That Didn’t Go As Expected…

Since Lola had been in her crate for a couple of hours while we did round one of our errands, I suggested we take her and Skeeter with us when we went to the Navy Base/Jewel. We could stop at the big dog park and let her run around in the training pen — and get an idea of how she might do off-leash in the big park.


She got sick all of the back seat when we were about 100 yards from the park. Undigested and barely chewed dog treats from two hours earlier. I am thinking we won’t give her that kind of treat again.

Skeeter was very excited to be at the park and did not understand why it was taking us so long to get in there and take her leash off. She was wholly unamused that we were going to try to keep her on the leash for even a second longer than necessary. So, I released her and off she went.

Lola was… overwhelmed. Barking. Hair raised. Confused by what was going on. But we made our way, 50 yards or so, to the little pen and took her in. We called Skeeter to come in, too — and she did, but she brought some sort of little bulldog type of dog with her. We could not manage to keep skeeter in and the bulldog out, so I just closed him in with us. His people didn’t mind.

Once I closed the gate, TW unleashed Lola and… off she went, for the gate and slipped through the opening between the gate and the fence post.


We thought we might round her up and try the second small training area because there wasn’t a gap between the fence and the gate but there was a huge gap under the gate. No way that was going to keep her in and by then, she was off sniffing the people and the dogs and following Skeeter around.

So, we shrugged and started walking.

Dangerous since she hasn’t been spayed and she’s not done any work with us on recall, really.

But, it went very well. She’s a little afraid of big dogs and black dogs and she wasn’t interested in going very far from us — not even to follow Skeeter down a path or into a mud bath. And, she doesn’t really love mud baths (yet). It wasn’t til we were pretty much done that she decided to follow Skeeter into this little mudhole.

It was a good, (too short for Skeeter’s liking), trip. Even though she got sick again on the ride home.

Gah. I really hope she’s not a car-sick kind of dog and it was just nerves and treats that didn’t set well…