Skeet tagged me because I made her feel guilty about the stranded on an island meme. I think this is my punishment for being whiny. I am not sure if I really have any obsessions. I have things that I’m very interested in or that are really important to me. I do get fixated on stuff occasionally but are those things obsessions? Things like white cotton panties, toilets, TW and flamingos are really not obsessions.

So what am I obsessed about, since Skeet is sure everyone is obsessed about something. Oh man, five things? I thought it was three! OK OK fine, let’s give this a try:

1) Lists. I am obsessed with lists and obsessive about lists. I make lists for everything. I don’t necessarily use the lists, follow the lists or ever look at them again. But I make them and I read other people’s lists too. I like lists. I need lists. I could not live without lists.

2) Coffee. I am obsessed with coffee. It really doesn’t matter what kind of coffee or whether the coffee is good or not. I have been known to crave bad Burger King coffee and I continue to order the worst coffee in the world when we go to Farah’s for dinner.

3) My library. I love my library. I love my library more than any other library except the one I grew up going to (that is no longer a library but has rave parties in it). I love my library more than any bookstore (even Foyles, The Tattered Cover and The Strand). I go to my library website at least once everyday. When my library website is down, I am a lot more jittery than I am when my work website is down or when Bloglines is down.

4) My hairbrush. Or the “perfect hairbrush” to be specific. The pink Goodys hairbrush is the perfect hairbrush. I only have one left, still in the package and I would love to open it and use it but I’m terrified that I’ll wear it out (or lose it!) and will never find another one. (Or TW will never find me another one!)

5) TW says I am obsessed with not spending money on trivial and unnecessary items. She’s probably right, though I don’t feel obsessed by this. Maybe I’m a little like Mir, other people notice my obsession but I don’t notice it so much? Or it doesn’t feel like obsessive behavior to me?

OK there you go – my five obsessions which don’t really feel like obsessions to me. Do I have to tag people? Hmmm let’s see… Nickie, Zan and Carmen. Obsess much, ladies?

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  1. Oh, this is just wrong! I actually went through and read/skimmed through my Google Reader backlog today (catching up! yay!), so I saw your new post come up just now. And then I saw that I’ve been tagged! Oy! But I’ll get over it. It doesn’t sound too bad. At least it’s not one of those memes with multiple questions — I can go with anything I want to talk about. :)

  2. You just obsess about the library because you like to keep me in books.

  3. I’ve just discovered Google Reader from a post on Blogher that I went to (never go there) because of your post in “our” group. I added you to my reader, maybe now I’ll start reading blogs more often. I really secretly want to be a blogger but have no mission, no burning desire to share with the world what only I know, only because I don’t know what that is.

    Anyway about your lists, do you have a method of keeping them? I write things down on scrap pieces of paper that are lying about and then can never find them again. How do you keep them organized?

    You have an online “my library” can we visit?



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