I could totally vote for McCain

I agree with Senator McCain and fully support his belief that gay folks should be able to create legal contracts and partnerships that give them the same legal rights as hetero couples. I think that Ellen and other gay folks who are all bent out of shape because they aren’t allowed to sit at the special “married” table are asking to sit at a table that’s not worth sitting AT.

Marriage is screwed up. It’s been screwed up for centuries.

What we need are the same legal protections, the same tax breaks, the same insurance opportunities and the same RIGHTS as heterosexuals. From there, you make your own “celebration”, just like Ellen says she was planning to do long before it became “legal” to celebrate.

Quit getting all bogged down in the word “marriage”. You’ve got a Republican who agrees that you should have the same legal rights as heteros.

Yep, I could vote for McCain and I just might. (Thanks for tweeting Lelonopo!


  1. You make a good point. I don’t know that I would get married again, even if it were legal nationwide. I do, however, know that I want the same legal rights as the heteros.

    That being said, I still haven’t decided yet who will get my vote.

  2. I’m thinking back to when we were married, or the prior to. And I’m thinking at least for me… I had no clue, it was truly some version of Carly Simon’s ‘That’s The Way I’ve Always Heard It Should Be.’

    I’ve never asked you – or probably anyone – this question before, but will toss it out.

    In the time proceeding up to and including your choice to marry way back when… what was your outlook? Did you have more of a clue than me?

    I didn’t ponder what marriage truly means, what it takes to make a partnership work, whether the state should be in the business of sanctioning marriage. Hell, I forgot to get the license (doesn’t that sound like me?), and we had to apply for a waiver to get married (by a minister) on the chosen date.

    I had no idea what a relationship was all about then. And now that I’ve a great deal of opinion and personal preference on the subject – I’m no longer interested.

  3. Um, that should say ‘preceding.’ Duh.

  4. me too Denise….depending on the VP choice, I’ve been leaning that way for a while….I don’t even believe this issue is worth being on the platform for either party…way down on the food chain for me!

  5. Your views on marriage are fascinating. I never considered any of this until now.

  6. Well we could tax everyone at the same rate regardless of marital status- as a single person I am tired of being penalized. If we had universal health care for all we wouldn’t need to fight over health benefits.

    And all of that said I would not vote for McCain and I do think the LGBTQ community should have legal rights as well as a right to call their legal partnerships anything they would like to including a marriage.


  7. Howdy –

    I will vote McCain if Obama is the candidate for democrats. I have always been a democrat but Obama is a social democrat and also a black nationalism. Social democrat believe in closing the borders, no fighting against the terrorist, anti Americans and opposed to free enterprise. While black nationalism folks hate Caucasian’s are anti semite and hate Americans. What a good combination!

    Michelle and Barack are both racist. Yet everyone that tried to ask Obama questions about what he would do if President…he would back up and say you are a racist such as he did against Ferraro. His plan for Change for America is almost the carbon of Roosevelt New Deal….Roosevelt was a social democrat.

    Obama is a racist and elitist. Who ever votes for him will be blamed for his presidency after everyone sees how bad a president can be.

    He and Michelle knew that their Pastor Wright from the Trinity United Church of Christ went with the bigot Louis Ferrakhan to Libya to meet with Moammar Khadafy.

    We are all in trouble if Obama wins. The only problem that I see with Hillary is that she just did not have all the facts to fight against Obama. All the facts about Obama will come out later. Such as the expected paper that Michelle wrote for her senior thesis that was racist and against Americans.

    The media who put Obama as their golden boy are already stating that they were biased against Hillary and Bill but not against Obama and Michelle.

    I am swinging all my vote to McCain and will help him win. There are over 100 democrats that I have been working with who I will now tell them who I am voting for and campaign for McCain.