Time Slip Girl

TW found Time Slip Girl just sitting on the shelf at the Alachua County library. (It’s always nice to find lesbian fiction out in the wild.) It was ok — pretty standard stuff for a small self-publishing press. Nothing to write home about but not that gosh awful, either.

Serafina and the Black Cloak

Serafina and the Black Cloak is another book I have a love/hate thing with.

It was on my TBR list FOREVER and TW ended up getting it during one of our recent library visits, which is good since my list is long and I may never have managed to check it out. I liked it a lot but I didn’t want Serafina to be a magical creature. I wanted her to just be a little girl. (which is probably a spoiler? maybe? oops!)

Everything, Everything

We listened to Everything, Everything on audio and we enjoyed it.

I have a little love/hate thing with it. I didn’t want it to be the book it ended up being… I mean I liked it well enough but I didn’t want what happened to the mom to actually happen. I also kind of didn’t want the happy little ending, though it was obvious that it was going to end that way — once the whole situation with the mother went the way it went. Which makes no sense, I know. You just have to read it to understand.

Bayou Magic

I absolutely loved Bayou Magic. It’s beautifully written with amazing characters. It’s also got a great message and that message isn’t delivered in a preachy way that will turn off the middle schoolers who are reading this book. It’s also got just enough magic to make anyone smile. Also, mermaids!

Castle Hangnail

Castle Hangnail was adorable. Molly is the BEST (wicked) heroine I’ve read in a long, long time. Her minions aren’t bad, either.

If you have middle grade readers, (or elementary readers who read above grade level), this is a really fun book.

The Complete Book of Home Organization

Oh look, another book by a blogger I love! I’ve been reading A Bowl Full of Lemons for a very, very long time. So of course I was going to read her book, The Complete Book of Home Organization.

Like her blog, her book is super pretty and useful. I enjoyed it quite a lot. And, I even re-organized my kitchen a little bit after reading the first few pages on kitchen organization.

The Gap of Time

Look at me finishing another book! I’m not sure it 100% counts though since I started reading The Gap of Time right before we leave Illinois. I only got about 50 pages into it because the beginning was slow and I hated all of the people and also because the last week before we moved was NUTS.

I like Winterson enough that I was willing to check it out from the library again and keep going. I’m glad I did. It will never be my favorite Winterson novel and I’m not really a fan of ‘The Winters Tale’ but I did end up enjoying the book and it really was the first 50 pages that were rough.

(I also like the video game idea… that’s pretty interesting. Someone should build that game.)

Wilkie Collins: A Brief Life

Look at me finishing another book. Yay me. Go me! Unfortunately, it took me a good two weeks to read an incredibly short book. But, it could be worse. Anyway…

During a really quick trip to the library, I spotted Wilkie Collins: A Brief Life on the shelf and grabbed it. This was not the kind of book I should have been choosing (which is why it took me weeks to read it) but I did because I love Wilkie Collins.

To be clear, I love “The Woman in White” and I have a complicated (ahem) relationship with “The Moonstone.” I’ve read TWiW multiple times and would love to read it again. (In fact, while I was reading this book I decided I should LISTEN to TWiW on audio because I’ve never done that. Hi TW, sorry… lol.)

This biography was… good. Not great. It was a little dry and I’m not sure the author really likes Collins very much. (Weird, right?) Whatever. I enjoyed it. (And, besides listening to TWiW on audio, I’m going to spend some time reading all of Collins’ books — I’m surprised by how many I haven’t read at all.)

Reading in June

Lol. This is getting ridiculous.

I read three books in June. THREE. THREE. How can that even be possible? Remember when 13 was a not great month for me? Whatever, I’m going to have a better reading month in July. Seriously.

1 was an aduiobook
1 was non-fiction
1 was HORROR

(Interestingly, two of the three books were written by blogger friends. Funny how that worked out.)

Vicki Beautiful

My friend Somer wrote a book. It’s horror, which makes sense because Somer loves to be scared and loves to scare people. I also enjoy reading horror novels so I was extra excited to buy Vicki Beautiful.

Until chapter two.

Good grief, Somer! Did you have to go there? REALLY? That was the most horribly awesome chapter, EVER.

It was so horribly awesome that I wasn’t sure I could continue. But I did — and then I couldn’t stop reading because OMG, really? REALLY???? NO WAY! OMG.

And as I got closer and closer to the end, I was more and more afraid about what was going to happen at the end.

Yep. That’s what I thought would happen.

OMG, Somer. REALLY?????

Totally awesome but shudder. It still makes me queasy just thinking about it.