Telegraph Avenue

It took us months to get all the way through Telegraph Avenue on audio. It was good but oh so very long. SO VERY LONG.

The Unlikely Hero of Room 13B

Again, we were in need of an audiobook and I had to just pick one from the shelf. The Unlikely Hero of Room 13B was an excellent choice.

POOR Adam! Also, what a great kid. All of the characters were well written but Adam especially so. I’m not sure whether the author has written anything else but you can bet I’ll be checking. I really enjoyed this story.

Journey to Munich

Yay, Maisie Dobbs! Journey to Munich was pretty excellent – particularly the ending. Heh. I was hoping that was going to happen… and it did.

I’m looking forward to seeing what happens next, (though it’s going to be pretty depressing what with the whole WWII thing happening. Ugh.)

The View from Mount Joy

We were in need of an audiobook and we’d either read everything that caught my eye or we would probably never want to read things that caught my eye. The View from Mount Joy looked like something we might have read and it looked like something we probably wouldn’t hate, so I grabbed it.

I mostly liked it. TW hated the main character but I thought he was OK. He was flawed and douchey but that’s how teen boys and men can be. It’s part of their societal makeup but he mostly overcame all of that. Mostly.

All in all, a perfectly fine audiobook while we waited for Maisie Dobbs to arrive.


When it was time to leave Chicagoland, we were on the last disc of the audio version of Dumplin’. Grrr. So frustrating, particularly since it wasn’t available on Overdrive or Hoopla. HMPH.

But, we got lucky because the first thing I did when I picked up my Alachua County Library card was to head for the audiobooks and guess what was there waiting for us? DUMPLIN’!


We finished it today. It was awfully cute but it kept giving me Dolly Parton earworms. (Also, I would have liked to know who won, darn it.) And, I’ll be honest and say that I didn’t expect the Willowdean in the beginning of the book to be the Willowdean in the middle of the book. And, I can’t decide if that’s good or not good.

I really don’t like it when teenagers have their acts TOO much together. It doesn’t ring true. So when the book started and Willowdean had her act together, I was skeptical. And for awhile there, I thought maybe the shift that seemed to occur was too big of a shift. But, as I thought more about it – it made more sense to me that she would have started to struggle more, or admit the struggle, with her body image as she got older, had to deal with changes in her friendships, relationships with boys, and the loss of her aunt. Makes total sense. I think.

Carry On

I was looking for audiobooks to take with us to Florida and noticed a new Rainbow Rowell book, so I reserved it. We started listening to Carry On and we were immediately confused. It sounded like a sequel and I hate reading books out of order.

Turns out it’s not a sequel, it’s just a book about fictional characters from her previous book (which I didn’t actually realize existed.) So, we went ahead and listened to it. Harry Potter fan fic type of thing. It was amusing, as Rowell’s books are, and a good choice for the car ride.

Listen, Slowly

We listened to Listen, Slowly on audio and at the beginning, I wasn’t loving it. I didn’t really like Mai. But, it grew on me and in the end I decided that I really liked it. And Mai.

The Curse of the Wendigo

I reserved The Curse of the Wendigo in audio, right before we went on our house hunting trip. It seemed like it would be a fun book to listen to, the Gainesville connection and all that. But, it didn’t arrive til we got home. (Figures, right?)

Oh boy. This was one hell of a graphic horror novel — I wasn’t expecting that. I mean, I know we read the first book a zillion years ago but I do not remember it being like this. I even wondered a few times if I was wrong and this wasn’t a YA series because it was… wow. Shudder. Don’t read it if you have scary monster kind of nightmares, sheesh.

Read it if you like good writing and interesting characters, because it has both.

The Jesus Cow

We listened to The Jesus Cow on the way to Florida for the last great house hunt. The worst thing about it was that it was short. We finished it just as we reached our hotel in Manchester, TN on the first night of the trip. The best thing about it was the cow. Born on Christmas. With the face of Jesus on his hide.

I didn’t love the end, but I saw it coming so maybe that means it was the right ending?

The Woman Who Walked In Sunshine

I love me some #1 Ladies Detective Agency (on audio) and really enjoyed The Woman Who Walked In Sunshine except… I was afraid AMS was trying to kill off Mma Ramotswe. TW kept telling me I was dumb but I didn’t believe her til the very, very end, lol. Maybe it’s because we had just listened to the “killing” of Dexter? (Though I absolutely wanted him dead – more dead than he was there at the end, actually. Which is possibly a spoiler. Oops?)

I also did not really find the explanation about why Mma Makutse did what she did with Mr Polopetsi… that just didn’t seem quite right. I dunno.