Uh Oh

I just realized, I forgot to blog so I’m blogging. Sort of.

Long work day.

Sadness from Hawaii.

Video of Johnny Mac Pippin rolling over.

My computer died with 7 minutes of Bunheads left unwatched and then the sound wouldn’t come back on.

My inbox is not at zero.

Do we really want to move?

It’s freezing and I’m tired of freezing.

Johnny Mac Pippin needs mittens!

Chris never answers my darn texts.

The prairie dogs ate another set of mini blinds.

And there you have it – my life, in a nutshell — so I guess I blogged after all.

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  1. Your life is the craziest. I can’t imagine living with animals that eat all my stuff.

  2. I hope everything is okay in Hawaii and everyone is in good health. As for the pets I have one and that is about all I can handle…