Brew to a Kill

I was in a reading rut so I figured a cozy about coffee might help. It didn’t. It took me days and days and days to read Brew to a Kill.

It was amusing in places. Slow in others. At first I thought I knew “who dun it” but then decided I was wrong. Turns out I was right after all.

The best part of the story was the food truck storyline — you’d think it would have been the coffee/coffee house setting, right? Nope. Food trucks. Food trucks are fascinating. (I priced food trucks a couple of days ago, lol. Anyone want to go into the Food Truck biz with me?)

We could have a Balikbayan Box food truck, lol, (which was also an interesting, to me, part of the story — the Filipino references, that doesn’t happen often in cozies.)