Freezing… Figures, Right?

I woke up at 2am freezing my ass off. It took me about 30 minutes to realize the furnace was running but was blowing cold air. Because, of course it was. The #asshat construction workers across the street hit our gas line yesterday and either the guy from Nicor didn’t light the pilot or he lit it but didn’t put the cover on properly and the pilot went out. I’d guess it’s the latter, since we had a lot of problems with the pilot going out before the landlord figured out how to get the cover to stay on properly.

So, my first day of vacation and I’m freezing.

Except it’s supposed to be in the middle to high 60s today.

And, I’m having hot flashes on top of the freezing.

Which means I’m just plain uncomfortable.

This is not how I pictured the first morning of my vacation day.


  1. Nuts. I was hoping you were sleeping in.