Reading in September

No complaints from me, this month, on the reading front. It’s pretty much what I expected it to be and I’m good with that. I am pretty sure this will be the first year that I don’t actually complete the Cybils Shortlist Challenge… ugh. But, let’s not think of that right now. Let’s look at the numbers for the month.

Total: 20

Audio: 1
YA: 6
Children’s: 8
Cybils: 12
Graphic Novels: 3 (quit one)
Queer: 1
Non-Fiction: 2 (quit one)

The quits, man. Those were rough… October will be questionable due to all of the travel on my calendar. I’ll be lucky to finish 10. (Forget the Cybils challenge, my EOY numbers are going to be pathetic, lol.)