So – you know what it’s like… you’ve had some kids and you know you’re not going to have any more. This is the last one.

And the last one outgrows that cute little outfit that someone gave you and you have to decide whether to give it away or save it or take it to a consignment store. *sniff*

And then he outgrows the tiny onesies.

And then she outgrows the swing. And the bouncer. And the crib. And the cute little baby rattles.

*sniff* *sniff* *sniff*

When we came home from taking Jenn and JMP to the airport, someone had (nicely?) cleaned up all of the baby toys. I know whoever did it (my guess would be Rebecca) thought she was doing something nice (and she was) but it made me sad to see everything stacked up in a corner — obviously no longer waiting for JMP to play with them.

*sniff* *sniff* *sniff*

I’m going to have to clean them up — put them away, for reals. And, put away the pack-n-play. And, send the clothes his mom left behind. And, the baby food sitting on the counter.

*sniff* *sniff* *sniff*

Yes, he’s going to come and visit again. Many, many more times. But… it’s still sad.


*sniff* *sniff* *sniff*


  1. *big sniffles* Those toys look so lonely. Here’s to hoping he comes back to use them all again very soon!

  2. WHAAAAAAAA!!!!! ~Joy xo