Reading Challenges in 2012

No, I’m not just doing the Cybils Short List – though I probably should just stick to what’s easy, shouldn’t I? Heh. But no, what fun would it be to always do only what comes easily?

So here’s what I’m going to do:

          I want to read MORE than 200 books in 2012.

          I want to read MORE than 3 books for the Adoption Reading Challenge.

          I want to read MORE than 6 LGBT books.

          I want to read AT LEAST 12 books From the Stacks (that weren’t purchased in 2012.)

          I want to read AT LEAST 6 books for the Steampunk Reading Challenge but would prefer to read 12.

          Finish The Nancy Drew Challenge. I have 23 left to go and I think I’ve reached the point where I have to start buying Nancy Drews to fill in the holes in my collection. I really want to finish it this year. Wish me luck!

          I want to go back and catch up on some series that I know I’ve fallen behind on.

          I’m going to spend some time looking at the “1001 Books to Read Before You Die” and the “1001 Children’s Books to Read Before You Grow Up”. I’m betting there are some good books lurking in those lists that I never got around to reading. I’m not calling this  a challenge – not really. It’s just something I want to do that will maybe turn into a challenge someday.

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  1. So… there are like three versions of the 1001 books list now. I am just sticking with the original one. Most people who do challenges for it go for a 1% more well read challenge.

    How are you going to get your Nancy Drews? Are you going to buy the online or hunt in the wild?

  2. Here’s what I’m going to do:

    – Take a couple of Advil to stop the headache after reading what YOU’RE going to do.

    Good luck…and ‘read on’ sweet pea! ~Joy xo

  3. You be crazy, woman.

  4. Wowzers…I’d need to read nonstop in order to accomplish a fraction of your goals. And…I signed up for a different Steampunk challenge, but I guess they are all the same (mostly). Good luck to you!

  5. In my single days, I used to love reading, but as I had children and got busier, I have stopped reading novels. The problem is that I get too engrossed and neglect all my other tasks to finish reading the book. :)

    What are your secrets for reading 200 books a year?