Cleaning House

One of my favorite book blogs is… books I done read. I’m giggling just typing that. Totally not your average book blog. (Go look, it’s fine. I can wait.)

Anytime I see a book (that I haven’t read) reviewed there, I feel the urge to read it. Doesn’t matter whether she liked the book or not. I want to read it simply because of the post on this blog. Hell, when she writes about books I have read, I want to read them again. Every. Single. Time.

So, it won’t surprise you that I had to read Cleaning House: One Woman’s 12 Month Experiment to Rid Her Home of Youth Entitlement after seeing the post about it on books i done read.

That’s one hell of a title, isn’t it?

And, here’s where I just say go over to books i done read and read what she says because that’s pretty much what I have to say, too. I don’t do animated gifts so you’re really better off going over there and laughing your way through her review. Really. Go on. It’s fine. It’s also fun.

The entitlement – it is huge. And, it’s a problem. Even when your kids do know how to mow the lawn or clean the bathroom or get jobs when they’re teenagers…

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  1. A) I totally just subscribed to that book blog because, holy crap, that’s funny.

    B) I feel like I don’t need to read the book after her review.