Reading in April

As expected, reading in April was the PITS. It’s impossible to read when you’re packing up a house to move, when you’re actually moving, and when you’re unpacking at your new home. After several days of not reading at all, I cracked open a box of books in our office and found… all children’s picture books. I cracked open another box and found cookbooks and… a book about the first season of Survivor (a season I’ve never seen) and was so desperate to read, that I read it. That’s how it was in April. Oh, and we started a lot of books while in Chicagoland that we never finished before they had to go back to the library. I have four books started that I will have to reserve at our new library (if I ever manage to get a library card, gah!)

So here’s how bad it was:

Total read: 4 (well really 5 but since I never managed to blog the 5th, we’re not counting that until next month.)

3 were non-fiction
1 was YA and it was a Cybil

Lord, I need to get my life in order so I can get back to books. We missed the April #readathon and I think we need a #fakereadathon in July to make up for it. (I say July because we’re still unpacking in May and we have a trip to Chicagoland to take. Then, in June we go to NY for the birth of the pumpkin and I think we’re planning a housewarming party so… yea, July.)

How It Went Down

Ugh, How It Went Down is a heart breaker because it’s all too true… young, unarmed black boy shot and killed and everyone saw something different, believed something different but in the end — the kid is dead and we need to figure out how to fix this.

Three Non-Fiction

Right before we went to Florida to close on our house (!!!) I saw these three books on the new arrivals shelf at our library and they looked good, so I grabbed them. I’m glad I did, I enjoyed them all. (I might have to check out Color Labs again, if one of my new libraries has it…)

Improbably Libraries was fun — I need a little free library for my front yard.

The Public Library made me want to travel around the world and visit ALL of the libraries.

Color Lab made me wish I had time to paint. Wah!

Reading in March

Oh, look. A month ended while we were traveling and I almost forgot to count my books for March.

12 books, total. LOL. And here I was thinking it wasn’t a bad month for reading. Hahahaha. I may never have a good month again. Maybe in October, if we can manage #Readathon. (Speaking of which, we’re gonna have to skip spring #Readathon in April. *Sniff*) One good thing about the month, I did get some more books from the Cybils challenge crossed off. That’s a good thing.

1 was an audiobook
2 were graphic novels
Only 2 non-fiction (wow)
6 were YA
7 were from the Cybils shortlist

Carry On

I was looking for audiobooks to take with us to Florida and noticed a new Rainbow Rowell book, so I reserved it. We started listening to Carry On and we were immediately confused. It sounded like a sequel and I hate reading books out of order.

Turns out it’s not a sequel, it’s just a book about fictional characters from her previous book (which I didn’t actually realize existed.) So, we went ahead and listened to it. Harry Potter fan fic type of thing. It was amusing, as Rowell’s books are, and a good choice for the car ride.


I was a little low on reserved books so I decided to check out Wildflower. I’m a Drew Barrymore fan and it looked like a quick and easy read. It definitely was that — quick and easy. I didn’t love it. Didn’t hate it. It was fine. (It was also weird to be reading a memoir and then see that she and her husband are splitting up. That’s totally not covered in the book, sheesh.)

Listen, Slowly

We listened to Listen, Slowly on audio and at the beginning, I wasn’t loving it. I didn’t really like Mai. But, it grew on me and in the end I decided that I really liked it. And Mai.

The Truth Commission

I wasn’t sure about The Truth Commission, in the beginning, because it started a little bit slowly for me. But, it picked up quickly and before I knew it, I’d stayed up a little later than I’d like so that I could finish it.

Truth… it’s an interesting concept. In life and in writing.

Very interesting.

Night Study

I didn’t know there were new books in this series so it was awesome that TW noticed Night Study just sitting on the library shelf.

This was another good one, though it got a little confusing in a few places, particularly in the beginning and at the end. I’m also really looking forward to the next book. The magic is all a muddle and I think we’re going to see more from some of the younger characters that I really like (not to mention a couple of new, young characters.)

Blackthorn Key

I really enjoyed Blackthorn Key and hope I remember to look for the sequels at some point down the line. Christopher is a good character. So is Tom. I am disappointed about one thing that happened, pretty early in the book but I understand why it did… I really hate it when characters I like die very early in the first book of a series. (And as TW said, Harry Potter must have been hard for me — and yes, yes it was.)