Words With Friends is pissing me the hell off.

They updated the app again and that always means things are a little wonky at first but this time, it’s so bad I can barely manage to play.

For the first few days, every time I opened the app, I’d have to pull the screen down three times before I could get it to even show me any of my in progress games.

Then, when I’d open a board, I’d get 55 popups telling me “You won” or “You lost” and I’d have to dismiss them before I could access the board.

Then when I accessed the board, it often looked like this…

Worse yet, none of the actual words on this board are even ON the game I’ve just tried to open. STUPID, WWF.

Yesterday, Karenlynn messaged me with something like “are you too busy filofaxing to play two games at once?” I thought she asked that because I hadn’t played in hours and hours so I replied that I’d just been busy with work and then the 5 hour prairie dog rescue ordeal kept me away from my phone.

But no, I think the problem is that a game I know we started is just gone from the list. There’s another one that says it’s her move, and it has no tiles placed — but that board also says that the chat has been closed because the game is over.


Then, on another board, I played a word — the screen reloaded and it was there, so I closed it to go to another game and… that first board, it’s showing that it’s still my turn and my word didn’t actually play after all. But when I try to play a word, it won’t let me.

It’s gotten to the point that I don’t even want to open the damn app — it’s so bad. (And yes, I’ve rebooted my iPhone and yes, I’ve looked to see if there’s another update to fix these problems.)

Get your act together, WWF. This is just stupid.


  1. hmmmmm….. I haven’t had those problems with WWF. The only issue I’ve had, and it’s minor, is the messages don’t show read. I just ignore them.

  2. I have a game with Virginia that has been over for months, and every time the games load, there it is on the top of the list. I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve added P to LATE before realizing it’s the game stuck in wwf hell.

    I had the problems with the repeated over and over “you won” “you lost” and found the easiest way to deal with it was to actually close the app while the popups are happening, and then restart the app. There was an update recently, the app seems to be working much better between devices.

    Anyway, I really MISS PLAYING with you. Get that fixed gf! :)