Ally Hughes Has Sex Sometimes

Because we hadn’t been to the library in AGES, there wasn’t much left on the library cart. Luckily, Ally Hughes Has Sex Sometimes was amusing and not boring. This would be a good beach read, if you’re in need of such a thing.

7 Cybil Picture Books

I reserved these with the intention of reading at least some of them to JMP and SquishyFace when they were here and… I didn’t read them a single book. Not one. Gasp. What is the world coming too? Boo!

Oh well, some of them were really really great and they were all good.

My favorites:

Mango, Abuela, and Me – loved it. Such a great story. I’ll read this to the boys, some day.
Last Stop on Market Street – perfection.
Sidwalk Flowers – awwwww. How cute was that?

Really liked these:

Blizzard – though I wouldn’t want to give JMP any ideas about heading out for food after a blizzard, lol.
Bug in a Vacuum – hah. Totally amusing.
In a Village By the Sea – I loved the illustrations.

Good ones:

Hoot Owl, Master of Disguise – loved the illustrations, the story not quite as much.

2 Cybils Non-Fiction

There was a time when I never quit a Cybils book but this year, I’ve quit two. The most recent, Symphony for the City of the Dead was… I just couldn’t read it. I tried, I really did. TW read the whole thing, and I give her props for that. I cannot imagine any kid reading this who didn’t have to. (Unless he/she had some great fondness for Russian history or Shostakovich, I guess.) Ugh.

Thankfully, Bayard Rustin: Invisible Activist was better. In fact, it was excellent. Everyone should read this one.

Jonathan Unleashed

Still fighting off the cold the kids brought me so I couldn’t even begin to consider anything serious so Jonathan Unleashed seemed like a good choice. Even if I have a love/hate with Meg Rosoff.

Turns out I liked it so much that I stayed up til almost midnight to finish it in one day. I was totally amused, though I rolled my eyes a whole lot at Jonathan’s breakdown and the wedding fiasco. Sheesh.

The Mermaid’s Mirror

I needed something easy to read in the days right before everyone came to visit, so I picked up The Mermaid’s Mirror. It was easy to read but it was also a little slow. And, I felt like I might have already read it.

It was pretty good, not great. I wonder if there’s a sequel involving Lena and Nix… it would seem like there should be.


I love The Custard Protocol books almost as much as the Soulless books. Really. Imprudence was awesome. I’d been wondering about Pru’s father and how the transfer of his pack to a new alpha might go. Now I know. Also, FLOOTE is awesome. So is Miss Sekhmet, heh.

I also want to point out that pages 92/93 were the saddest thing ever. (The pack! Biffy! Pru! Really??? REALLY?)

Poppy Jenkins

First, the fact that I was able to get this book from my library is a great example of an awesome library system at work.

I saw this Poppy Jenkins review and thought I’d like to read it. So, I went to both of my libraries websites and it obviously wasn’t available. I wanted to read it enough that I went to the ILL site and requested it. I got an email shortly thereafter saying I couldn’t request a book that had been published less than six months ago, (oops, I didn’t know that was a rule), and the ILL would simply recommend MY library PURCHASE the book.

I didn’t think much about it after that, because what are the odds? Turns out, the odds are high because a couple of weeks later, my library had bought the book and it was waiting for me to pick up. THAT is awesomesauce.

The book? Poppy Jenkins wasn’t awesomesauce but it wasn’t bad, either. I liked Roselyn better than Poppy. A lot better. I just rolled my eyes at Poppy, over and over again.

Journey to Munich

Yay, Maisie Dobbs! Journey to Munich was pretty excellent – particularly the ending. Heh. I was hoping that was going to happen… and it did.

I’m looking forward to seeing what happens next, (though it’s going to be pretty depressing what with the whole WWII thing happening. Ugh.)

Bewitching: The Kendra Chronicles

I have no idea how Bewitching: The Kendra Chronicles landed in our library stacks but it did. When I realized it was a sequel to a book I hadn’t read, I almost didn’t read it. But, TW said I didn’t need the first one and I believed her. She was right. It was a perfectly fine book to read without having read the first one.

It started a little slowly but I ended up enjoying it. I didn’t absolutely love the insertion of “fairy tales” from Kendra’s life but I didn’t hate it either. I may even some day read another book from this series.

Three Graphic Novels

Let’s see… which graphic novels (all Cybils shortlisters) did I read? Oh yea…

Courtney Crumrin: Volume 7 … hated it. Didn’t finish it. At first, I thought it was because I’m way behind on this series, (I think the last one I read was 4), but based on the reviews — a whole lot of series fans just didn’t like this one. I’m glad it wasn’t just me.

Next, Dragons Beware!. I love Claudette and her friends. Absolutely love them.

Last, but not least, Baba Yaga’s Assistant was really good. I didn’t expect much from it, I’m not a very big Baba Yaga fan, so this really exceeded expectations.