Lose Weight! Win a Free Cookbook!

Y’all know Carmen, right? Of course you do, everyone knows Carmen.

Since you know her, you know she lost a whole lot of weight and is doing a fantastic job of keeping it off. (That whole keeping it off thing is a lot harder than losing it sometimes.) How did she do it? The smart way. The only way I encourage people to do it. She ate less fatty food.

That’s it, that’s her secret. It isn’t much of a secret but often it takes someone like Carmen to show you the way. Luckily, she’s up for the job and she’s launched a brand new blog called The ELFF Diet.

I don’t like to recommend diets or dieting or anything like that on my blog. In fact I really try to avoid it. But in this case I’m going to do more than recommend her blog and her ideas, I’m going to entice you to go over there and learn from her by offering a prize. One for you and one for Carmen. But you have to work for this prize. (Carmen doesn’t, she’s already done the work and is continuing to do the work by maintaining and by helping others.)

In order to win the prize (and help Carmen also win the prize) you need to go to The ELFF Diet blog and comment on one of her blog posts and be sure to say “Denise said you were smart when it comes to dieting.” That is it, that’s what you have to do. I’ll be checking her comments and she’ll be glad to tell me if you followed directions. Or you can come back here and post a comment to me telling me that you did it.

In two weeks I’ll put all of the names into an empty Cheese Straw box and Michelle Belle will pick one. We’ll post the video of the drawing of the winner ’cause that will be fun, won’t it?

Oh I should tell you what you’ll win, right? You’re going to win a cookbook. A cookbook by a dietitian I have no qualms about recommending any time, The Recipe Doctor, Elaine Magee. It will be your choice – you can either have Fry Right, Fry Light or Comfort Food Makeovers. The one that you do not choose I’ll give to Carmen!

The reason I have selected this prize is because Elaine also believes you can lose weight and be healthier by eating less fatty food. Her recipes help you do just that. She lightens our favorite recipes without losing any of the great taste. She’s a foodie, you can trust her.

What are you waiting for, go check out The ELFF Diet and tell Carmen that I think she’s smart when it comes to dieting!

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  1. I left the required comment. Bring on the cookbook!

  2. Done! It’s a good thing you’re doing here, my friend!

  3. Posted it. I love both her blogs! Thanks!

  4. Too funny….I actually got your site from Carmen’s site….rather than the other way around. Hmmm….does that mean I should come to this site and say: “Carmen said you were smart when it comes to dieting”?…I am glad Carmen linked you to her site! I am really liking what I see on yours as well.
    …the cookbook has my name on it…I can just feel it!! =)

  5. Hi — I’ll go along! Always looking for new cookbooks; soon I will have to rent an apartment all their own.

  6. Well, the girl’s got me eating oatmeal. And no fat pudding at night when I crave a sweet. Great site–and I posted too.

  7. Thanks for the contest!! Can’t wait to drop this pregancy weight in a few months (three months to delivery!!!) xo lyns

  8. Carmen rocks! I love her new site, and I did tell her how smart you think she is. I think her readers agree!


  9. shannon says:

    I got here from carmen too :-) thanks for the contest

  10. mbbored says:

    I heard about this contest from Carmen’s website too. She is such an inspiration and you are so great to tell people about her blog.

  11. As a person gets older, we realize the importance of eating right. I’m there now !!

  12. It’s genuinely very complicated in this busy life to listen news on TV, therefore I only use the web for that reason, and get the latest news.


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