I Hunt Killers (Book 2 & 3)

As has become my tradition in the new year, I went back to my unfinished series list and realized I hadn’t kept up with Jazz in the I Hunt Killers series. I grabbed books two and three and could not put them down. Both Game and Blood of My Blood were excellent. Way to draw out the story there, Lyga. Sheesh. Also, brilliant!

Handmade Nation

I have no idea why Handmade Nation was on the new arrivals shelf at the library. It’s old, old, old, old. But there you have it. It was there. I was amused. I checked it out.

I was even more amused when I started reading it. Everyone was so young! All of those sites were so new! Things have really grown and changed!

I kept stopping to see if featured artists/crafters/makers were still doing the type of work that was featured in the book, (sometimes yes, sometimes no.)

I found myself watching old Craft Lab videos with Jennifer Perkins and giggling like crazy.

I enjoyed the stroll down memory lane. ;-)

Flavia de Luce (x1 1/2)

I’m a big Flavia fan and I loved As Chimney Sweepers Come to Dust. Excellent. Most excellent. I was a little worried, since Flavia was all by herself (I mean not with her family and the regulars from Bishop Lacey) in Canada but I needn’t have worried. It went well. Flavia did well. It all turned out as it should have. Every bit.

While reading it, I discovered there was a short story published last year for Kindle, so I grabbed The Curious Case of the Copper Corpse and read it right after I finished Chimney Sweepeers. It was good — cool death (lol) but I don’t love short stories. I wanted more Flavia, darn it.

Here and Again

There was a lot to like about Here and Again but there was just enough to NOT like that I finished it kind of wished I hadn’t read it.

I liked all of the characters. Every single one of them. I liked the setting. I didn’t mind the whole ghost factor either. What bugged me was the connection between Samuel and Virginia Moon. That whole she was there then, Oliver was there then… that just… too much for me. Blah. We could have done without all of that, really.

St. Nick (x2)

Do you find yourself reading books that are completely unrelated but have odd connections between them? It doesn’t just happen to us, does it?

Like the audio book, St. Nick, that I grabbed from Amazon just because I didn’t have any other audio books and it seemed like it would be a fun listen in the car (even though Christmas just ended) and the Sandman Slim #6, The Getaway God, with the very evil Saint Nick character. Never in a million years would have expected a connection between those two books but there you go. It was also a little disconcerting to be reading them both at the same time. One St Nick was super good and the other so very not good. Very weird.

Anyway, I loved both books…

St Nick — a depressed and struggling cop turned mall Santa is just as you’d expect. The magic of Christmas etc. etc. etc. It was awesome.

The Getaway God, #6 in the Sandman Slim series, was just as awesome (maybe more awesome than some of the other books in the middle of the series) as you’d expect. Stark saves the world (again) and sorts out all of the broken Gods (and Lucifers, for that matter.) The only downside for me with a Sandman Slim novel is the lack of chapters. I need chapters. Why does Kadrey hate chapters? Hmph.

Maplecroft: The Borden Dispatches

I love Cherie Priest. Loved Maplecroft: The Borden Dispatches. It was excellent. Creepy, but excellent. I’m interested in the fact that I keep seeing it as “book one” — what the heck is going to be book two? I guess I’ll find out, eventually, right? Oh, I see — not a sequel, Chapelwood. Nice. Can’t wait!

If you love Cthulhu, you’ll want to read this.

The Green City Market Cookbook

Total impulse pick up. The Green City Market Cookbook was ok. Not great. Might have been better during the spring or summer. Right now, ho hum. The weather isn’t making me feel at all interested in farmers markets. lol.

The Care and Handling of Roses with Thorns

Margaret Dilloway is awesome. Totally. I sort of fan-girlled all over her at BH14. I never do that sort of thing. I think I scared her. lol. Anyway, I absolutely loved The Care and Handling of Roses with Thorns.

Gal is my kind of woman. I liked her. Such a great character. I also really liked the relationship between her and Riley. And, shockingly (if you know me), I loved the ending.

Surprise-Inside Cakes

I know, you’re shocked because I loved Amanda’s Surprise-Inside Cakes. Duh. I love Amanda. I have loved Amanda for YEARS. I love her blog and her instagram so her book, obviously. Love.

Now if I could just get someone to make me some of her cakes… I’ve pinned a bunch, pick one and make it for me and I will love YOU, too.

Nellie Taft

Not a very auspicious start for the new year, eh? Four days in and I’ve just now finished the first book — a book I started reading about, oh, a month ago? No big deal — Nellie Taft (the book, not the woman) was a slow read and I’ve been busy doing all the things. My reading rate will pick up and drop off and pick up again. As usual. But, back to Nellie Taft…

I had high hopes for this biography but it was like too many biographies — a bit dull and textbook-like. Too bad since Nellie Taft was pretty darn interesting. Overall, I”m glad I read this one.