Gone Green

I’m sick. Too sick to type anything that’s very interesting, which is too bad because I actually have a wee blogging calendar and I was supposed to write something really interesting today. If I was good, I’d write it anyway and you’d never know I was sick at all.

But I’m not good. I’m sick, sick, sick, sick.

Do you remember the Dr. Seuss book…. Silly Sammy Slick Sipped Six Sodas and Got Sick, Sick, Sick? That was one of my favorite pages in that book and while I did not sip six sodas to get sick, I have been sipping more soda than usual because coffee tastes like ass and food doesn’t taste much better so a can of orange soda here, a can of dr pepper there, some bottled lipton tea, some hot ginger tea from time to time. And a ton of water.

I’m hydrating but that’s not helping much.

At least the stuff that occasionally drips out of my nose isn’t green. And I’m not coughing up much of anything and what’s there is definitely not green.

I have started feeling green around the gills today, though. That queasy feeling on day three of the flu? Not going to barf anything (green or otherwise) but I’m definitely feeling green and not in the new, spring green sort of way, either. Maybe I’ll go eat something and I’ll feel better? I can always hope, right?


  1. oh, I sure hope you feel better! last thing I caught from the boys caused deep chest coughing that sounded like lungs were going to be expelled. and enough snot to fill jars. i also got the queasies but I think that was from all the post nasal drip. are you better?