Reading in April

As expected, reading in April was the PITS. It’s impossible to read when you’re packing up a house to move, when you’re actually moving, and when you’re unpacking at your new home. After several days of not reading at all, I cracked open a box of books in our office and found… all children’s picture books. I cracked open another box and found cookbooks and… a book about the first season of Survivor (a season I’ve never seen) and was so desperate to read, that I read it. That’s how it was in April. Oh, and we started a lot of books while in Chicagoland that we never finished before they had to go back to the library. I have four books started that I will have to reserve at our new library (if I ever manage to get a library card, gah!)

So here’s how bad it was:

Total read: 4 (well really 5 but since I never managed to blog the 5th, we’re not counting that until next month.)

3 were non-fiction
1 was YA and it was a Cybil

Lord, I need to get my life in order so I can get back to books. We missed the April #readathon and I think we need a #fakereadathon in July to make up for it. (I say July because we’re still unpacking in May and we have a trip to Chicagoland to take. Then, in June we go to NY for the birth of the pumpkin and I think we’re planning a housewarming party so… yea, July.)

Reading in March

Oh, look. A month ended while we were traveling and I almost forgot to count my books for March.

12 books, total. LOL. And here I was thinking it wasn’t a bad month for reading. Hahahaha. I may never have a good month again. Maybe in October, if we can manage #Readathon. (Speaking of which, we’re gonna have to skip spring #Readathon in April. *Sniff*) One good thing about the month, I did get some more books from the Cybils challenge crossed off. That’s a good thing.

1 was an audiobook
2 were graphic novels
Only 2 non-fiction (wow)
6 were YA
7 were from the Cybils shortlist

Reading in February

I’m pretty pleased with February’s reading, all things considered. And believe me, there were all the things to be considered.

8 total

2 were audiobooks
2 non-fiction
1 graphic novel
4 were from the cybils shortlist

Go me. Let’s hope I can do at least as well in March, since there will be all the things to consider, again.

Reading in January

It wasn’t a great reading month for me. Too many work things to deal with. Too many hours spent staring at Zillow, hah.

Six books. SIX. Lord.

Two were non-fiction (one of those was from my stacks.)
One was audio.
The rest were adult fiction.

Ho hum. February probably won’t be much better.

Reading in 2015

Either I didn’t track all of my books properly in GoodReads or I didn’t track them properly here. I dunno. GoodReads said I only read 222 books but my blog tracking says I read 233. Either way, it wasn’t the best year of reading for me. I normally hit 250 and I always try to hit 300. Darn it.

It’s ok though since this was a busy year in a lot of other ways. A lot of art happened. A lot of travel. A lot of date nights. And, a heck of a lot of KonMari. Not to mention a weird and hectic work year.

I did finish my Cybils Shortlist Challenge. I did read 6 books from my stacks, an improvement over my normal 4 but nowhere near the 12 I always hope for. I suspect 2016 will be a better from the stacks year since we’ll be moving into a new library system. We also did pretty well with audiobooks this year – 17! Thank you Glenview Public Library, (Overdrive and Hoopla were super helpful.)

I feel like I read more non-fiction this year – 72 seems like an awful lot, doesn’t it? For me, at least.

I read a ton of children’s fiction because of JMP, obviously. I hope to do more of that next year.

I put 85 books on my “Favorites” list and I quit a LOT of books this year. So many that I can’t even remember them all. I’m adding a “Quits” folder to my GoodReads to track them properly next year. I’m still trying to get through Bleak House and I started the Miniaturist and had to return it to the library before I was even half-way — I’ll try to pick that up again next year.

I don’t think I’m going to set any specific goals for next year — except to read all of the Cybils + more books from my stacks. Next year is going to be seriously hectic (again) so non-fiction and audio will save me.

Reading In December

Not bad, all things considered. And, even better, I finished the Cybils shortlist challenge without scrambling at the last minute to do so. That’s an accomplishment!

24 books total

2 were audio

10 from the Cybils shortlist

3 were graphic novels (ya/middle grade)

And, of course, a whopping 9 non-fiction books this month.

Reading In November

I just realized I never did the monthly update post for last month. Probably because it was a slightly forgettable month. Just 14 books, total. Bah humbug

2 were cybils
1 was an auidobook
1 was a Kindle book
1 was YA
6 were non-fiction (and two of those were cookbooks.)

Ho hum.

Reading in October

Yay for #Readathon and also for playing catch up on books I actually read in September. haha. Grand total: 36!

20 of them were for the Cybils shortlist.

Only 1 was audio.

2 were non-fiction.

1 was YA.

A pretty boring month, except for #readathon and the progress on the Cybils list. Let’s hope November is better…

Reading In September

It was a bad month for reading. It was a bad month for everything. Whatever. Actually, it wasn’t quite as bad as it’s going to look in this post. I did read some more things, I just didn’t track them on my blog, for a lot of reasons. I’ll catch up this weekend and just count them for October. Which will make October a very, very good month for reading. Whatevs.

Total: 10

Audio: 1
Cybils: 5
YA: 6
Non-Fiction: 4

Oh boy.

Reading In August

Not bad, considering it was birthday month and a really weird work month. I made a lot of Cybils progress and even read one from my stacks. Yay.

22 Total

1 from my stacks
13 were from the Cybils shortlist
3 were audio
4 were non-fiction

I need another 20+ book month to take me into October (when it will be #readathon month!)