will think I’m insane for tagging them out of the blue.

So, rather than risk scaring off the new BlogHers – consider YOURSELF tagged if you’re reading this and you haven’t BEEN tagged or haven’t BEEN tagged in the last six months. And If I stumble into someone I think deserves to be tagged – I’ll come back with that link. I swear.

Showing support …

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Heh Zoe, you are not alone in your angst here.

I’ve been tagged. How uninteresting!

If I didn’t like Elana so much, I’d ignore this game of tag. But I do like Elana, quite a bit actually, so I’m going to try and come up with six uninteresting things about me. It’s really hard because I’m such a fascinating human being.

1) I have a hard time sleeping late in the morning.
2) I am not a night owl and would prefer the light out at 9pm.
3) I’ve become more of a home body as I’ve gotten older. (Or maybe I’m just happier with my home life than before?)
4) I haven’t owned a car in years but I almost always drive when we go places.
5) I rarely use bookmarks for websites that I visit regularly. I tend to type the url every time.
6) I’ve been spammed 62 times today by moving companies. (Not exaggerating.)

Now I’m supposed to tag six people and leave comments on six people’s blogs telling them that they’ve been tagged. But, I’m violating the rules. I have no idea who has played and who hasn’t (except Zan, I know she played because her uninteresting things were interesting.) So go play if you like. (Joy? Sharon? Lorena? Karen? Lee? RE? Gam? Michelle Belle? You in the back?)

Damn, I wanted to be Voldemort. Or at least Snape

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10 seconds? Impossible!


This year’s brilliance from Kelly is a 10 second introduction. I hate these things. 10 seconds is either far too long or far too short, I’m not sure which. But I’ll play but I’m getting help from the children.

RJ (entering 6th grade!) thinks you should know that I am patient.

E (entering 4th grade!) jumped in with “evillllllll” which annoyed Prince J who obviously wanted to use this one himself.

Instead the good Prince (entering 8th grade, OMG how did that happen) said you should know I am cool. Heh. I’m sure he means evil in a cool way but E screwed that right up for him. (The three older children are off in their own worlds and unavailable for comment at this time.)

I suppose I should mention I’m a lesbian since that was apparently not obvious at the last BlogHer conference.

I will probably not sit still or stand still for long at the conference, nothing personal – I just like to talk to everyone and make sure I don’t miss anyone. I also hate seeing people sitting or standing alone so I will probably attempt to corral the loners and toss them into the loud and boisterous mommy groups or pair them up with other quiet types. If you’re feeling lonely, grab me and I’ll help. It’s what I do best.


Well. Here I am. Trying to come up with eight random things because Nickie, who I love, tagged me. If you list random things do they then become less than random? And is anything really random since anything you think of is probably triggered by something going on in your life anyway? I don’t know if “random” really exists in the way we tend to think it exists.

Onward with eight.

1) I am the finder of lost objects and not lost objects. Nobody in this house bothers to even look for anything, they just ask me if I know where X is and generally I do. Except today, which means this item is not so random. ‘Cause something is missing and I have no idea where it could be since all of my ideas have come up empty.

2) It bugs me a lot when I do not know where stuff is. Or have a general idea of where something is. You’d think this would mean my house is neat and organized, it doesn’t. It just means I pay attention to what’s in the clutter so I can find things. Except for today, apparently.

3) I bought BlogHerCon shoes! This is a big deal. I rarely buy anything for myself and to buy an article of clothing or shoes is more rare than me not being able to find whatever someone is looking for. They are special shoes. Wanna see them?

4) Looking around and trying to come up with a random thing is difficult. As soon as I think of something I don’t think it’s random. Is it random to say that yesterday I thought our bedroom was pretty tidy, all things considered, but today I’m thinking it’s time to get out the trash bag and do a Fly Lady Fling everyday for the rest of the week. Maybe I’ll find the missing items…

5) I profess to dislike Fly Lady because of that whole shoes and makeup first thing in the morning requirement, but I have a secret love for her. TW has suspected this for awhile and I confirmed it earlier in the week. This made her nervous and caused her to wonder what I’ve been flinging during my 15 minute a day fling. Hahaha she doesn’t know where anything is in the house so she’ll never figure it out.

6) Which reminds me, our garbage can is too small. Our city garbage can had a big hole in the back so TW earned her keep by calling the trash folks and asking for a new one. They brought one a couple of weeks later and it’s smaller than the original garbage can. Far too small for a family of 5 (which is what we were at the time) and 3xs too small for the family of 8 that we’ve become again now that the little kids are home. I need to call and get them to bring us the proper size can. Soon.

7) We also have a new kitchen garbage can. Actually we bought two. The first one TW picked out and I quietly hated. But she hated the original garbage can (which I picked out) so I figured fair was fair. Which doesn’t make sense since I am the one who uses the kitchen garbage can the most. Anyway, that can lasted about 2 days and then everyone in the house was expressing hatred for it. We moved it up to the kid bathroom and I purchased one at Publix that we all seem to like more. Though it has its problems, too. At Home Depot last weekend I saw my old original garbage can and caressed it fondly while TW was not looking.

8) It’s sort of like my hairbrush. The pink goody hairbrush that I love so much but have difficulty finding a replacement for. It’s so hard to find a replacement that when TW did find them, she bought several. And one is still in the packaging unused because I’m afraid I will never find another one like it again. So while that one sits in the packaging, unused, I struggle along with other hairbrushes that I dislike.

There you go, eight bits of randomness from my life. Should I tag people or just encourage others to play as they wish? I think I’ll tag – but I’ll go track down some newbie people at BlogHer and give them some link love. I’ll be back with links later. But feel free to play too, if the spirit of randomness moves you.

The Worst Mother
The Milk Bar
Miss Grace’s Disgrace

Update: Because I know you were concerned about that missing item, it has been found. In the place I should have known it would be – Christopher’s room. When something goes missing and is not in any of the spots it should be in – it’s in his room. I wonder where missing things will end up when he moves out. Probably at his apartment.

Not even PG-13, damn!

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