I Am Creating Jobs For USA — Are YOU?

We went to Starbucks this morning, it is Wednesday after all. I was extra excited about going because I knew I was going to be helping to create jobs for the USA. I knew this not just because I saw a press blurb about it last week but also because I sat in on a conference call with Starbucks CEO, Howard Schultz (and led by BlogHer Co-Founder, Lisa Stone).

I always make small contributions to whatever charitable program Starbucks is promoting in their stores. It’s what I do. Starbucks gives me my Quad Grande Non-Fat Caramel Macchiato three days a week (and on holidays and special occasions) and I support causes they ask me to support. It’s the least I can do, really. And I have found that every single cause Starbucks has promoted has been one that I’d be happy to support.

HIV, Fresh Water, Literacy. Yep, Yep, Yep.

Creating Jobs for USA. DEFINITELY.

So I bought ten wristbands this morning and chatted about the program with my baristas who thought it was extra cool that I’d been in a conference call with Howard, heh.


Those ten wristbands cost $50. That’s less than I spend at Starbucks in two weeks (less than I spend at Starbucks in one day if all of the kids are home on a coffee day.) That $50 goes an awful long way:

          Every $5 = $35

          $50 x $35 = $1,750

It takes $20,000 to create (and sustain) one new job. My contribution HELPED and yours can too.

You don’t have to buy 10. Just buy one if that’s all you can afford or all you choose to give. That’s one quad grande nonfat caramel macchiato… it’s worth it.

(If you’re a small business owner or considering starting a small business – you should consider applying for a loan at Opportunity Finance, which is where the funds being raised by Creating Jobs for USA are going.)

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