2 (Southern) Fiction

I couldn’t resist the cover of Mama Does Time and I was happy to hear TW chuckle through it. I chuckled through it, too. It was a lot of fun and I’d definitely read more Mace Bauer mysteries, (this was the first book in the series.)

Next, I read Karen White’s The Sound of Glass. Hoo boy. There’s no such thing as coincidence. Having said that, I could have hated this book because really???? These people were all tied together this way? Really???? But I didn’t. Every single character was likeable and I cared about them way more than I expected.

What’s extra interesting about me reading these two books, back to back, over a 2 1/2 day period is… I didn’t really feel enticed to move to the Okeechobee. I did, however, feel really drawn to moving to Beaufort. Which is interesting since I’ve spent more time thinking about moving back to Florida than I have thinking about moving back to SC. So here I am, looking at houses in Beaufort again. I think I need to lay off the southern literature until after we buy a house. This flip-flopping around is nuts. We need to just pick a spot and stick with it. Or something lol.

Reading In July

All things considered (KonMari and BlogHer15) this wasn’t a bad reading month. It totally could have been worse and I’m surprised it wasn’t. Yay, July!

I read 15 books.

1 was an audiobook.
6 were non-fiction.
3 were YA and those were all Cybil books.

Which is nice, I’m making a lot of progress on Cybils and am hopeful that I won’t be floundering with the list at the end of December, like I did last year.

The Boy Who Killed Demons

The Boy Who Killed Demons is a creepy book. I found Henry to be maybe even creepier than the demons. But maybe you have to be kind of creepy in order to survive seeing demons… and then killing demons.

What I don’t understand is why the demons didn’t take this kid out when they realized he could see them. I don’t get that. It seemed… odd. And, the whole way through the book, I puzzled over this and found it difficult to really believe in the story, lol.

I liked the book, stayed up late to finish it, but I didn’t love it because that part just didn’t fly for me.

Go Set a Watchman

I did it. I read Go Set a Watchman. I figured what the hell, TKAM is not one of my favorite books and I always found Atticus Finch to be a bit… too much and I certainly wasn’t going to be upset to find out he wasn’t who we were led to believe he was. That seemed obvious to me the first time around.

So… yea, I read it. I didn’t hate it. I didn’t love it. The writing was not always great. The story was clunky in places. There were some chapters that I loved. There were some that I hated. In the end… we just traded Atticus Finch for Scout… a color-blind southern woman surrounded by small town Alabama citizens struggling with race.

No shock here for me. No revelations, either.

The KonMari Method: Jewelry

This category was primarily for TW this time around. I’ve already discarded almost all of my jewelry and what little I had left, Michelle has gone through a couple of times so there just wasn’t much for me to sift through.

TW on the other hand had a bunch and she got it done. We went from having a full popcorn tin (you know what I mean, right?) of jewelry to having just a few things in the bottom of the tin. We have some jewelry to donate and some jewelry that we may sell but either way, it’s leaving the house.

Next category for us will be… electronics/appliances. That means we need to figure out where we can drop off a whole lot of old laptops, desktops, monitors and a TV.


I wasn’t sure what to read but remembered TW said Housewitch was surprisingly good. So, that seemed like a good choice.

A few chapters in and I thought I’d made a bad choice and that TW had gotten this book confused with something else. It was fine but not “surprisingly good” — turns out, I just needed to wait a tiny bit longer because before I knew it, I’d stayed up until after midnight to finish it. Couldn’t put it down.

I’m not even really sure why I couldn’t put it down. It was just surprisingly good. Maybe it was a spell on the book or something…

The Other Daughter

The Other Daughter is another great novel from Lauren Willig. I enjoyed it so much, I didn’t want to put it down. Rachel is a great character (and so is Vera.) I’m very glad everything turned out the way it did for Rachel and for the other characters. Except for CeCe, poor CeCe. We should have a book about CeCe, that would be fabulous.

KonMari Method Update

Now that I’m mostly recovered from #BlogHer15, I’m itching to get back into the life-changing magic of finding joy and discarding all of the things. But, I’m also working a lot of hours right now and by the end of the day I’m way too tired to even think about tidying up. And TW, well… she’s still dealing with the shingles issue and is even more tired than I am at the end of the day. So, we’re at a bit of a stand still. I need a list or a written plan in order to get moving again. So… here it is.

- We’re going to Kondo the jewelry this weekend.
- We’re going to take all of the accumulated discards to charity drop-offs this weekend.
-We’re going to put all of these not-blank-what-the-hell-is-this dvd/cds into a player this weekend and finish discarding that category.
- I’m going to coerce RJ into Kondoing all of the things in her room … it’s pretty much this summer or never, since it’s unlikely she’s going to want to Kondo when she’s home for fall or winter break and spring break will be too late since we should be deep into packing up by that point.
- We’re going to de-clutter the extra bedroom because just tossing things in there while we Kondo is causing a huge problem in there, since there are still things we need access to in order to Kondo the categories.
- We’re going to make a plan to go through the rest of the categories, so we’re all set for Kondoing in August. (Answering questions like “What does accessories mean in our world? Can we just skip that category?” and “Valuables? What the heck?” and “Should we follow the suggested order and do electronics next, then household equipment and supplies, and then kitchen or should we tweak the suggested schedule in some way?” Should we go through the basic list of categories and when we hit “other” move to Kondoing specific rooms or continue to try to categorize or some combination of the two?”) See, it’s getting kind of complicated or it’s getting complicated in my head.

In other news, I joined a KonMari group on Facebook. Oh boy. That’s interesting stuff. Also interesting and very amusing, hahahahaha

Small Green Roofs

Last month I decided I wanted a green roof on my chicken coop, the chicken coop I don’t have right now. I spent some time surfing pinterest for green roof chicken coops for inspiration. And just about the time I’d moved on from actively thinking about green roof chicken coops, Small Green Roofs appeared on the non-fiction new arrival shelf at the library. It was a sign. Clearly.

I read it. Skimmed it, really. It was not inspirational. It was a bit intimidating. Also, there’s a lot of math involved and a lot of science, too. I obviously knew you couldn’t just throw soil and plants on a roof and that was it. I understood you’d need to think about the weight on the roof and waterproofing. I also had a vague understanding that there are special soil thingies for green roofs. And this book talks about all of that — and a lot more, in a very overwhelming way.

I didn’t hate the book. I didn’t love the book. I’m glad I read the first two chapters and skimmed the rest. I still want a green roof chicken coop and I shall have one, someday!

New York In a Dozen Dishes

I totally impulse picked New York In a Dozen Dishes because, duh, #BlogHer15 is in New York. And also because I like New York pizza.

The book was interesting – a look at 12 dishes, their history and their history in New York. Bonus for including restaurant suggestions and a recipe for each one. There’s quite a bit I wouldn’t eat (brains, chowder, blech) but all of the chapters were interesting. And, I have a weird craving for a black & white cookie and I don’t really like black & white cookies.