She’s Great at School… But at Home, Not So Much

The puppy is just like a kid.

Charming and well-behaved at school and a holy terror at home.

I’m a pretty laid-back parent and have a high tolerance for rolling eyes, door slamming and backtalk from kids at home when they’re well-behaved outside of the home. I’ve always been of the mind that kids should feel that it’s ok, even encouraged, to lose their shit at home with the people who will love them even when they’re asshats. Everyone needs to blow off steam and meltdown. Everyone needs a safe place and safe people to test limits and boundaries with.

So yea, I’m laid back.

And maybe that attitude doesn’t really work with puppies?

The puppy goes to her training class and she does what she’s supposed to do, 90% of the time. Even when it’s a relatively new skill or command she grasps the idea quickly — do this, get treat, do this some more, get some more treats. Do this and get a treat at some point, keep doing this and yes the treats will come. Good dog! Yes!

At home, it all goes out the window.

YES! doesn’t necessarily get her attention anymore. Or it will get her attention but she’ll just stretch and yawn and then stand there and look at you. She probably will sit, if she’s sure you have a treat but she takes her sweet ass time about it. She will slowwwwwly jump down off of the bed, when she’s told to (and I do mean slowly, in case you change your mind or forget about her there) but when you’ve rolled over or gotten busy with work, she’ll be right back up there — testing you to see if you’ll make her get down again or let her stay.

I admit it. We’re letting her stay, sometimes.

That whole choosing your battles thing that works with kids, maybe isn’t the best idea for puppies? Oops.