The Little Bookstore of Big Stone Gap

I kept seeing The Little Bookstore of Big Stone Gap on the shelf at the library. First on a shelf when you walk in the door. Later on the “recommended” shelf. Then, on the Large Print shelves. It just kept appearing. Since I had an Adriana Trigiani book checked out the last time it jumped in front of me, I took it as a sign and checked it out. Large Print.  

TW’s mom read it and didn’t say anything about it.

TW read it and really liked it. Liked it so much that she bought a copy for Erica, Wild Iris Bookstore co-owner.

I read it and also really liked it. TW did freak me out by telling me that “the store burns down in the end”. I thought she was serious and was really upset about it. TW can be a pain in the butt sometimes. Bookstores should not burn down. People’s houses should not burn down, forcing them to have to replace their books, either.

I can’t decide if the book made me want to own a bookstore or convinced me that I don’t really want to own a bookstore, lol.

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  1. Ok, would I have given it to Erica if it had such a sad ending? And I tell you…we don’t need to own a bookstore. We’ve got one we can meddle with and be at home in.