The Apps: From the Cybils Shortlist

I’m not going to commit to reviewing these next year. Not because they aren’t good, most are. But it doesn’t make sense to me to pay for apps that nobody in my house is going to use after I’ve played with them for a few hours. I’ll have to wait til JMP is stateside (and a little older) before I consider reviewing these again…

But, here’s what I thought about these:

Be Confident in Who You Are – This was my least favorite app. I’m not sure I’ve met a pre-teen or teen who would do much more than roll their eyes at this one.

BoBo Explores Light – This was fun and an app that some of the older kids might want to play with a little bit.

Harold and the Purple Crayon – I didn’t get to review this. I’m not a Harold & the Purple Crayon fan so I put it off til this month, only to find that the app is not available for download in the US. Oh well. 😉

Hildegard Sings – This was amusing but not THAT amusing. I found it a little hard to know which items you could manipulate within the pages so I was just touching everything.

Pat the Bunny – I loved this one. Could be that it’s because I love Pat the Bunny but I don’t think so. I was prepared to DISLIKE this app because in my head you need to be able to touch all of the different textures in the book. Which is true, but this app is so nicely done that it’s fun to interact with. I also love that you can record your own voice reading the book. If only I’d downloaded it on Jenn’s phone while I was in Hawaii… sigh.

The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore – This was a fun book for the iPhone. I won’t be uninstalling it.

The Monster at the End of This Book – I had this one installed before the shortlist came out, it was a free download from Starbucks and that’s the only reason I had the app. I am not a fan of this book so I didn’t expect to like it. I LOVE IT. The big kids all love it. GREAT fun app — better than the book ever was.