Four Non-Fiction

The #fakereadathon turned into a #fakereadathonweekend and I knocked out four non-fiction books for the occasion. Woot!

First, I finished The Bridge Ladies and really enjoyed it. I don’t know squat about bridge but when I was a kid I used to peruse the bridge column in the newspaper every Sunday and try to figure out what the heck they were talking about. Too much math for me but this memoir was pretty excellent. Moms, daughters, bridge and stuff. Go read it.

Next, I read Urban Sketching. I was overwhelmed by it. Too many words, too many sketches. I mean it’s a good book for urban sketching, I’m sure. It’s just too much. I need more white space.

More my speed, Drawing Lab for Mixed Media Artists. I want to own this book. Seriously. I wonder how much is is for Kindle… oh, hah. Cheaper in paperback. I’m pretty sure I will own this some day.

Last but absolutely not least, The Aunt Jemima Code. Super interesting and I was tempted to go dig through TW’s cookbooks to see just how many of the featured books were on our shelves. I’m pretty sure quite a lot. (though it’s also possible that she Kondoed a bunch, too.) Really good book.

Three Non-Fiction

Right before we went to Florida to close on our house (!!!) I saw these three books on the new arrivals shelf at our library and they looked good, so I grabbed them. I’m glad I did, I enjoyed them all. (I might have to check out Color Labs again, if one of my new libraries has it…)

Improbably Libraries was fun — I need a little free library for my front yard.

The Public Library made me want to travel around the world and visit ALL of the libraries.

Color Lab made me wish I had time to paint. Wah!

DIY, Dammit

I think with DIY, Dammit I’m going to call it quits with DIY craft books for awhile. I enjoyed it, but they’re beginning to feel pretty redundant, in terms of the kinds of projects included.

The best part of the book was the intro, the intermission, and amusing commentary. The projects themselves were fine but there wasn’t anything that called to me. Ho hum.

A Fine Romance: Falling In Love with the English Countryside

I can’t quite remember what led me to reserve A Fine Romance at the library. I saw it mentioned somewhere… a diary, with watercolors. Right up my alley. Except it wasn’t. Quite.

I enjoyed it. Really. It’s just not quite my style of storytelling/diary writing. I also don’t have that much love for Beatrix Potter. (I do have a lot more love for the Bloomsbury group and the Arts & Crafts Movement, which she learned to love a good bit on her trip.)

Two Non-Fiction Books

I enjoyed Thug Kitchen so much that I reserved Thug Kitchen Party Grub. This is a good cookbook, though I didn’t find it quite as good as their first book. Not quite as many, “Oh I want to try that” moments but still a very good book.

I enjoyed Bound: Over 20 Artful Handmade Books though it wasn’t quite what I’d been looking for when I picked it up. Still, I have some old books that I might just use to create a new book, someday.

Another Book Down #readathon

I finished Art Before Breakfast – 159 pages. I’ve been saving this specifically for #readathon and I’m glad I did. I didn’t love it but it did remind me that I should go back to making time for art. And, it gave me an idea or two about how to do that.

Three Non-Fiction Books

I didn’t feel like starting anything long last night, so I grabbed the three non-fiction art books on my library cart and that was the perfect choice for the last couple of hours before I turned out the light.

Beginners Guide to Chalk Painting was pretty boring. Probably pretty helpful if you’re going to be using any of these paints, though. But overall, ho hum.

Rock Art: Painting and Crafting with the Humble Pebble was an impulse pick up from the new non-fiction shelf at the library. Rock painting isn’t all that intense and you don’t really need to know a lot of techniques to do it but it was really fun to flip through all of the painted rocks. And, I was reminded of an idea I had for a rock garden for JMP… I am definitely going to work on that once we move next year.

I love The Sketchbook Project so you shouldn’t be surprised that I loved the book The Sketchbook Project World Tour. I’m kind of sad that I didn’t find a way to get to the museum in Brooklyn last month to see the sketchbooks in person. Sigh.

Four Non-Fictions

I couldn’t decide what to read last week so I reached for some non-fiction and then I just kept reaching for the non-fiction. I do that, quite a bit — in case you hadn’t noticed.

Materially Crafted wasn’t bad. Not great but not bad, either. I enjoyed it but I don’t think there’s anything in it I plan to do or make. It’s a nice reference if you don’t know much about some basic craft materials.

Oh Joy!: 100 Whimsical Projects to Create and Give Joy was fun. Lots of pretty pictures and color but not a lot of meaty projects.

The Alternative Jukebox was awesome. All the music, all the reasons why various bands and musicians were “alternative.” I got sucked down a Kurt Cobain hole and then I got sucked into listening to BBC 6 Music. What an awesome radio show. I love it.

Next, Art, Inc. No, I’m not planning on ditching my day job for a career in art. I grabbed the book from the shelf because I like Lisa Congdon and I thought it sounded interesting. It was interesting. I’m glad I read it.

Mid-Century Modern Complete

Oh boy, Mid-Century Modern Complete is very complete. The book is huge and beautiful and it made me want all of the things. It even had my beloved Boby trolleys in it. Oh how I want a Boby trolley. Or three. And also all of the couches and the posters and the chairs and the tables. Hell, a whole houseful of stuff.

Two More Art Books

I impulsed picked The Modern Flower Painter because it was pretty and I love watercolors. The book is super pretty and super detailed and if you want to learn how to paint flowers, this is your book.

Drawing and Painting Beautiful Faces is fabulous if you want to improve your ability to draw and paint faces. Duh. Jane Davenport is fabulous, really. Great book (which explains why it’s constantly out of stock.)