Re-Entry Is Hard, Y’all

At some point during my little vacation, I saw my co-workers convo’ing about how quickly the day had gone. I chuckled because I often have days like that.

This is not one of those days.

I’ve been at my desk for almost six hours and am wondering why the day is dragging along so slowly. It’s not like I don’t have a ton of work to do — I definitely do, and I’m getting it all done in a timely manner. But good grief, when will this day end?

And the dogs have been royal pains in the ass. TW finally got two of them down for a nap (and yes, I know I sound like we’ve got toddlers or something) but Lola had to jump the gates so she could go into the other room and bark at squirrels which woke Buster Butt up and now I’m sure he’s gonna wonder around acting like a Butt again.

WHEN will THIS day END?

Remind me of this when I’m cursing about how quickly the time is flying later this week, ‘k?


  1. I will remind you.