My Month in Numbers July 2013

For the last (insert time period) I’ve been sharing a monthly to do list over on It’s helped me get things done, it’s been fun seeing other people’s lists and learning new things from those. But, I think it’s time for me to try something new so I’m going to join My Month in Numbers. This will combine the art journaling that I’ve been enjoying + my compulsive need to create lists. It might even make my life look a little pretty… which would be nice for months that have been anything BUT pretty. Hell, at the very least it will make my life look interesting.

I haven’t figured out exactly how I’m going to do this so the first month is definitely going to be a work in progress. I will probably post updated or update my post as I go along, particularly if I learn something big or make some drastic change to my process.

This first month, I’m going to try using tags because I have a bunch of tags leftover from JMPs tag book and it seems like a good exercise for the first month — and a month that will be really hectic from day one til day 31. I’m also not sure how the photograph part will work for me — it will probably be all dogs, all food, all dogs, maybe a JMP or two and then BlogHer photos. Maybe this will help me do more with a camera than just take puppy/food photos? We shall see, eh?

Now I’m off to surf some My Month in Numbers posts to get some inspiration and some ideas for my posts (and journaling.)

You can join My Month in Numbers, too. If you like. Or you can just heckle me from the sidelines. Whichever… You can also throw in a Ten To Dos in July 2013, in the comments, if you like. I’m still totally interested in those lists! In fact…. take a peek at mine!


  1. omg you think i can read that fast? 😉 i’m going to miss making a list with you thins month. but that’s ok because it’s going to be 10 days of vacation and then 4 days in Chicago and then Vegas beginning of August and then Rhine River dental cruise in September then meeting Elaine and Alan in October in New Mexico oh wait that has nothing to do with lists does it? i think i need to write about nothing. you’re artwork is cute. my pencils are lonely but i gotta pack….