BlogHer Con 07 – Sketchblogging by Prince J

I have mentioned Prince J attended some BlogHer Con sessions and he enjoyed them very much. He enjoyed doing some “sketchblogging” during the sessions.

The panel at the top of the page is his rendition of the panelists for the Does the Blogosphere Need an Intolerance Intervention? session. I particularly love the weapons. Nice touch. Can you guess which panelist is which? (Tish Grier, Laina Dawes, Liz Henry and Kathyrn Thompson were on the panel.)

The panel at the bottom of the page is his rendition of the panelists for the The Art of Food Blogging session. I wasn’t in the session but I’m somehow doubting the women all wore chef hats. Heh. Now who is who? (Kalyn Denny, Shuna Fish Lydon, Jasmine from Cardamom Addict, Nupur Kittur, Alanna Kellogg and Susan Voisin were the panelists.)



  1. Very cute!!! Maybe you missed the moment when Blogher presented us with our personalized toques (and weapons).

  2. Very nice drawing of the foodblogger panel. If he drew them in the order they were sitting it woud be l-r Nupur, Shuna, Alanna, Susan, and Jasmine. I must have been wandering around the room, which I did a lot of. I know the “Alanna” drawing is wearing white, which is what she was wearing, but I don’t remember what the others were wearing. Obviously those are big stirring spoons and chopping knives they’re holding!