6 Children’s Books, 2 Cybils

It’s that time again. Time for me to read my children’s books than anything else. ;-)

Tractor is a cute little touch & feel type board book. JMP likes tractors.

Woof! Woof! was the dumbest board book EVER. I only looked at the first page while in the library and that was cute. It was three DUMB pages long. Total waste of time.

That’s Not My Panda was … cute enough. The author has a whole series of these and I’m not super impressed. Reading one was enough.

Boats was nice. JMP likes boats. It’s a nice book for new readers with vocabulary words in it. Very nice.

The Pet Project is from the Cybils shortlist. A little girl wants a pet and her parents make her research pets. She finds out that she’s not really a pet person.

Count the Monkeys is also from the Cybils shortlist. I umm went off the rails and did some special grandma cursing, which amused JMP’s mom. It was cute but the monkey pay off at the end wasn’t as good as I’d hoped. Too many monkeys to count.

Woman Rebel: The Margaret Sanger Story

I loved Woman Rebel: The Margaret Sanger Story. It’s a great graphic novel about a super interesting woman. Read it!

The Waking Dark

Not only am I behind on reading, I’m behind on blogging what I have read. I’ve almost forgotten what I’ve read — thankfully, there’s GoodReads.

So, the easy one first. The Waking Dark. On audio. From the Cybils shortlist.


All the killing. And the descriptive killing.


Did not enjoy.

Also, too many characters and we found ourselves constantly confused by which was which.

Would hope my teens wouldn’t enjoy it if they read it.


Etched On Me

I was pleasantly surprised by Etched On Me. Very pleasantly surprised. Good characters that I found myself caring about more than I thought I would. Also, first time I’ve seen the use of the word “asshat” in a novel. Heh.

The Prime Minister’s Secret Agent

A lot happens in The Prime Minister’s Secret Agent which makes it a decent set up for the next book but not necessarily the best book in the series.

There wasn’t enough Maggie. And, I found the multiple-personality plot device to be… annoying. By the end of the book, I was feeling slightly better about how things progressed and how the next book is set up. Still not thrilled by Clara Hess, though.

The Mark of the Midnight Manzanilla

We waited a long time for The Mark of the Midnight Manzanilla and it was totally worth it. Best book since book one. Really. It was the vampires. Everything is better with vampires. Also, it was two excellent characters who had a lot of fun dialogue without too many other characters getting in the way and slowing things down.

Well done.

And I can’t wait for the next book. This is going to be GOOD, isn’t it?

The Museum of Extraordinary Things

It took me longer to sink into The Museum of Extraordinary Things than I expected. I think I was about half-way through it when it felt compelling enough that I didn’t want to put it down in favor of, oh let’s see, something like doing laundry. Once I reached that point, I really didn’t want to put it down. It shouldn’t have taken that long, feeling the way I do about freaks (real and imagined.)

Now that I’m thinking about this, it seems like this always happens to me when I read Alice Hoffman. It takes awhile for me to get hooked and I just need to hang in there til I hit that magic spot in the story.

Three Non-Fiction

First… The WORN Archive — shocking I know, but I really enjoyed this. It’s the kind of writing about fashion that I like. And, the photos were fabulous.

Second… Next Generation Real Estate because duh, moving in one year and 10 months and 2 weeks, lol. Mostly really it was an impulse pick up from the non-fiction new arrivals. TW read it first and that pleased me, though she now has her heart set on buying a house with modern electricity, lol.

Third… and horribly scary… All I Want Is a Job. Anyone who cares about poverty, the jobs crisis, and social services in the US should read this. It’s not pretty but it’s important to really think about and I really like how the material was presented. Yes, it’s dry reading. And depressing. But important. Really important. Could we pay our damn minimum wage people a LIVING DAMN WAGE, PLEASE? Not doing so is killing us. All of us. Really.

Now I’m moving on to some fiction. Heh.

Pinterest Frustration

Like all new social media platforms, I joined Pinterest without really thinking about how I might use it, whether I might use it for the rest of my life and whether I was going to find myself with a mess if the darn thing took off like wildfire and became the next big thing that STICKS.

So, years have passed and Pinterest is a thing. A thing that should be used. Properly. Or at least in a way that makes a little bit of damn sense. Having not enough boards or the wrong boards has been making me CRAZY so I finally decided that I either needed to FIX it or STOP USING IT and since I obviously can’t stop using it, I’m fixing it.

I’m making new boards. Deleting old boards. Moving pins to the proper places. Getting rid of pins to dead content or pins that I don’t even understand why they were pinned to my account in the first effing place. What was I thinking?

I started out saying I’d spend 30 minutes a day on Pinterest, fixing my damn account. But after 15 minutes this morning, I was feeling a lot of anxiety. I don’t really LIKE Pinterest, lol. So I’ve decided forget that 30 minutes a day, I’ll just do 15 minutes. I can handle 15 minutes and when it’s all fixed — I’ll feel better about Pinterest. Right? RIGHT!

Do you have boards that make sense? Do you have too many, not enough or just the right number of boards? Do you tidy your Pinterest account regularly or just pin and forget about it?

Ah, That Brings Back Memories

On Saturday, I was scrolling through Instagram, like I do, when I saw a photo of a Cherry Dip cone from Dairy Queen.

Oh! Cherry Dip! I haven’t had Cherry Dip in a zillion years. I want Cherry Dip!

I pushed that last thought away and went about my day. But Cherry Dip kept popping into my head.

Finally, a little after 4pm, I couldn’t take it any longer and I told TW we should just put on pants (pants!) and go to Dairy Queen and get Cherry Dip.

Oddly enough, TW’s response was, “It’s almost 4:30.”

Umm, not her normal response for such things. I figured she didn’t like Cherry Dip or something? So after telling her that they do serve Cherry Dip at 4:30 pm on Saturday, in the summer, and getting not positive response from her, I tried to push Cherry Dip from my mind.

Next thing I know, TW’s making dinner. A very nice dinner. The tater tot waffles were good. Good enough that I didn’t even complain about the mess from the waffle iron. And by the time I’d eaten all my dinner, I pretty much had forgotten about Cherry Dip.

Until a couple of hours later when TW said, “So, are we going to get Cherry Dip or what?”

I tried to ignore her. I had wanted the Cherry Dip hours ago. Not at 8pm, damn it. Didn’t work. I still wanted Cherry Dip.

So we got dressed (it took more than just pants by this time) and drove to the DQ/OJ combo a couple of miles away. The line was long. Very long. The workers were not quick. We ordered our Cherry Dips (and small OJs) and sat at a small table by the door.

A boy behind us in line also ordered Cherry Dip, though he got a large one and we had small ones.

Every time someone came into the DQ, they said, “Oh Cherry Dip! I haven’t had Cherry Dip in years!” or “Oh, I haven’t thought about Cherry Dip since I was a kid!”

Nobody ordered Cherry Dip but it was amusing to hear everyone do that initial gasp of memory when they saw the Cherry Dip. It was also kind of fun to listen to everyone talking about their memories of Dairy Queens from long ago — because that’s what everyone sitting around us did, while they were there.

I don’t know if it was the Cherry Dip that brought on the nostalgia or the old photos on the walls or if it’s just a thing that happens in Dairy Queen. Whatever it was, it was fun and I really enjoyed the Cherry Dip.