The Royal We

I read The Royal We because I read an article that said Lauren Graham had bought the rights to the book. That interested me so I figured I’d read before she turned it into a movie.

It was good. I’m surprised at how much I enjoyed it because girl meets prince is not really my thing. Read it. You’ll enjoy it.

Shadow Scale

Shadow Scales is the sequel to Seraphina, which we listened to last year on audio (it was on the cybils shortlist.)

It was a very long book on audio but also a very good one. Dragons and half-dragons and lesbian queens and fun stuff like that. I have enjoyed both books but TW particularly likes them. I hope there’s a third book.

Find A Way

Diana Nyad is… badass. That’s just all there is to it. Find a Way was interesting. I enjoyed it, after following her attempts so closely. Also, she’s badass. Sheesh.

Kitchens of the Great Midwest

After seeing this book talked about in a lot of places, I finally managed to read Kitchens of the Great Midwest. And, I’m not sure how I feel about it.

I almost stopped reading after the Sweet Pepper Jelly chapter, but I stuck with it… and then I mostly enjoyed it … and then I was annoyed with it all over again.

Have you read it? What did you think of it?

2 Cookbooks

Weird. I thought I blogged these weeks ago, but apparently not. Oh well, it will pad my November numbers since my October numbers didn’t need padding. 😉

Healthy Happy Vegan was ok. I didn’t love it. I don’t think there’s any recipe in there that I was dying to make.

Thug Kitchen… As expected, I love this cookbook. Which is probably why I love their site. Or maybe it’s the other way around? Whatever. I have reserved their party book from the library and plan to make all of the vegan things.

No Wind of Blame

I finally finished No Wind of Blame, which I started on Kindle during the October #readathon. I love Georgette Heyer and this was a fun read, though I really feel like I might have read it before. It all felt familiar to me.

3 Non-Fiction Gardening Books

Mosaic Garden Projects was interesting. I’ve done a couple of small mosaic projects but nothing big. I’d like to do something big and gardeny some day. Maybe a found objects type of project?

I want a living wall (or two) so I enjoyed Growing a Living Wall quite a bit. I was fascinated by the inclusion of an aphrodisiac living wall garden lol.

I picked up The Magical World of Moss because Teddy wanted to leave the moss on a walkway at their new house so I’ve thought off and on about moss gardening. So seeing this on the library shelf was a sign that I had to check it out. It was fascinating. I apparently knew NOTHING about moss. I would like to have a fairy moss garden for the grandchildren, some day.

Today Is Stupid

Covering for Sassymonkey at work, while she goes to #BlogHerFood15 turned out to be the best part of my day (so far.)

– Our internet went out this morning and I spent an hour talking to tech support only to have a technician dispatched for this afternoon between 1-4pm.
– Immediately after hanging up with tech support, the connection came back (though the TV is still unhappy.)
– We forgot to take the dogs to the kennel during morning drop off hours.
– Someone needs to run to Jewel to pick up one ingredient needed for tonight’s dinner. (The other one will have to stay here and wait for the internet person.)
– We will have to take the dogs to the kennel drop off during a) dinner b) rush hour traffic c) after the internet person finishes working his magic.
– TW washed my wallet.
– Buster barked for about 90 minutes straight because the landlord was using the leaf blower.
– My sprained finger is still sprained. I need a brace but don’t want to pay a zillion dollars for one at the darn drug store. Do they sell the old fashioned metal braces at the Dollar Tree??? (Not that I have time to go to the Dollar Tree.)
– As I was trying to publish this post, the internet went out again.

I hate today.

Three Children’s Books

Three books, two of them Cybils – one audio or all three audio, depending upon your POV.

Dory Fantasmagory was cute. I’d probably kill her if she were my kid, hah. A combination of all three little kids in one. Hoo… lol

We listened to Chicken Squad: The Second Misadventure on audio before we got the first one (the problem with reserving all the things at once at the library is the first book often comes later than the others in the series, lol.) It was cute. Weird blue chickens are weird and brothers are trouble. 😉

Then, the Chicken Squad: The First Misadventure arrived in print and I read that one and was amused. Squirrels are weird.

The most interesting thing about these three books is that two of them arrived in print, though I reserved the audio versions… then I noticed they both had the audio versions tucked into a pocket in the the back of the book. I like this idea a lot for this reading level.

The Watchmaker of Filigree Street

I finally finished The Watchmaker of Filigree Street — gosh that took a long time to read. It started slowly for me, or maybe I was just tired, and then moved really quickly and I couldn’t put it down.

The only thing I didn’t like is not knowing how Mori got the power … that’s it, that’s all I wanted to know, in the end. Hmph.

I enjoyed it. Also, the octopus! Gah.