Reading in January

It wasn’t a great reading month for me. Too many work things to deal with. Too many hours spent staring at Zillow, hah.

Six books. SIX. Lord.

Two were non-fiction (one of those was from my stacks.)
One was audio.
The rest were adult fiction.

Ho hum. February probably won’t be much better.

Reading in 2015

Either I didn’t track all of my books properly in GoodReads or I didn’t track them properly here. I dunno. GoodReads said I only read 222 books but my blog tracking says I read 233. Either way, it wasn’t the best year of reading for me. I normally hit 250 and I always try to hit 300. Darn it.

It’s ok though since this was a busy year in a lot of other ways. A lot of art happened. A lot of travel. A lot of date nights. And, a heck of a lot of KonMari. Not to mention a weird and hectic work year.

I did finish my Cybils Shortlist Challenge. I did read 6 books from my stacks, an improvement over my normal 4 but nowhere near the 12 I always hope for. I suspect 2016 will be a better from the stacks year since we’ll be moving into a new library system. We also did pretty well with audiobooks this year – 17! Thank you Glenview Public Library, (Overdrive and Hoopla were super helpful.)

I feel like I read more non-fiction this year – 72 seems like an awful lot, doesn’t it? For me, at least.

I read a ton of children’s fiction because of JMP, obviously. I hope to do more of that next year.

I put 85 books on my “Favorites” list and I quit a LOT of books this year. So many that I can’t even remember them all. I’m adding a “Quits” folder to my GoodReads to track them properly next year. I’m still trying to get through Bleak House and I started the Miniaturist and had to return it to the library before I was even half-way — I’ll try to pick that up again next year.

I don’t think I’m going to set any specific goals for next year — except to read all of the Cybils + more books from my stacks. Next year is going to be seriously hectic (again) so non-fiction and audio will save me.

Reading In December

Not bad, all things considered. And, even better, I finished the Cybils shortlist challenge without scrambling at the last minute to do so. That’s an accomplishment!

24 books total

2 were audio

10 from the Cybils shortlist

3 were graphic novels (ya/middle grade)

And, of course, a whopping 9 non-fiction books this month.

Reading In November

I just realized I never did the monthly update post for last month. Probably because it was a slightly forgettable month. Just 14 books, total. Bah humbug

2 were cybils
1 was an auidobook
1 was a Kindle book
1 was YA
6 were non-fiction (and two of those were cookbooks.)

Ho hum.

Reading in October

Yay for #Readathon and also for playing catch up on books I actually read in September. haha. Grand total: 36!

20 of them were for the Cybils shortlist.

Only 1 was audio.

2 were non-fiction.

1 was YA.

A pretty boring month, except for #readathon and the progress on the Cybils list. Let’s hope November is better…

Reading In September

It was a bad month for reading. It was a bad month for everything. Whatever. Actually, it wasn’t quite as bad as it’s going to look in this post. I did read some more things, I just didn’t track them on my blog, for a lot of reasons. I’ll catch up this weekend and just count them for October. Which will make October a very, very good month for reading. Whatevs.

Total: 10

Audio: 1
Cybils: 5
YA: 6
Non-Fiction: 4

Oh boy.

Reading In August

Not bad, considering it was birthday month and a really weird work month. I made a lot of Cybils progress and even read one from my stacks. Yay.

22 Total

1 from my stacks
13 were from the Cybils shortlist
3 were audio
4 were non-fiction

I need another 20+ book month to take me into October (when it will be #readathon month!)

Reading In July

All things considered (KonMari and BlogHer15) this wasn’t a bad reading month. It totally could have been worse and I’m surprised it wasn’t. Yay, July!

I read 15 books.

1 was an audiobook.
6 were non-fiction.
3 were YA and those were all Cybil books.

Which is nice, I’m making a lot of progress on Cybils and am hopeful that I won’t be floundering with the list at the end of December, like I did last year.

Reading In June

Woah. July snuck up on me and weirdly enough, I don’t have a feeling about how I did with reading in June. I always go back and look at the books I blogged and my goodreads but I usually have some idea of how I did. I can barely remember what I read last month. Rough, rough month. So let’s see…

I read a total of 23 books. Not a bad month, particularly since I quit two books. (One on audio that was long and dry and the audio jumped and confused us and it was a mess, so we quit. And, one that was non-fiction that I couldn’t bring myself to finish.)

7 were YA
4 were children’s fiction and 2 of those were from my stacks.
4 audios! That’s pretty awesome right there (particularly since I listened to Marie Kondo over and over lol)
12 non-fiction. Oh, all the non-fiction, I remember now.
8 were Cybils.

Good month of reading, even if I didn’t actually remember what I read until I looked back over the month.

July will probably not be such a good month. Conference time = no reading for me.

The KonMari Method and Why We’re Doing It

If you are friends with me on Facebook then you know my new obsession is with Marie Kondo’s The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. The thing is, this book came along at exactly the right time in my life.

Last year at about this time I created a timeline of things to do to prepare for our move in June of 2016. I had planned for us to begin clearing out rooms and stuff, starting in May of 2015. We have so much and we’re busy, not young, and also kind of lazy so there’s no way we could wait til next spring and get rid of things + pack + move. It just would not have worked. We need the full year to prepare.

One reason the KonMari Method is really speaking to me is that I remember what it was like to get rid of a ton of stuff in order to move here. It wasn’t fun. In fact, it was the exact opposite of fun. It was painful. It’s still kind of painful now, seven years later. We left behind things we should not have. We left behind things that brought us joy. We did that and moved to a place that we absolutely did not want to move to. We were leaving behind the big kids who weren’t moving with us. We should have brought as much joy with us as possible, and we did not. It was a hard move.

This time around, we’re moving to a place we DO want to move to but once again, we’ll be leaving kids behind. The little kids won’t be going with us. At all. They’ll be at college, or off living their lives, or doing whatever it is that grown-up kids do when they don’t live with their mommies. And, this is the last batch of kids. The last time we’ll do this. This time — that’s it. HUGE life change.

We are not going to make this move any harder than it’s already going to be. We’re going to bring as much joy into the process of moving as we can. We’re going to bring as much joy with us as possible. We can’t bring along the kids who bring us joy, but we’re sure as hell NOT bringing any “stuff” that doesn’t bring us joy. Nope. Not happening this time.

We’re moving with joy.