It’s My Pokemon Goversary

One year ago, TW and I both broke down and installed the game, even though we swore for four days of hype that we wouldn’t. We sat on the deck, in the swing, and we caught our Squirtles and the rest is history.

It’s been fun. Really.

We’ve gone to so many parks and places in Florida that we (probably) would never have gone if we weren’t trying to catch ’em all. I can’t even count how many parks we’ve walked, certainly more than we walked in the years when we lived in Gainesville before. Definitely more than we visited in the entire eight years we were in Chicagoland.

I’ve caught Pokemon in eight states.

I’ve caught all of Gen 1 and Gen 2 (except the non-US regionals, the legendaries, AND that damn Unown.) I don’t have any shinies (wah!) I don’t have the Ash Hat Pichu (yet! There’s hope, I just got another 2K egg!)

I’ve caught 12,269 Pokemon.
I’ve “walked” 2,132.2 KM.
I’ve (only) hatched 807 eggs (it felt like more.)
I’ve spun 9,041 Pokestops.
I’m at Level 34 (105K XP away from 35… a week, if I’m lucky.)

I was never a big fan of gyms, so I’ve only won 362 battles and trained 201 times (in the original gym system.) I like the new system a lot more and have 80 hours defending gyms (with two Mon in gyms right now… I sure wish my Snorlax would come home though — he’s been in that damn gym for 3 days!) and won 8 raids. (We really need more local players to raid with us, darn it.)

A year of Pokemon Go. Hard to believe I still play, I’m still obsessed, really. MUST catch THEM all. Where are the damn Unowns, anyway????


  1. Congratulations. Though now you have me thinking that Maybe am missing something fun!