Listen, Slowly

We listened to Listen, Slowly on audio and at the beginning, I wasn’t loving it. I didn’t really like Mai. But, it grew on me and in the end I decided that I really liked it. And Mai.

The Curse of the Wendigo

I reserved The Curse of the Wendigo in audio, right before we went on our house hunting trip. It seemed like it would be a fun book to listen to, the Gainesville connection and all that. But, it didn’t arrive til we got home. (Figures, right?)

Oh boy. This was one hell of a graphic horror novel — I wasn’t expecting that. I mean, I know we read the first book a zillion years ago but I do not remember it being like this. I even wondered a few times if I was wrong and this wasn’t a YA series because it was… wow. Shudder. Don’t read it if you have scary monster kind of nightmares, sheesh.

Read it if you like good writing and interesting characters, because it has both.

The Jesus Cow

We listened to The Jesus Cow on the way to Florida for the last great house hunt. The worst thing about it was that it was short. We finished it just as we reached our hotel in Manchester, TN on the first night of the trip. The best thing about it was the cow. Born on Christmas. With the face of Jesus on his hide.

I didn’t love the end, but I saw it coming so maybe that means it was the right ending?

The Woman Who Walked In Sunshine

I love me some #1 Ladies Detective Agency (on audio) and really enjoyed The Woman Who Walked In Sunshine except… I was afraid AMS was trying to kill off Mma Ramotswe. TW kept telling me I was dumb but I didn’t believe her til the very, very end, lol. Maybe it’s because we had just listened to the “killing” of Dexter? (Though I absolutely wanted him dead – more dead than he was there at the end, actually. Which is possibly a spoiler. Oops?)

I also did not really find the explanation about why Mma Makutse did what she did with Mr Polopetsi… that just didn’t seem quite right. I dunno.

Dexter Is Dead

After the last Dexter (the one I scathingly refer to as Dexter Does Hollywood) I swore I’d never read another Dexter novel. I felt pretty good about that decision until I stumbled across Dexter Is Dead in the library.


We needed an audiobook and if Lindsay killed Dexter off, maybe I could gloat about it and be more satisfied with the ending?

Well. Yea. No. It wasn’t a bad book but I really would rather have not read it. Or the one before it.

But now DEXTER IS DEAD, (he’d better be, for godsake), and it’s over.

The Nightingale Before Christmas

We needed an audio book and none of our audio holds were in so I turned to Hooplah… but the only thing I could find quickly was The Nightingale Before Christmas… so I downloaded it. I figured since I liked that flamingo one all those years ago, (And maybe we’ve also ready another one?), and it was Christmas, then this would be a fine choice.

And it was.

Meg amuses me and so do the rest of the residents of Caerphilly.

In the Unlikely Event

I had no idea Elizabeth, NJ had three plane crashes over the course of a few weeks. How horrendous that must have been. And Judy Blume does an excellent job of fictionalizing the events in In An Unlikely Event.

There are a ton of characters introduced early and that was a little confusing, particularly since I had no idea what the darn book was about when we started listening to it on audio. Once I realized – multiple plane crashes and that’s why all of these people were important, it was easier to follow.

Well done, Judy Blume. Well done.

Shadow Scale

Shadow Scales is the sequel to Seraphina, which we listened to last year on audio (it was on the cybils shortlist.)

It was a very long book on audio but also a very good one. Dragons and half-dragons and lesbian queens and fun stuff like that. I have enjoyed both books but TW particularly likes them. I hope there’s a third book.

Three Children’s Books

Three books, two of them Cybils – one audio or all three audio, depending upon your POV.

Dory Fantasmagory was cute. I’d probably kill her if she were my kid, hah. A combination of all three little kids in one. Hoo… lol

We listened to Chicken Squad: The Second Misadventure on audio before we got the first one (the problem with reserving all the things at once at the library is the first book often comes later than the others in the series, lol.) It was cute. Weird blue chickens are weird and brothers are trouble. 😉

Then, the Chicken Squad: The First Misadventure arrived in print and I read that one and was amused. Squirrels are weird.

The most interesting thing about these three books is that two of them arrived in print, though I reserved the audio versions… then I noticed they both had the audio versions tucked into a pocket in the the back of the book. I like this idea a lot for this reading level.

Secondhand Souls

How I love Christopher Moore. Secondhand Souls was a long time coming but so worth the wait. I actually liked it better than Dirty Job and that’s saying quite a lot.