Getting Rid of Bradley

Jennifer Crusie is one of my go to writers when I need something light and fluffy and quick. And, that’s how I found myself impulse checking out Getting Rid of Bradley.

And, yep — totally amusing and fun and quick to read. She does women who love dogs really well, lol.

The Dress Shop of Dreams

Awhile back, I was looking for a book to read and remembered that TW liked The Dress Shop of Dreams — she said something about it being Sarah Addison Allen-like. So, I read it. And, it took forever for me to finish — which is crazy because it’s not really long and it’s not a bad back. There just end up being a lot of characters and they’re all pretty much falling apart or tearing their lives apart in order to put them back together and it all felt exhausting to me. So, I felt like I needed to read it in short chunks, at least til the end when everyone’s life got put back into proper order and such.

Here and Again

There was a lot to like about Here and Again but there was just enough to NOT like that I finished it kind of wished I hadn’t read it.

I liked all of the characters. Every single one of them. I liked the setting. I didn’t mind the whole ghost factor either. What bugged me was the connection between Samuel and Virginia Moon. That whole she was there then, Oliver was there then… that just… too much for me. Blah. We could have done without all of that, really.

Driving with the Top Down

Total chick lit. Driving with the Top Down was fun, if a little far-fetched. The way Colleen and Tamara found Bitty. The way it ended for Bitty. Huge reach but it worked and it was fun. (If you read it, just skip the prologue, it’s dumb and unnecessary. It’s short but whatever, it caused me to roll my eyes.)

Wild Things

My library’s website was down so I didn’t know which book I should read next — my decision is often based on which books need to go back sooner rather than later, can’t be renewed again, or probably can’t be renewed because of the overall popularity. Rather than starting the wrong book, I decided to go for a quick read from my stacks. But I broke my own From the Stacks goal by selecting something we just bought. That was dumb. Oh well, one less book for next year’s FtS challenge, hah.

Wild Things was … ok typical Karin Kallmaker. Lesbian chick lit. Not great, not horrid. Ho hum.

The Girls of August

When I want something light and quick to read, it’s hard to say no to Anne Rivers Siddons. A book that feels like home but doesn’t get me riled up because she’s flopped streets and landmarks down in the wrong damn place.

The Girls of August was a nice easy read but… if you’re a hardcore ARS fan you’re not going to like this one very much. It was… lacking in character development and the ending, sheesh, the ending. I enjoyed it but don’t particularly feel like I can actually recommend it to anyone. Darn it.

City of Jasmine

Look! I read an adult novel and it didn’t take me a month! City of Jasmine was cute. I mostly liked Evie and Gabriel and I very much liked Aunt Dove. I was a little frustrated by Evie because it was OBVIOUS that her husband who she thought was dead wasn’t simply an asshole — he was something else entirely (along with being an asshole, sort of.)

The story got a little convoluted there in the desert — too many people all of whom were not who they appeared to be etc. etc. etc. but it was a fast read and I enjoyed it quite a bit.

I’m wondering if I should read the one that came before this… I don’t think it’s really a series but the characters are connected. Might be fun. Maybe. I’ll think about it.

The Mark of the Midnight Manzanilla

We waited a long time for The Mark of the Midnight Manzanilla and it was totally worth it. Best book since book one. Really. It was the vampires. Everything is better with vampires. Also, it was two excellent characters who had a lot of fun dialogue without too many other characters getting in the way and slowing things down.

Well done.

And I can’t wait for the next book. This is going to be GOOD, isn’t it?

One Hundred Names

I needed something easy to read after making my way through Hard Choices … since One Hundred Names was due back to the library soon and TW enjoyed it and I’ve enjoyed Ahern’s books in the past, I decided this was a good choice.

It was. Sort of. I pretty much hated Kitty from the first page and never really warmed up to her. The rest of the characters in the book saved it. I really loved everything else about the darn book.

If you read this and you’re just hating Kitty — hang in there til she starts the interviews. The people she’s interviewing make it worth reading.

All Fall Down

I haven’t read a book written by Jennifer Weiener in… years. Maybe 10 years. I’m not even sure what led me to reserve All Fall Down when I saw it on the New Orders library list. Or maybe I figured I’d reserve it and TW would probably like it. I certainly never thought I’d read it — too many books on my TBR list and I am way behind for the year.

But, for some reason, I picked this one up a couple of days ago (instead of the books I had planned to read) and I’m glad I did.

I always like her Philly/Cherry Hill setting. Having lived in Burlington County and having a child living in Philly right now means I have a little soft spot for the book right off the bat.

And then I realized it was about a mommyblogger. A mommyblogger addicted to pills.

I’ve read those blog posts! I know those women!

It was a very familiar story. The characters likeable enough for me to want to keep reading. Except Dave. I did not like Dave. Still do not like Dave. Would like Dave to disappear off the face of the earth with his work-wife or something.

If I was going to jump back on the Jennifer Weiner bandwagon, this was the book to get me back on. It’s still chicklit, whether Weiner wants to embrace the label or not — albeit chicklit tackling a serious subject.