Girl of Nightmares

I did that thing that I always do at the beginning of the year – I went through my reading list from last year and reserved a few books from series or sequels to books that we’ve read, to try and keep up/catch up. Girl of Nightmares was one of those – the sequel to Anna Dressed in Blood (one of the best kids horror books I’ve read.)

Girl of Nightmares wasn’t as creepy as Anna  Dressed in Blood – not enough scary stuff, too much talking about scary stuff that might or might not happen. And I guess watching an already dead and gone to hell ghost die over and over again, in horrible ways, is not as creepy, scary as reading about very scary ghosties attacking people.  The suicide forest wasn’t even as creepy as I thought it would be – maybe I’ve always pictured the suicide forest differently?

So while it wasn’t nearly as creepy, it was still good. I really liked the addition of Jestine and how it all played out at the end – Anna went where she was supposed to go, I think … now we just have to see what happens with the Order and its asthame…

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  1. Speak of… did you know that Stephenie Meyer has the production rights to Anna Dressed in Blood? They are working on the script now. I think it’s going to be her follow up to Austenland.