Reading In November

It wasn’t a bad month, all things considering — and boy there were a lot of things to consider. I read a lot of really awesome books and a few clunkers. Maybe more than a few — I’m trying not to remember those.

Total for the month was 17.

7 were YA
6 were from the Cybils shortlist (I quit one of those after five minutes of audio. ugh)
4 were audio
4 were non-fiction
2 were lesbian fiction

Yep, pretty darn good month all things considered. I’ll take it.

Reading In October

My numbers look better than it really was because I blogged so many of the August/September children’s books which means I didn’t count them in August/September and get to count them for October. And of course, it was a #readathon month. LOL. Lots of children’s fiction…

41 books total!

28 were from the Cybils shortlist (which is good because I had fallen way behind there.)
Only 1 was YA. Weird, but I read a lot of middle grade stuff, too.
11 non-fiction
2 graphic novels

You’ll notice no audio books — we did finish one audio book but I’m waiting til November to blog it because it’s related to another one we’re listening to now. Blogging them both together makes more sense.

Onward — I really need to finish the Cybils before the holiday season arrives. Wish me luck — I’m going to need it.

Reading In September


It was a children’s books/non-fiction kind of month. Which makes sense. A total of 24 books which sounds better than it really was.

3 audiobooks (all for children)
5 from the Cybils shortlist
11 Non-fiction.
1 adult fiction (which is not something I usually mention because duh but in this case, have to mention it since I really read so little this month.

I’m also still catching up a bit from the books I read with JMP while he was here. Since I haven’t been able to blog them, I’m going to count them in October even though we read them in September. It would be too complicated to do otherwise.

I really need to catch up on the book blogging… that’s my real October goal, I think?

Reading In August

Oh boy. Good thing I planned to NOT read very much in August because man, I really didn’t read much.

17 total.

5 non-fiction
1 graphic novel
1 YA
6 children’s fiction
3 were Cybils
1 was queer
1 audio

Sheesh. Must read more — even if it’s more children’s fiction.

Reading in July

All things considered, this wasn’t a bad reading month. It wasn’t great but with an entire week of non-reading (BlogHer ’14) I’m pretty pleased with how it went.

15 Total

2 – Audio
1 – LGBT
2 – Non-Fiction
7 – Cybils
5 – Graphic Novels (these were all YA graphic novels)

Not bad at all. I’m looking forward to August where I see a lot of non-fiction and a lot of children’s fiction/cybils in my life.

Reading In April

Thank goodness for #readathon, without it my totals would have been less than great which doesn’t bode well for my goal for the year. Oops.

I read a total of 21 books this month. (I’ve got four still in progress, including an unpublished draft of a friend’s book that I started today and an audio book. That’s a lot of in progress books for me — I’ve usually only got two going at once, one audio and one not!)

Eight were from the Cybils shortlist.
Two were audio.
One was non-fiction.
Four were graphic novels.
One was from my stack.
Six were children’s/middle grade and six were YA.

Must do better in MAY! Seriously.

Bleak House Is Bleak

OK so I decided to re-read Bleak House after seeing one of Raych’s posts about re-reading it. She made me laugh so I decided what the hell. I haven’t read it in more than 30 years, I only barely remember it, I should read it again. Others should read it with me. It will be fun.

I reserved it from the library and started reading it during jury duty. Bad decision since I was already pretty grouchy about the jury duty.

I read a few more pages and then just put it down in favor of all the other books. Then, it had to go back to the library and I found I was sad about that.

So, I downloaded a free copy to my Kindle and I’ve been reading a page or two here or there… only to find that I had downloaded only a PARTIAL copy of the fucking thing. I wasn’t even all the way through the chapter telling us about The Ghost Walk when the book ended. WTF.

So I went and found another free copy and installed that on my Kindle. Kind of depressing though because not only is Bleak House very bleak, though it does have it’s good moments, I’m only on page 98 of … 788. Talk about bleak. I might finish this by Christmas.

Reading in March

I only read 20 books, again. I thought it was going to be a much better month than that since I read so many Kindle books and had a half day of jury duty to read. But, the other work/life stress got in the way so I lost reading hours late in the month.


It was also the month of non-fiction, for some reason. That slowed things down considerably. Here’s the breakdown.

2 were from the Cybils shortlist.
2 were audio.
9 were non-fiction
3 were Kindle books and were also From My Stacks
2 were Graphic Novels
3 were YA
1 was Children’s fiction

Several of these were also from a series I’d previously read and since one of my goals is to catch up on series — I did a good job of that.

Onward to April. With #readathon this month, I should be able to get close to doubling this number. Fingers crossed!

Reading in February

I read 20 books in February, which isn’t a bad number for a short, hectic month. I’ve got three in progress, (one print, one audio, one on my Kindle.)

The breakdown looks like this:

2 Audio
7 Cybils
11 were books in a series that I was keeping up with/catching up with.
1 Non-fiction
4 Graphic Novels
14 were YA/Children’s/Middle Grad books.

None from my stacks, though the Kindle book in progress is so I’ll have at least one for that category next month.

Good month, with a lot of very good books.

Reading In January

January is off to a pretty good start, in terms of number of books read and trying to meet my reading challenge goals.

I read 25 books in January 2014.

Here’s the breakdown:

2 – Audio
4 – Non-fiction
6 – Graphic Novels
8 – YA/Children
1 – Queer
2 – Cybils Shortlist
1 – From the Stacks
7 – Sequels or Prequels

Not a bad start at all.