Off the Page

Awhile back, I was just wandering around the teen room in the library and noticed the sequel to Between the Lines (the book Jodi Picoult wrote with her daughter a few years ago.) I remembered thinking the first book was ok, and I needed some light and easy reads, so I grabbed Off the Page.

It was a light and easy read. It wasn’t great. I was compelled to keep reading to see how they solved the problem(s) that arose from characters jumping out, others jumping in, and some not where they want/need to be. I didn’t think there was a decent resolution to any of their situations and I pretty much hated the end. Though I shouldn’t because there is no decent resolution. Someone’s always going to be where they don’t want to be or where they shouldn’t be while some of the others have their “happily ever after” ending. Whatever. I’m not reading another, if there is another.