Come On Skeeter! Come on Lola!

As I’ve mentioned before, Lola sleeps in her crate in the kitchen – most nights, sort of.

She usually goes right in, all by herself, a good hour before we’re ready to lock her in for the night. Once she’s had her evening cookie and is locked in, six nights out of seven she’ll stay there for exactly four hours and then she’ll bark to be let out.

When it was warm and she barked to be let out, I thought she wanted to go OUTSIDE so I’d get up and take her out. Now that it’s cold, she doesn’t want anything to do with going outside — she wants to go in our room, so I let her in and she lays down on a dog bed and goes to sleep.

Until sunrise. Within two minutes of official sunrise, she’s on the bed licking my face. So — I get up. When it was warm, she got up with me. Now that it’s cold, as soon as I get out of bed, she jumps into my spot and stays there til TW gets up (which can be up to two hours later!)

So yea, Lola sleeps in her crate except when she doesn’t and she forces me out of bed long before I’m ready to get out of bed — most days.

Last night, Lola did not bark to be let out of her crate. I woke up at sunrise myself and realizes there was no Lola. So I rolled over and was just going back to sleep when what do I hear?

Come on Skeeter! Come on Lola!

TW was calling the dogs IN HER SLEEP.

And then what happened? Lola barked to be let out of her damn crate.

So I let her out of her damn crate and what happened?

She jumped on the bed and licked my face so I would get up and she could have MY spot. AGAIN.

I might have pictured someone (or several someones) dead… and thought that on the moon, this would never happen… silly, Merricat. Hmph.