I’m Trying Not to Complain — But Failing

We might not have snow on the ground, or have had any real snow on the ground, but it’s still freaking cold. I’m trying not to complain because it could be worse but it’s still freaking cold.

And I hate it.

I really hate it.

I also hate it when I’m reading Facebook or Twitter or a blog and someone is complaining because it’s too warm and it doesn’t feel like December. That really, really annoys me and it makes it harder for me NOT to complain about how darn cold it is here. Even though, relatively speaking, it’s not that cold.

Which is what I try to hang onto when I’m freezing my ass off. It’s not that cold. It could be worse. It has been worse. It will be worse.

I’m sitting here shivering at my desk, people, and I’m trying not to complain but… It’s cold.


  1. It finally got cold here yesterday. Supposed to stay cold until the weekend. I hate cold weather which is why I live down here. Hate hot weather too but c’est la vie!