Weapon of Mass Destruction

Our floors are sprinkled with bits and pieces of dead toys. Little fluffy orange bits here, there, and over there too. Little white foamy pieces there, and there and also there. Little blue strings everywhere. EVERYWHERE.

Three toys have bit the dust this week.

An orange fuzzy gecko (that looks like no gecko I’ve ever seen) was first — she started pulling the squeakers out of it while TW was in the hospital and all that’s left is a bit of the head and the tail, the latter of which does still have the plastic bead shaker thingy in it. Funny thing about this toy’s demise, they call it the Invincible Gecko Dog Toy. Invincible my ass. Thankfully I only paid $3 for it on clearance at Petco a couple of weeks ago (I almost bought the super duper 12′ long version for $25, lol.)

She ate an entire Martha Stewart tennis ball and caused me to wonder whether those balls have little rubber band balls in the center… surely not. Surely Martha knows dogs eat these things and those little rubber balls would be bad. Thankfully(?) Skeeter brought me another Martha Stewart tennis ball that she’s working on eating and I could reach my finger inside to see that there is no little rubber ball in there. That’s good. Those little blue threads from the tennis ball all over the floor are not so good. They stick to your socks and to the broom when you’re trying to sweep them up.

Yesterday she demolished one of the first toys we ever bought her — a foamy blue bone with squeakers in both ends. She ate the center piece and was working on the ends when I took them away, afraid she’d swallow the plastic squeakers that were still squeaking.

The toy bin that used to be overflowing with toys is not so overflowing this week. Good thing Christmas is coming, I’m sure Santa will bring her some new toys to eat play with.

(FYI, last month she destroyed another toy that I’m probably going to buy again. We bought a Kong Wild Knots Flamingo at Wilmette Pet last month and she immediately loved that thing. Loved it to death but she really, really loved it. Thankfully, I’ve found it a bunch of places online for less than $10. Impulse pet toy shopping is a bad idea, that thing cost $25 at the pet store! This is a great toy, it looks like a plain ole stuffed animal but it’s got knotted ropes inside which makes puppy chewing fun.)


  1. That flamingo Kong reminds me of Beaker. It’s very Muppet-y.

  2. We once had a puppy when I was a kid who dug up the tile flooring in our bathroom and managed to eat about 4 of the 1-inch tiles. That was a fun vet trip.

    Better on toys than furniture! Do you all “YES” her when she chews on her toys? I love that she’s head of her class!

  3. It’s good she’s chewing dog toys and not upholstery! :)

  4. I forgot how “fun” puppies are.

  5. What is up with that?!