March Book 3

I finished John Lewis’s March series. Book 3 was just as well-written and well-drawn as the first two books in the series. If you and your kids have not read this series, do it now.

#Readathon Book Three: Fire!! The Zora Neale Hurston Story

I bought Fire!! when I was in DC in February and saved it specially for #readathon. It was very good but it felt … rushed, maybe? I mean it’s hard to tell someone’s life story in the span of one relatively short graphic novel, I get that. But Hurston’s story is so… interesting. I almost felt let down. Almost. It’s still a great graphic novel and I highly recommend it. I just wanted MORE.

Kindred: A Graphic Novel Adaptation

I like graphic novels and I LOVE Kindred so when I heard about Kindred: A Graphic Novel Adaptation I was really excited. Except it was January and that’s the month of no spending around here, so I had to wait. It was worth waiting for.

Great illustrations. Really good adaptation of a fairly complex story. I am pretty sure Octavia Butler would be pleased.

Four Graphic Novels

Lion of Rora was the graphic novel that I expected to like the least. Turns out, it was pretty darn good. Well drawn and well written.

I also really enjoyed Secret Coders #1 but was so annoyed when it ended. I understand cliffhangers but geez, really? You couldn’t give us just a tiny bit more??? Oy. (Also, those birds are kind of creepy.)

Ms Marvel was excellent, as expected.

And, the big winner for me was The Marvels. This was really well done. All graphic novel in the beginning and then text at the end. Beautiful. Also, sad.

Three Graphic Novels

Let’s see… which graphic novels (all Cybils shortlisters) did I read? Oh yea…

Courtney Crumrin: Volume 7 … hated it. Didn’t finish it. At first, I thought it was because I’m way behind on this series, (I think the last one I read was 4), but based on the reviews — a whole lot of series fans just didn’t like this one. I’m glad it wasn’t just me.

Next, Dragons Beware!. I love Claudette and her friends. Absolutely love them.

Last, but not least, Baba Yaga’s Assistant was really good. I didn’t expect much from it, I’m not a very big Baba Yaga fan, so this really exceeded expectations.

Four Graphic Novels

Readathons, even #fakereadathons, mean I get to spend some time catching up on graphic novels and these four were excellent. All four of them.

Roller Girl was awesome. I loved everything about it. I hope there are more Roller Girl books.

Next, I read March Book 2 and it was good, obviously, because John Lewis, y’all.

After that, Sunny Side Up. Poor kid. This was well written and well drawn. I didn’t expect much from it and was very pleasantly surprised.

Last, but not least, Honor Girl. Loved it. And, shockingly, I loved the ending. Some people probably didn’t – those “I want a happy endinggggg.” kinds of people. Nope. It ended exactly as it should have.

Two Graphic Novels

I read two of the graphic novels from the Cybils shortlist, Terroris: Gavrilo Princip, The Assassin Who Ignited WWI and Oyster War. Two very different graphic novels and I enjoyed them both, though neither will ever be on my favorites list.


I was thrilled to see Nimona on the Cybils shortlist because it had been on my TBR list forever and I never got to it.

I’m sorry I waited so long. I adore Nimona. Totally love her. This is what a graphic novel should be, y’all.

Three Graphic Novels

Through the Woods was excellent. Creepy but not overly scary and not silly, as kids’ scary stories sometimes are.

I loved, loved, loved, The Shadow Hero and I didn’t expect to. The afterword, with info about the 1940s Green Turtle just made it even better.

To This Day: For the Bullied and the Beautiful was very well done. Great illustrations, great stories.

Three Graphic Novels

There’s not much on the library cart that I really want to read right now, thankfully there were some graphic novels from the Cybils shortlist to tide me over until I can pick up something interesting at the library. All of them were pretty good so that made me happy.

Strange Fruit: Uncelebrated Narratives from Black History was super interesting and drawn beautifully. I was surprised to have never heard of any of the people featured in this volume. My only issue with this book is that the text was difficult to read in places. I’m old, probably could use some bifocals, and the white text on black at times was difficult. In some areas, there was brown text. And, it was tiny, too. This is a book for kids so I’m guessing this is my issue and not an issue the intended audience will have. lol

Harlem Hellfighters was excellent. The pages felt chaotic, which seemed right for the story but made it hard for me to read late at night. Again, this might be an old woman problem. Hah.

In Real Life was pretty darn good. Girl gamers FTW!