Hot, Cold, Hot, Cold

I went back to wearing two jackets and two pairs of socks in my house. I haven’t been able to bring myself to put on a second pair of pants. I just can’t go that far.

I’m not really warm with the extra layers but at least I’m not shivering so badly that I’m double typing every other letter.

Stupid weather is stupid.

Stupid hot flashes are equally stupid.

They cause me to want to strip off the layers but when I do, I find myself freezing my ass off again five minutes later. It’s a constant — put on the jackets, take off the jackets, put on the jackets, take off the jackets sort of thing.

Even more frustrating because I often take my jackets off and walk away and then have to figure out where I left them when I’m cold again five minutes later.

Today is stupid.


Elly is always playing some new game on her iPhone and I usually just ignore her. Oh sure, when she was little I installed jelly car for her (I blame Teddy for that) and let her play that on my phone but once she got her own iPhone (and iPad) I just rolled my eyes at whichever game she was currently fixated on.

But on Sunday, I got sucked into 2048 — regular version because the doge version she was playing just looked weird. I installed it on my own phone because watching her play was making me twitchy. She kept moving the tiles into the wrong damn place and while I might have let her play games on my phone, there’s no way in hell she’s gonna let me play games on hers.

So yea, I downloaded it.

And I cannot stop playing. It might be worse than Candy Crush. If I don’t get the damn 2048 tiles matched up soon, I’m going to have to remove the bloody game from my phone. It shouldn’t be that hard — it’s probably rigged.

Re-Entry Is Hard, Y’all

At some point during my little vacation, I saw my co-workers convo’ing about how quickly the day had gone. I chuckled because I often have days like that.

This is not one of those days.

I’ve been at my desk for almost six hours and am wondering why the day is dragging along so slowly. It’s not like I don’t have a ton of work to do — I definitely do, and I’m getting it all done in a timely manner. But good grief, when will this day end?

And the dogs have been royal pains in the ass. TW finally got two of them down for a nap (and yes, I know I sound like we’ve got toddlers or something) but Lola had to jump the gates so she could go into the other room and bark at squirrels which woke Buster Butt up and now I’m sure he’s gonna wonder around acting like a Butt again.

WHEN will THIS day END?

Remind me of this when I’m cursing about how quickly the time is flying later this week, ‘k?

I Had All the Fun

I had an exceptionally nice 4 day break — I worked maybe a total of an hour over four days. That’s… crazy. I worked more than that when JMP was born and I was on vacation in Hawaii. Hah. (Thank you, Sassymonkey.)

I got a lot of odds & ends done. TW and I had fun by ourselves, with the girls and with the puppies. I did some housework. I didn’t read very much and I realized yesterday that I never did put any time in my schedule to work on JMP’s stocking which really made me laugh because Sassymonkey pointed out out that my PTO to do list did not have any stocking time on it. I told her that’s an every day thing, not a PTO thing — and then it promptly fell off of my normal schedule, in favor of other things. So, I had to re-create today’s to do list and add that back in. Sheesh.

I’ve got two more PTO days coming up in a couple of weeks but I’ll be working more than an hour since Sassymonkey is traveling a bit over that weekend. I’m still very much looking forward to that break, though because it will be #readathon time!

I think April might be my favorite month, or it would be if we didn’t also pay $18K in taxes this month but let’s not think of that and ruin my nice vacation high, ok?

Dinner and a Movie

I took TW to Hollywood Palms for date night yesterday. It turned into date afternoon because there was lightning so we couldn’t take the dogs to the dog park as previously planned and it seemed like a better idea to head out early rather than wait and risk really bad weather.

So, we made it to Naperville (an hour darn drive) shortly before 1pm. We both ordered drinks — TW got some Kahlua mocha frappe thingy and I got a lime sorbet martini. We wandered around the lobby which was full of kids because they were having a couple of special kid events – a Rio 2 day so there were a bunch of birds there that the kids could look at and hold and they had the Easter Bunny in another corner of the lobby.

We took our drinks into the theater at around 1:15, looked at the food menu and ordered ALL OF THE FOOD, which was delivered throughout the movie. The best of all the food we ordered was the Grinch Dip. Yum.

Divergent was ok. But I kept wanting to yell, “Look! A person of color!”

We had a good time — the servers were excellent, the cocktails were good (and I NEVER drink, ever but definitely enjoyed the two martinis I had), the food was fine and I enjoyed the nice rolling computer desk chair (though I did slam my knee into a metal poll right after the movie star but that was my own fault and not the theater/chair’s fault.)

We’ll go again someday, though not often because it’s expensive, lol — and a really long drive just to have food/drinks delivered to you during a movie.

Captain Marvel, Vol. 1: In Pursuit of Flight

I’ve always been a Carol Danvers fan but I was afraid In Pursuit of Flight wasn’t going to live up to the hype. It did. It definitely did. I’m not a big fan of time travel stories (funny, I was just ranting about that a bit in my journal, before I picked up this book) but this one worked for me. Helen calling Carol “kitten” — fabulous. Just fabulous. Loved the Banshees. Loved all of the art. And of course, loved Carol taking up the Captain Marvel mantle.

Freezing… Figures, Right?

I woke up at 2am freezing my ass off. It took me about 30 minutes to realize the furnace was running but was blowing cold air. Because, of course it was. The #asshat construction workers across the street hit our gas line yesterday and either the guy from Nicor didn’t light the pilot or he lit it but didn’t put the cover on properly and the pilot went out. I’d guess it’s the latter, since we had a lot of problems with the pilot going out before the landlord figured out how to get the cover to stay on properly.

So, my first day of vacation and I’m freezing.

Except it’s supposed to be in the middle to high 60s today.

And, I’m having hot flashes on top of the freezing.

Which means I’m just plain uncomfortable.

This is not how I pictured the first morning of my vacation day.

Ghost Train to New Orleans

Book two, Ghost Train to New Orleans, was just as fun as the first one. I love this series. I love Zoe and her writers. I’m happy about what happened with Arthur (and Kevin, for that matter.) Can’t wait to see what happens when they head to England. That’s going to be crazy!

Fortunately, the Milk

Ho hum. Fortunately, the Milk is one of those silly stories where impossible things happen when the mom goes on a business trip and dad is left in charge. One of those very silly stories where nothing is believable. And, it’s not really all that cute. I only finished it because it’s Neil Gaiman and because I liked the illustrations.

Ho hum.

Rose Under Fire

From the Cybils Shortlist and the sequel to Code Name Verity, Rose Under Fire was excellent. Troubling, as books about WW2 often are… seriously, I need a moratorium on concentration camps or something. So sad and horrible and OMG did I mention horrible?

Rose was awesome, I even enjoyed her poetry. And while I might have kind of complained about the Girl Scout camp songs earworm, I enjoyed that, too. Once a Girl Scout, always a Girl Scout and all that.

I even liked the way it ended.