Reading in January

January is always such a good month for me. If only all months were like January…

16 total
11 were written by women and 1 of those was a woman of color.

4 were Cybils
1 was a graphic novel
1 was audio
10 were YA, Middle Grade or Children’s books
2 were non-fiction

Reading in 2017

Well, I think my decision to NOT do the Cybils shortlist challenge backfired. I’d hoped it would free me up to read a wider variety of books but instead I found myself at the library without a list, without any holds to pick up, with no direction at all so there were weeks at a time when there wasn’t anything really compelling on the library cart so I didn’t feel compelled to read. (On top of some pretty hectic months and a lot of Disney World.)

I’m not sure I really want to go back to focusing on the shortlist but I am going to regroup and recommit to reserving books I’m really interested in reading – every single week.

Here’s the breakdown for the year.

124. I think that’s my lowest total in about 15 years. Ugh. (OK It wasn’t, 2016’s total was 118… so yay! for improving?)

29 YA (Not bad, all things considered.)
12 Middle-grade/Children’s (I’m not unhappy with this, either.)
3 Graphic Novels (OUCH)
30 Non-fiction (Oy)
11 Audio (We need to do better, here. We spend a lot of time in the car…)
21 Cybils (I’m not unhappy with this.)

Reading in December

Seven! Not too bad, I thought it was worse!

1 Non-fiction
2 Cybils
4 YA

I’m calling this a pretty good finish for 2017

Reading in November

Woot! 21 books this month (is that my record for the year? I feel like it might be. Sad but yay!)

Here’s the breakdown.

10 YA
4 children’s picture books
4 middle grade
2 non-fiction
1 audiobook
10 Cybils

Reading in October

Nine total – not bad considering it was the month we pretty much lived in Orlando and it was GHC month. I’ll take it.

4 were Cybils
2 were audiobooks
2 were non-fiction
1 was a graphic novel
7 were middle grade or YA (Which really explains how I was able to manage nine books for the month.)

Reading in September

Oops. Midway through October and I’m just posting the September totals. I thought for sure I could get this tiny post published while in Orlando, I should have known better.

12 books in September
10 were YA or Middle Grade fiction/scifi/fantasy
4 of those were Cybils
1 fiction
1 non-fiction

Reading in August

LOL Five. Five books. Total. Hahahahaha, sob.

1 Cybil! (Both the high point and low point in my month of reading.)
1 Audibook
1 YA
1 non-fiction

Five. Good grief. This is ridiculous.

Reading in July

11! Woot, double digits. That hasn’t happened much in 2017, has it?

1 audio
2 middle grade fiction (gosh, I miss YA. I really need to reserve some.)
4 non-fiction

Still pretty boring. This has just not been my year for reading.

Reading in June

Gah, just seven. Here I thought I was doing so well, in June. Hah. (Sob.) Remember when I used to read like 250+ books a year? Yea, me either — it’s been so longgggg. Whatever.

1 was YA
1 was LGBTQish.

And… lol… that’s pretty much it for the categories of books I try to pay attention to.

What will happen in July? I don’t think we have any travel plans but the little girls are coming for a visit. And, work is probably going to start getting nutty and we have to do some work around the house to get ready for the foundation repair and… yea. HMPH. I need a #fakereadathon!

Reading in May

Too much travel and not enough reading. It didn’t help that the audiobook I checked out was not holding my interest. Whatever. June should be SLIGHTLY better… probably.

Total: 5

2 non-fiction
1 YA