The Shambling Guide to New York City

When TW started reading The Shambling Guide to New York City I noticed the author name on the book and I thought to myself, “that name is familiar, have we read other books that she’s written?” and then I promptly forgot about it until I started reading the book.

Then, all the way through it I wondered WHY that name was so familiar but I didn’t do anything to figure it out. I just kept reading and enjoying the book. A lot.

When I finished, I looked at the back cover. Huh. The books aren’t super familiar but… podcaster. Duh.

Mur Lafferty spoke at BlogHer many years ago and she wrote the Dear Daughter post that I really really like.


If you like zombies and vampires and other demons as well strong female characters — read this one (and look for more Shambling Guides in the future… I will be.)