That’s pretty much how it went today. It wasn’t bad, til the Zimmerman verdict (that I expected, but still…) Even my yukky headache eased up after a bit and I got a few things done.

Not a lot, just a few.

But, considering the AC is out in the back of the house — yea, I’ll call that a win.

Except I don’t think tomorrow is going to be much better, even if the AC is repaired.

It’s just a blah kind of time.

On a good note, back to school shopping has begun and I do love office supplies. Heh.


  1. nelle says:

    Sleep. Sounds like a plan, but this verdict inverted my stomach, even if like you, I expected it.

    Meanwhile, maybe tomorrow I’ll figure out this bluetooth headset. Maybe. Hope your Sunday rolls better than today.

  2. Mom of Ali says:

    Yep, blah.

  3. sassymonkey says:

    This time next week I’ll be in Chicagoland and bugging you Live! And in person!. That’s not blah!