Young House Love

Almost a month ago, I Chatter/Tweeted asking people about the first blogs they read and whether they still read them — someone came along and mentioned Young House Love, a blog I’ve read a few times but never consistently.

The next day, I went to the library and there on the shelf was the Young House Love book. It seemed like fate so I checked it out. (How often does that happen to you? It happens to me quite a lot…)

The book was fun, a little more crafty/decorate-y than I expected and not as much home repair/renovation but still fun. Their IKEA LACK Hacks made me consider running out to IKEA to buy a few more LACKS. (Instead, I’ll just wait and buy a half dozen or so right before we move and we’ll see about doing some fun stuff with them in our new house.)

It’s a pretty nice book to just have on hand and I’m considering sending a copy to Michelle-Belle. If we’d had that when she was fixing up her apartment… and more time to fix up the apartment… there’s cool stuff in there.

It was fun to flip through and talk to TW about. (I was especially glad that we agreed about the various types of door hooks.)