Visual Chronicles:

Jenn sent me Visual Chronicles several years ago – for Christmas? Or my birthday? Or something like that. I’ve picked it up a few times and just flipped through it but I’ve never read it all of the way through. I decided to bring it with me to Hawaii since it would be an easy book to read while having a grandbaby – well there’s no grandbaby, yet, but it was easy to read. And fun. And inspiring. So inspiring that I decided to start another new art journal – this one a tag journal, for Johnny Mac Pippin.

I made Jenn take me shopping for supplies. We stopped at a scrapbooking shop in Kailua but didn’t find what I needed. Then we went to Ben Franklin and hit pay dirt. I’ve got tags, I’ve got some embellishments. I’ve started a couple of tags and am pondering some others. Fun stuff.

This might be the best art journal book I’ve read. Lots of interesting ideas and good how-tos.

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