Daily Dose of Blogher – Pheedo

Ages ago the Blog Herald decided to misinterpret the partnership between BlogHer and Pheedo. Yet another example of what I was talking about in my last post.

Yes, Pheedo and BlogHer teamed up to support women bloggers. They did not team up in order to discriminate against male bloggers. The only reason someone could be excluded is if he (or she) chooses not to support BlogHer. If you are excluded then it is your own fault and not the fault of either Pheedo or BlogHer or of men or women.

What is the problem? I mean really. If some ad group teams up with GLBT bloggers, I’m pretty sure they’d let the straight folks into the fun if they wanted to support the gay cause. If some ad group teams up with mommybloggers, I’m sure they’d be happy to let the childfree folks join if they wanted to support the mommyblogger cause. Creating new opportunities for groups is not exclusionary, the attitude of those who do not believe in the cause IS.

Go on, include yourself, we’re happy to have you join us and if you see a BlogHer ad on someone’s – site or feed click it!

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