Reading in January

This was a pretty good month for reading, particularly since I was sicker than I’ve been in ages, for the first couple of weeks of the month. And, I started a new job. And, I did a lot of stuff that didn’t involve lying around and reading.

10 books total. Not bad, not bad at all. Really not bad when I look at what I read. I read some good stuff!

2 audiobooks
3 non-fiction
1 middlegrade fiction
1 that might or might not have been YA. (I don’t think it was, but I’m noting it just because)

Reading in December

Welp. 17 books for the month. Pretty darn good, all things considered.

11 were Cybils.
6 were non-fiction.
1 was an audiobook.

Ho hum.

Reading in November

Welp. Down to the wire. Whatever my overall goal was for the year, I’m not gonna make it. But, let’s look on the bright side — November wasn’t a bad month for me. Not bad at all.

Total Read: 11

Non-fiction: 3
Cybils Shortlist: 6 (mostly YA but some middle grade)

We are listening to the longest audiobook, ever. OMG so long… we may never finish it…

Reading in October

It was another one of those weird months — this one was exceptionally weird since I traveled three times and that hasn’t happened in forever. And, of course, I don’t read much while I’m traveling. So. I’m going to need another couple of #fakereadathon days. (Speaking of which, we missed #readathon again. Sigh. It’s been a rough year. Next year will be better!) Onward…

Total read: 8

5 were from the Cybils shortlist
4 were graphic novels
1 was an audiobook
1 was non-fiction


Reading in September

No complaints from me, this month, on the reading front. It’s pretty much what I expected it to be and I’m good with that. I am pretty sure this will be the first year that I don’t actually complete the Cybils Shortlist Challenge… ugh. But, let’s not think of that right now. Let’s look at the numbers for the month.

Total: 20

Audio: 1
YA: 6
Children’s: 8
Cybils: 12
Graphic Novels: 3 (quit one)
Queer: 1
Non-Fiction: 2 (quit one)

The quits, man. Those were rough… October will be questionable due to all of the travel on my calendar. I’ll be lucky to finish 10. (Forget the Cybils challenge, my EOY numbers are going to be pathetic, lol.)

Reading in July

It was a better month for reading but not nearly as good as I’d hoped. The RNC and DNC got in the way, darn it. Also, the social life. Goodness, the social life!

I read 9 books.

1 was an audiobook
2 were non-fiction
4 were middle grade/YA
3 were Cybils

In August, we’re doing a fake #readathon and that should help. Hopefully.

Reading in June

Lol. This is getting ridiculous.

I read three books in June. THREE. THREE. How can that even be possible? Remember when 13 was a not great month for me? Whatever, I’m going to have a better reading month in July. Seriously.

1 was an aduiobook
1 was non-fiction
1 was HORROR

(Interestingly, two of the three books were written by blogger friends. Funny how that worked out.)

Reading in May

Just when I think it can’t get any worse, it does.

I read six books in May, which is a lie since one of those books I actually read in April and didn’t blog it in time for the end of month recap. Another one of those books we listened to on audio and had about half of the last disc to go before the end. So, yea. Reading in May sucked as much as all of the other months — probably more since one of the books this month was really crummy and I should have just quit it.

I cannot wait to get into more of a normal routine so that I can start reserving books at the library that I actually want to read rather than just grabbing any old thing from the shelves at our libraries.

Total: 6

1 audiobook
1 Cybil Challenge
1 Ya
1 Middle grade fiction
1 non-fiction

Reading in April

As expected, reading in April was the PITS. It’s impossible to read when you’re packing up a house to move, when you’re actually moving, and when you’re unpacking at your new home. After several days of not reading at all, I cracked open a box of books in our office and found… all children’s picture books. I cracked open another box and found cookbooks and… a book about the first season of Survivor (a season I’ve never seen) and was so desperate to read, that I read it. That’s how it was in April. Oh, and we started a lot of books while in Chicagoland that we never finished before they had to go back to the library. I have four books started that I will have to reserve at our new library (if I ever manage to get a library card, gah!)

So here’s how bad it was:

Total read: 4 (well really 5 but since I never managed to blog the 5th, we’re not counting that until next month.)

3 were non-fiction
1 was YA and it was a Cybil

Lord, I need to get my life in order so I can get back to books. We missed the April #readathon and I think we need a #fakereadathon in July to make up for it. (I say July because we’re still unpacking in May and we have a trip to Chicagoland to take. Then, in June we go to NY for the birth of the pumpkin and I think we’re planning a housewarming party so… yea, July.)

Reading in March

Oh, look. A month ended while we were traveling and I almost forgot to count my books for March.

12 books, total. LOL. And here I was thinking it wasn’t a bad month for reading. Hahahaha. I may never have a good month again. Maybe in October, if we can manage #Readathon. (Speaking of which, we’re gonna have to skip spring #Readathon in April. *Sniff*) One good thing about the month, I did get some more books from the Cybils challenge crossed off. That’s a good thing.

1 was an audiobook
2 were graphic novels
Only 2 non-fiction (wow)
6 were YA
7 were from the Cybils shortlist