Tuesday Night Miracles

Awhile back, TW asked me to name some books about women’s journeys — where they go on a trip and find themselves or learn some lesson or bond with other women and I immediately said Kris Radish has written a lot of those books, hasn’t she? Which led me to see if she’s written any books we haven’t read (since we haven’t read any of her books in years, I figured it was likely) and whether any of her books were available in large print for TW’s mom because I wasn’t sure she’d read them…

Which is how Tuesday Night Miracles made it onto our shelf.

Typical Radish — women facing huge issues come together and get their lives together, mostly. It was a nice book to read in between some of the longer or more complex things on my shelf.

The Whole Town’s Talking

I generally like Fannie Flagg. I also liked the other Elmwood Heights books so I thought I’d be perfectly happy reading The Whole Town’s Talking. Turns out, not so much.

I hated the style of the book. I hated that we didn’t get more of the early settlers and their early lives and instead got… what we got. (No, I won’t spoil it for you in case you don’t take my advice and decide to read it.) I absolutely hated the ending (and the only reason I kept reading it was to see what happened to the folks up on the hill. Ugh.)

I also found the conservative messaging to be more than I could stomach — at the end it got to be a lot MUCH.

Don’t waste your time on this one.

Ally Hughes Has Sex Sometimes

Because we hadn’t been to the library in AGES, there wasn’t much left on the library cart. Luckily, Ally Hughes Has Sex Sometimes was amusing and not boring. This would be a good beach read, if you’re in need of such a thing.

Poppy Jenkins

First, the fact that I was able to get this book from my library is a great example of an awesome library system at work.

I saw this Poppy Jenkins review and thought I’d like to read it. So, I went to both of my libraries websites and it obviously wasn’t available. I wanted to read it enough that I went to the ILL site and requested it. I got an email shortly thereafter saying I couldn’t request a book that had been published less than six months ago, (oops, I didn’t know that was a rule), and the ILL would simply recommend MY library PURCHASE the book.

I didn’t think much about it after that, because what are the odds? Turns out, the odds are high because a couple of weeks later, my library had bought the book and it was waiting for me to pick up. THAT is awesomesauce.

The book? Poppy Jenkins wasn’t awesomesauce but it wasn’t bad, either. I liked Roselyn better than Poppy. A lot better. I just rolled my eyes at Poppy, over and over again.

The Forgotten Room

Having read everything Willig has written and most of what White has written (though only a little of what Williams has written) it’s hard for me to believe that I did not know The Forgotten Room existed until I stumbled across it on the “new arrivals” shelf. WTF?

I was a little worried about it — would it be really obvious as to which author wrote each section, particularly once I realized there were three women across three time period? (It wasn’t.) Would it be jarring to move from White to Williams to Willig? (It wasn’t.)

I really enjoyed the story but admit to spending an inordinate amount of time tracking the lineage and saying, that can’t be right because INCEST and stuff like that. lol

Flight Patterns

It’s been awhile since I read one of Karen White’s books and I was particularly happy to read one set in Florida. Flight Patterns was good. I enjoyed it. Even if all of the coincidences that brought all of these people and all of the secrets out in the open were just a little too over the top. lol Great story. Nice beach read.

The Royal We

I read The Royal We because I read an article that said Lauren Graham had bought the rights to the book. That interested me so I figured I’d read before she turned it into a movie.

It was good. I’m surprised at how much I enjoyed it because girl meets prince is not really my thing. Read it. You’ll enjoy it.

Getting Rid of Bradley

Jennifer Crusie is one of my go to writers when I need something light and fluffy and quick. And, that’s how I found myself impulse checking out Getting Rid of Bradley.

And, yep — totally amusing and fun and quick to read. She does women who love dogs really well, lol.

The Dress Shop of Dreams

Awhile back, I was looking for a book to read and remembered that TW liked The Dress Shop of Dreams — she said something about it being Sarah Addison Allen-like. So, I read it. And, it took forever for me to finish — which is crazy because it’s not really long and it’s not a bad back. There just end up being a lot of characters and they’re all pretty much falling apart or tearing their lives apart in order to put them back together and it all felt exhausting to me. So, I felt like I needed to read it in short chunks, at least til the end when everyone’s life got put back into proper order and such.

Here and Again

There was a lot to like about Here and Again but there was just enough to NOT like that I finished it kind of wished I hadn’t read it.

I liked all of the characters. Every single one of them. I liked the setting. I didn’t mind the whole ghost factor either. What bugged me was the connection between Samuel and Virginia Moon. That whole she was there then, Oliver was there then… that just… too much for me. Blah. We could have done without all of that, really.