Filofax, Art Journaling and Other Goals In June

Hahaha. I hate June.

I didn’t touch my art journal. I lost momentum with the daily doodling journal. I did sort out a design for something I’m hoping to work on next weekend, so that’s a win.

I carried a to do list over from May because I didn’t get much done and… I only got one more thing crossed off. Granted, that one thing was a big money management thing, so I’m very happy about that.

I don’t expect July to be much better because there’s this little conference happening and all of my hours belong to all of the work. So, I’m carrying the list over again and only adding MUST DO THIS BEFORE BlogHer ’14 or DIE stuff because at least I know I’ll get all of that done.

I have to say again that I am loving my Filofaxes. They do help me stay on track, with work — and to a smaller extent with every day life things. If I had more time for every day life, I’d be happier but the Filofax can’t work magic and come up with more hours in the day for me… lol.

I’m looking forward to August… oh, wait. Kids going to college. JMP and Jenn visiting. Oh well, I’ll have a fun to do list for that month so yay!


  1. First day of summer for us midwesterners right? I am failing planner 101 this week. Today is definitely a list day!

  2. I’ve been very bad at smashbooking. I think I need to keep it more visible. And go to the dollarstore to buy more stickers. Because stickers are fun.