Who Works Past 7pm on Valentine’s Day?

Me, that’s who.

And as soon as I finish typing this, I have to clean the kitchen and pull together Elly’s lunch and probably pick up some fallen detritus that’s landed in various places and will bug me because I’m so tired right now.

At the end of every week, usually Friday but sometimes Saturday, I look at my calendar for the next week. And I mentally plan out what my week will look like. I also email Darcie, but that’s another issue entirely, and all of my ducks are in a row. This makes me happy. I like a good schedule. I even like a bad schedule as long as there is some sort of schedule.

But lately, all too often, the schedule has gone to total hell and I find myself working til 7pm on a day that I knew was going to be busy but here’s the bad part — all of the things that were on my list to do today, I didn’t do any of them. Not one. Which means all of those things are still to be done – sometime. When, I do not know since there doesn’t seem to be an extra day tucked into this week to help me out.

I’m going to have to do a better job of scheduling stuff. Or I’m going to have to start scheduling some “Surprise!” stuff into my week to prevent this sort of thing from happening. Yea, that’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to schedule two hours of “Surprise!” work into my days and then create a to do list of stuff that can be done when it turns out there’s no “Surprise!” work to be done.

That will totally work, right?


  1. hey you made a to do list for the day, that’s something to be proud of! i hope you guys had a great valentines day even though you had to work late.