I Had All the Fun

I had an exceptionally nice 4 day break — I worked maybe a total of an hour over four days. That’s… crazy. I worked more than that when JMP was born and I was on vacation in Hawaii. Hah. (Thank you, Sassymonkey.)

I got a lot of odds & ends done. TW and I had fun by ourselves, with the girls and with the puppies. I did some housework. I didn’t read very much and I realized yesterday that I never did put any time in my schedule to work on JMP’s stocking which really made me laugh because Sassymonkey pointed out out that my PTO to do list did not have any stocking time on it. I told her that’s an every day thing, not a PTO thing — and then it promptly fell off of my normal schedule, in favor of other things. So, I had to re-create today’s to do list and add that back in. Sheesh.

I’ve got two more PTO days coming up in a couple of weeks but I’ll be working more than an hour since Sassymonkey is traveling a bit over that weekend. I’m still very much looking forward to that break, though because it will be #readathon time!

I think April might be my favorite month, or it would be if we didn’t also pay $18K in taxes this month but let’s not think of that and ruin my nice vacation high, ok?


  1. Poor JMP. He needs a stocking!