A List Just Because I Can

And, because I like lists. So there.

1) Mr Lady says one should not write numbered list blog posts.
2) Mr Lady is full of shit.
3) Lists are awesome.
4) My to do list, however, is so freaking long and complicated that it’s almost enough to make me not like lists anymore.
5) Nah. I really, really like lists.
6) I was thinking about all of the things that made today suck ass — that’s a really horrid list. You don’t want to see that.
7) Then I started thinking about all of the awesome things we’re gonna do when JMP and all the peoples are here. That’s a really cool list. So, here’s a sub-list! (Take that Mr Lady)
a) Kohl’s Childrens Museum
b) One of the zoos — probably Brookfield, since I’ve not been there
c) the Library! We never go to the children’s section and we’re so gonna do that.
d) the darn Sears or Target photo center (because my mother is annoying)
e) coloring and finger painting and tearing paper and gluing it to the things — maybe to boxes!
f) I’m gonna give him an m&m or six. hahah. his mother is gonna be maddddddddd.
8) Ok that’s enough of that. I don’t want to spoil any surprises or anything. You’ll have to wait for the instagrams.
9) But before JMP arrives, we really have to clean the house.
10) And the prairie dogs.
11) I also need to catch up on some reading because I won’t get to read while JMP is here. He’s too distracting.
12) Did you know writing blog posts with numbered lists is a good way to distract yourself from asshattery?
13) Also, it’s a good way to get that post in to keep your blog every day streak going when you’ve had a shit ass day and are tired and don’t really want to write anything (or don’t want to write anything you can actually write.)
14) So there, Mr Lady. So there.
15) Lists are awesome. Blog posts of numbered lists are awesome. I’m tempted to blog an entire month of numbered list posts and send them to Mr Lady all day long. She’d like that, wouldn’t she. Maybe for her birthday (that gives me many months to prepare great list topics… yea, I’m setting an Outlook reminder to do that. Hahaha. I can’t wait. You can join me, if you want… buzz me and I’ll add you to the list of people who are going to bug the hell out of her with numbered list blog posts for her birthday.)


  1. omg, lol.

    Best post ever. VOTY for sure.

  2. Yes. To all of it.

  3. you know me. i like lists. and i love this one. you guys should bring JMP up here for a shoot with Nikki… 😉

  4. Hahahahaha. I *SPARKLE* THIS POST.

  5. One of my list posts with its 3-paragraph intro and 40-item, numbered list was selected as a 2013 VOTY. Guess we now know the selection wasn’t unanimous, MR LADY.

  6. You have to clean the prairie dogs?

  7. The idea of a listblog could very well get me to start blogging again.

  8. I never listen to Mr. Lady. Unless she’s standing in front of me. Then I listen to her. Mostly because I’m scared she’ll shank me if I don’t. But when I am in another country? TOTALLY IGNORING HER. Unless of course she’s reading this. And then I listen to word she says. Always.

    *psst: Numbered list posts are the bestest. Especially yours.
    Pssst again: We don’t clean our prairie dogs. We tend to accidentally run them over. Oops.

  9. Numbered lists! Yes! Also, I’m so looking forward to JMP pictures!

  10. roflmao… I almost added a list to the Manning story, but I had to pull it. My constitution would rebel.

  11. Seriously cracking up. I totally think you should do an entire month of lists! Or do a list of lists you need to list.

  12. Laughed out loud at this post. Like you I have copious lists that never seem to end! I cross one off and then add another 4 things to the do list.

    I know I’m having a bad week when the list includes ‘washing & drying’, ‘polish’, ‘hoover’, steam clean floor’…….

  13. 1) Lists are the best.
    2) I love your list.
    3) Sorry, Mr. Lady!

  14. Top 5 reasons to get on Denise’s blog hop Send Your List Posts to Mr Lady:

    1.) I love community
    2.) I like the SOC of lists
    3.) Lists are a quick, fun read
    4.) Would so love to get under Mr Lady’s craw
    5.) Don’t make that dirty

  15. Coming this way because of Alexandra. I love lists, unless they’re lists of things I should be doing instead of writing. I wrote a pseudo list post about how my love life compares to Jane Austen’s revered romances – like the fact that my husband thought I was homely in the first picture he ever saw of me (you know, “She’s tolerable, I suppose, but not handsome enough to tempt me!”). Not sure if it counts, because it’s not numbered, just facetious subheadings.

  16. I love everything about this. Thanks to Alexandra for the heads up. I think I might play along too. Anything to get a rise outta MrLady!

  17. Yes, so there. Stick it to the list hater. Gonna make my own list, in my own way, BECAUSE I CAN. And I don’t even particularly like lists because the shit that goes on the list always winds up being shit I never finished. I just don’t like being told NOT to make a list.

  18. Put me on that list of the lists…er, something.