The Rook

When Sassymonkey tells me I should read a book, I almost always listen because she’s almost always right. It sometimes takes me months to actually find the time (or the room on my TBR list) to read what she recommends but I do it. Luckily, the timing was pretty much perfect for her recommendation of The Rook. I reserved it within minutes of her telling me I needed to read it. And, I read it just a couple of days after it arrived at the library. The most frustrating thing was having it ready to read and being too busy, too tired, or to ill to read it.

The opening page is fabulous. The first five pages were so interesting that I kept putting it down to think about what I’d do if I was in THAT position. What choices would I make? How come she did not even THINK about calling the police? I mean really… wouldn’t she have? Was there something underneath it all, maybe a memory or a piece of personality not gone that caused her to never even really consider that as an option? And if that’s true, is she really someone “else” at all?

It’s a fun book, a really fun book. I cannot get enough of Myfanwy Thomas. I need more. Immediately. Or I might just have to read this darn book all over again. And I want more Ingrid, too.


  1. After I finished it I kind of wanted to go back to the beginning and read it again. And I was useless while I was reading it because I didn’t want to do anything else except read it. So much fun.