Tuesday Night Miracles

Awhile back, TW asked me to name some books about women’s journeys — where they go on a trip and find themselves or learn some lesson or bond with other women and I immediately said Kris Radish has written a lot of those books, hasn’t she? Which led me to see if she’s written any books we haven’t read (since we haven’t read any of her books in years, I figured it was likely) and whether any of her books were available in large print for TW’s mom because I wasn’t sure she’d read them…

Which is how Tuesday Night Miracles made it onto our shelf.

Typical Radish — women facing huge issues come together and get their lives together, mostly. It was a nice book to read in between some of the longer or more complex things on my shelf.


  1. Not sure if you have tried any of the books by Sarah Addison Allen, but I just read Lost Lake on Sunday and it is in the vein of books TW was asking about.

  2. Glad to hear you have read them. I don’t know why she hasn’t put out a new one. Looks like her mother has been ill and so that has been taking up Sarah’s time. I just looked on her website. If you like mysteries and want to try someone, look up Heather Gudenkauf. I LOVE her books too. I always wish they were longer.