Two Books in the Gender Secret Series

OK books 2 & 3…kind of blended together because I read them back to back in less than three days.

In Book 2, Violet and Viggo reconnected in The Green and came upon Ms. Dale and some Matrus bad guys (gals?) … and they found another egg. And Violet found her brother. And some bad things happened. Also, new characters were introduced. Thinking about it like this, a lot happened. There was a lot of running and fighting and fear and stuff. Very fast-paced.

Book 3 was much slower. Viggo was unconscious for many, many chapters and there were a lot of interpersonal relationship types of things and just going about our day discussing issues rather than doing anything about them. And then, BAM – the last couple of chapters kind of exploded all over the place. The twist at the end was an interesting twist. I wondered if that was what would happen when Ms. Dale was confused about Desmond’s behavior and loyalties.

It will be interesting to see what happens in Book 4 (and 5 and 6.)

(PS. I’m getting a little tired of the Matrus vs Patrus, misandry vs misogyny stuff, lol.)

The Gender Game

Almost a year ago (?) I spotted a couple of interesting books on the new arrivals shelf at the library but I quickly realized they were books two and three of a series and I hate starting a series on anything other than the first book. So, I wandered back to the shelves looking for the first book, only to discover a whole bunch of books in the series but not the first one. So I took a photo of one of the covers and went home to reserve the first book.

Time passed and I wasn’t really moving up on the reserve list. More time passed and I started moving slowly up the list. Finally, it was ready to pick up — except I was out of town and I couldn’t get to the library in time to pick it up, so it went back to the stacks and I lost my hold.

I re-did the hold and was careful to always pause my holds when I went out of town after that and FINALLY The Gender Game arrived last week! Woot!

I enjoyed it but good grief, why is it so hard to get this book from the library? Also, why didn’t I realize I could have just grabbed the Kindle version for free and moved on to the other books that are much easier to get at the library? (Not that TW would have read it, because she hates e-books but this is about me, not her.)

Anyway Matrus and Patrus – post-apocalyptic fiction. I’ll read the next book and see how it goes from there.

Why We March: Signs of Protest and Hope

Nope, we didn’t march yesterday but I did stumble across the Why We March: Signs of Protest and Hope book just sitting on the shelf at the library, so I checked it out and flipped through it last night.

It’s primarily photos from the last year’s Women’s March with the occasional quote from women sprinkled through.

I enjoyed looking back at last year’s signs while thinking about this year’s… same shit, different year. Keep resisting, keep fighting, keep marching.

Three YA! Yes, THREE!

Considering I read a whopping five books total in August, September is off to an amazing start! Three books down (all YA) and it’s 8amish on 9/4! How awesome is that? (And, today’s a holiday so I should be able to get some more reading in — even though we need to run into a city of some sort where there is a Lowes… anyway, back to the books…)

I read the next two books in the Stranje House series. (Refuge for Masterminds and Exile for Dreamers.) Both were just as good as the first one. Now, how long will it be before we get the next two books in the series?

After that, I read The One Memory of Flora Banks was difficult. I think it’s the mom part of me that read this and just shuddered all the way through it. I kept trying to figure out how I would parent a child who had no short-term memory. (I also wonder how kids feel about this story. I might have to go track down some kid reviews to find out.)

A School for Unusual Girls

TW said I should read A School for Unusual Girls because it was like a YA Pink Carnation book. She’s right, it is like that. It’s also like a non-steampunk Gail Carriger Finishing School book.

Obviously I enjoyed it.

Totally fun and the next book in the series is waiting for us at the library.

The Two-Family House

I probably would have liked The Two-Family House a little more if I hadn’t figured out the entire story from the 2 page prologue.

Having said that, I did like the ending. It wasn’t all a complete happily ever after, which would have been really screwed up considering the entire storyline.

The Wild Girls

We needed an audiobook so I wandered around the library shelves until Wild Girls jumped into my bag.

It was a really quick audiobook and really enjoyable to listen to. It also didn’t end badly, and it had the potential to end badly. I was really impressed that the author didn’t take the easy way to a happily ever after ending. I liked that a lot.

I also liked Joan & Sarah (Fox & Newt) and I liked every single one of the characters. All of them.

Fun read. Let’s all be wild girls!

Hidden Figures

Oops. I finished Hidden Figures awhile back and thought I already wrote about it. Apparently not.


Totally enjoyed it. Really enjoyed seeing how the movie combined bits and pieces of womens’ stories and tweaked the timeline a little and the ages of characters and the relationships of characters. That was pretty interesting to think about, in terms of book to movie stuff.

I also really enjoyed learning more about the work these women did. And loved how much time was spent on Dorothy Vaughan’s story. She’s my favorite. The only complaint I have is that there wasn’t quite enough about Christine Darden.

Two Non-Fiction Craft Books

I picked up This Can Be Beautiful with the idea that it would be a good book for #Readathon later in the month. But, it needs to go back to the library before #readathon so I read it last weekend when I was tired, had a headache, and couldn’t figure out what I wanted to read next. It was OK. Not great. Not horrible. OK. There were a couple of cute ideas and it was a good book to flip through at the time. Also, I have no idea who Tiffany Pratt is. Do you Canadians watch her on HGTV in your country?

Since I was reading This Can Be Beautiful, I figured I might as well read Crafting with Feminism, which I picked up at Poetry & Prose when Steph and I went to dinner in DC last month. I couldn’t resist it. Totally cute. We should really make those vulva Christmas ornaments this year. And, I have an idea for a Christmas gift I might make for Michelle. But, the biggest thing that happened because I read this darn book is I fell into the hole that is Vaginal Fantasy videos. (the author of this book, Bonnie Burton, is one of the co-hosts.) Until now, I’d steadfastly avoided this video series. (Easy because Google Hangout is stupid…) Now, I find myself just randomly clicking one of their videos and listening (and laughing) while I work. Oy.

Reliance, Illinois

One night, I had finished my book but wasn’t ready to go to sleep, yet. And, I didn’t have any books or magazines upstairs that I hadn’t read. TW suggested I read the book she just finished, Reliance, Illinois. I didn’t really want to. It looked and sounded like a western. I don’t really do westerns. TW said it wasn’t. Not really. So I figured what the heck, I could read it for a half hour and if I didn’t like it, I’d just start a new book the next day.

I liked it. It wasn’t a western. There were suffragists!